Okay… first off. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who ordered something from me since yesterday, you guys helped A BUNCH and I have been more then happy to work on those icons ! I’m taking a break for today, but expect to see more from me really soon as I got a few more orders to complete!

I never expected anyone to reblog my post yesterday and… sincerly… you guys are gold, thank you so much for helping me out, it means a ton to me ;u;

@dragaura, @alainaprana, @epixcosplay321, @librarydrone, thank you so much ;u;

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The Sims 4 Create A Sim ; Melanin Glow Cleo

i had to try out the new skin by @savage-sims and i created a sim !

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Hey ya’ll I’m getting married! I don’t know how but I somehow fumbled into finding the love of my life and convincing her to stay forever??? Shout out to @hottopic for a most excellent dumb engagement shoot set!

Sooooo I finished this in less than an hour xD
I swear to god you three are such an interesting array of colours xD I could’ve made Alaina more colourful but her original oufit is black, white and blue and it’s like I can only see her in that or yellow buttt we’re sticking with this dress for now xD
Anyways, I drew the family :D Such cuteness <3


Fresh @loverofpiggies 
Alaina and ZigZag (MommaCQ) @alainaprana :3