The Anarcho-Animeism .pdf Library (contact me if u want something)


  • Minima Moralia
  • Negative Dialectics
  • The Culture Industry


  • Antigone’s Claim
  • Performative Acts and Gender Identity
  • Precarious Life
  • Undoing Gender


  • Postscript on the Society of Control
  • Coldness and Cruelty
  • Difference and Repetition
  • Pure Immanence
  • Immanence, a life (excerpt from Pure Immanence - I dunno why you’d want one and not the other, but here it is)

Deleuze and Guattari

  • Capitalism and Schizophrenia, vol. 1: Anti-Oedipus
  • “ vol. 2: A Thousand Plateaus
  • What is Philosophy?


  • Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness
  • Of Grammatology
  • Writing and Difference


  • Twenty Theses on Politics
  • Toward an Unknown Marx
  • Toward a Critical “Political” Philosophy


  • Death and the Labyrinth
  • Discipline and Punish
  • Ethics: Subjectivity and Truth
  • Madness and Civilization


  • Chaosmosis
  • Chaosophy (texts, essays, interviews)


  • Logic
  • Phenomenology of Spirit
  • Philosophy of Right


  • Being and Time
  • The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics
  • The Ode on Man in Sophocles’ Antigone
  • Poetry, Language, Thought


  • Red Love
  • The Workers’ Opposition


  • Rhythmanalysis, Space, Time and Everyday Life
  • vol. 2 of the Critique of Everyday Life


  • Alterity and Transcendence
  • Otherwise than Being
  • Totality and Infinity


  • Reform or Revolution?
  • The Accumulation of Capital
  • The Mass Strike

Marx and Engels (assorted)

  • Contributions to the Critique of Political Economy
  • Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right
  • Critique of the Gotha Program
  • Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
  • Grundrisse
  • On the Jewish Question
  • On the Poverty of Philosophy
  • The German Ideology
  • Wage Labor and Capital
  • Capital vols. 1-3


  • Aisthesis
  • The Politics of Aesthetics

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

  • Aristotle (collected works, trans. W.D. Ross)
  • Plato’s Republic (trans. Jowett)
  • Socratic Dialogues (trans. Jowett, three volumes)


  • Contingency, Hegemony, Universality
  • First as Tragedy, Then as Farce
  • In Defense of Lost Causes

Other (Aesthetics, Poetics, Lit Theory)

  • Barthes, Roland - The Death of the Author | Wrestling Myth Today
  • Hansen, Anders Hog - Memorials and Memory Politics (excerpt)
  • Tedman, Gary - Ideology, the State, and the Aesthetic Level of Practice
  • Situationist International Anthology (ed. Ken Knabb)

Other (Decolonial Studies, Anthropology, Cultural Studies)

  • Auge, Marc - Non-Places
  • Fanon, Frantz - The Wretched of the Earth
  • Maldonado-Torres, Nelson - On the Coloniality of Being
  • Soja, Edward - Postmodern Geographies
  • Taussig, Michael - The Devil and Commodity Fetishism

Other (Epistemology, Semiotics, whatever)

  • Bataille, Georges - The Unfinished System of Nonknowledge
  • Eco, Umberto - Serendipities
  • Nancy, Jean-Luc - Concealed Thinking

Other (Feminist Thought, Cyborg Theory)

  • Cixous, Helene - The Laugh of Medusa
  • Haraway, Donna - A Cyborg Manifesto
  • Miriam, Kathy - Toward a Phenomenology of Sex Right

Other (Politics, Marxism, other stuff)

  • Agamben, Giorgio - Homo Sacer
  • Badio, Alain - Metapolitics
  • Franco, Bernard - The Uprising
  • Graham, Stephen - Cities Under Siege
  • Gramsci, Antonio - Selected Political Writings 1910-1920
  • Laclau, Ernst - The Making of Political Identities
  • Mieville, China - Between Equal Rights
  • Tiqqun - pretty much everything

Other (Assorted poststructuralism)

  • Barad, Karen - Meeting the Universe Halfway
  • Baudrillard, Jean - Simulacra and Simulation
  • Guathier, David j - Heidegger, Levinas and The Politics of Dwelling

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