4 Mile Trail Run

Sibling run. Boston sports team themed. I was the Bruins. I took last night’s loss as a sign of bad juju for this morning’s run.

2 days of solid rain meant quite a few spots of calf deep standing water. And mud. Once I got past the initial “my shoes and everything in them are soaked” shock, I enjoyed jumping through the massive, trail blocking, puddles.

My goal was 45-48 minutes. I finished in less than 42. I placed second in my age group, which resulted in a sweet new glass for victory cider.

At one point I saw Arika on the trail and she pointed at me and clapped…I may have started crying.

I love watching my siblings cross the finish line and getting to scream for them. I just love running with them period.

And my dad is a bomb race photographer.


Saturday: Turkey Trot 5k

By far the coldest run I have ever done. It was 27 degrees and windy. I didn’t even want to get out of the car, let alone run a 5k in the cold.

Before the race even began, I lost feeling in my toes and fingers, so that was fun. Once it started, I knew I was running, but my toes weren’t sure. I finally began to gain feeling back in my extremities after about 1.5 miles.

I ran the whole thing because I knew that was the only way to make it back to the heat.

It still wasn’t my best time , but I made it in about 33 minutes. I got first in our age group and received a cute little plaque. Amanda was very close behind and got second!

Even though I almost froze to death, I still had a blast with my siblings. I love doing runs with the best people I have in my life!

St. Pattys Day 5k

And the St. Patty’s Day 5K with the family is done.

This was my first race in Atlanta, and my first time in Piedmont Park.

It was a “go your own pace and we will cheer you on as you cross” race for all of us. Alex’s fiancee came to cheer us on, despite the early hour and chilly temps, which really helped in mile 2.

I have to say all of us did mightyyyyyy fine. We pushed ourselves really hard, up the hills and passed the mile markers, until we saw the coveted red timer at the end.

I ranked 94 of all the ladies to run and there were roughly 400 of us, so I am pretty pleased. I kept it under 31:00 minutes. I also like that the slip says “Name of Athlete,” thus making me feel like, well, an athlete.

I am incredibly excited for our next sibling run, a 4 mile trail run over Easter weekend. We all decided the theme would be pink. Buckling down starts Monday. Today: Chicken, Donuts, and Hard Cider to celebrate our hard work this morning.

Gym time with Arika

30 minutes elliptical. TRX chest press reps. Shoulder work.

Going to the gym with someone (specifically a sister) makes it a whole lot easier to actually get out the door and do it . It’s been a struggle this semester since Lane Jane is in a different city and Arika’s schedule has been erratic.

Today I intend to make myself do some cover letter writing/ resume sending. I have to stop talking myself out of it (which I think might just be laziness) and start getting things out there for my future after this Summer.

Also BIG congrats to Lane are in order. She is receiving a scholarship from her College for the next Academic Year. Get it little sister!

Keeping up with my desire to 5k every month in 2014 (I know, it’s only been 2 months, but still)

Bridge Run 5K with Tor, Alex, and Lane Jane.

Another no pressure, run because you want to, run.

This 5k meant a lot to me in that it just reminded me of how hard we (my friends and family/ myself) work to better ourselves, and how far we’ve come.

It also further solidified how lucky I am to have people in my life who support such things, and who find joy in doing them.

I just feel really lucky lately.

…also after this race I ate like five donuts and I am not sorry because I promised myself I could when I finished. And they were from Dunkin’ Donuts and included the Brownie Batter and Cookie Dough Valentine’s Day Donuts.

I did not go out last night. In fact, I was in bed before midnight. 27 did me dirty.

But the upside of choosing pillows and comforters over free shots is the lack of hangover and the ability to be productive.

I applied to 3 different jobs. I got my car back from the dealership. Ended the day with a 2 or so hour bike ride with Lane and Alex on the island.

A few posts ago I said I needed a new Batman workout shirt. Lane got me one. And a Lucic T-shirt. A sweet and observant sister that one is.

4th of July Rewind:

Sunshine Festival 5k on the island with Lane. No real goals or pressures, just to survive the heat and get it done, which we did.

I love this 5k because of all the people who come out of their houses to cheer you on, and a good majority of the houses are decorated and this 3.1 miles tries really hard to be fun, even when the sun is trying to murder you slowly.

Plus, I get to say the 5k a month streak is still alive.

Then food and pool and fireworks andmorefood. Solid Independence Day I’d say

I want to wish a VERY happy birthday to my youngest sister, Lane Jane.

As the older sister, it was supposed to be my job to guide her through adulthood and the messes and mistakes that come with it.

But since she pretty much excels in all aspects of life, she seems to have that on lock. In fact, somewhere in her 19 years on this earth, we switched roles; she is the one who makes me laugh when people make me cry and gives me advice on boys and life decisions.

I love you Lane! I hope 19 is full of fun and all things New England!!!

Race Recap: Saturday Oct 25th

My fam got into town Friday night, so a total of four Z children ran that morning. It was cold and sunny and pretty much my favorite conditions to run in.

But, unlike the normal accomplished feeling I have after a run, I felt disappointed in myself. My time was awful. I walked more than I should have (I shouldn’t have walked at all). I could blame it on the hills, or the fact that it was actually longer than a 5k, but I know it is my responsibility. I should have started training outside on the hills around my apartment.

BUT, everyone else did seriously awesome. Arika came in first in the females 20-29 age division. Alaina came in first in the females 15-19 division and Alex came in 3rd in the males 20-29 division. That car was full of medals on the ride home it was definitely worth the early wake up.