Moto Guzzi V1100 Custom Motorcycle

Alain Bernard of Santiago Chopper’s custom Moto Guzzi V1100 is a return to minimalism, leaving only the bare essentials exposed for the eye to see. Of course, the essentials that are left are of the highest quality and include a Ducati throne and a carbon fiber gas tank. Its basic elements have led to the beauty being dubbed the “Weight Watcher” due to it being stripped of both physical and visual clutter.


Hommage à Camille Muffat

It's 4am...

It’s swimming time! (Actually it was sleeping time here, but who cares) :D I hate that the World champ is in China and the series are in the morning x.x But.. who needs sleep when you can watch hot wet men :D

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So pretty much no sleep this night… I don’t have proper i-net connection so I am so thankful there’s swimming on TV!