The Anarcho-Animeism .pdf Library (contact me if u want something)


  • Minima Moralia
  • Negative Dialectics
  • The Culture Industry


  • Antigone’s Claim
  • Performative Acts and Gender Identity
  • Precarious Life
  • Undoing Gender


  • Postscript on the Society of Control
  • Coldness and Cruelty
  • Difference and Repetition
  • Pure Immanence
  • Immanence, a life (excerpt from Pure Immanence - I dunno why you’d want one and not the other, but here it is)

Deleuze and Guattari

  • Capitalism and Schizophrenia, vol. 1: Anti-Oedipus
  • “ vol. 2: A Thousand Plateaus
  • What is Philosophy?


  • Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness
  • Of Grammatology
  • Writing and Difference


  • Twenty Theses on Politics
  • Toward an Unknown Marx
  • Toward a Critical “Political” Philosophy


  • Death and the Labyrinth
  • Discipline and Punish
  • Ethics: Subjectivity and Truth
  • Madness and Civilization


  • Chaosmosis
  • Chaosophy (texts, essays, interviews)


  • Logic
  • Phenomenology of Spirit
  • Philosophy of Right


  • Being and Time
  • The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics
  • The Ode on Man in Sophocles’ Antigone
  • Poetry, Language, Thought


  • Red Love
  • The Workers’ Opposition


  • Rhythmanalysis, Space, Time and Everyday Life
  • vol. 2 of the Critique of Everyday Life


  • Alterity and Transcendence
  • Otherwise than Being
  • Totality and Infinity


  • Reform or Revolution?
  • The Accumulation of Capital
  • The Mass Strike

Marx and Engels (assorted)

  • Contributions to the Critique of Political Economy
  • Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right
  • Critique of the Gotha Program
  • Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
  • Grundrisse
  • On the Jewish Question
  • On the Poverty of Philosophy
  • The German Ideology
  • Wage Labor and Capital
  • Capital vols. 1-3


  • Aisthesis
  • The Politics of Aesthetics

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

  • Aristotle (collected works, trans. W.D. Ross)
  • Plato’s Republic (trans. Jowett)
  • Socratic Dialogues (trans. Jowett, three volumes)


  • Contingency, Hegemony, Universality
  • First as Tragedy, Then as Farce
  • In Defense of Lost Causes

Other (Aesthetics, Poetics, Lit Theory)

  • Barthes, Roland - The Death of the Author | Wrestling Myth Today
  • Hansen, Anders Hog - Memorials and Memory Politics (excerpt)
  • Tedman, Gary - Ideology, the State, and the Aesthetic Level of Practice
  • Situationist International Anthology (ed. Ken Knabb)

Other (Decolonial Studies, Anthropology, Cultural Studies)

  • Auge, Marc - Non-Places
  • Fanon, Frantz - The Wretched of the Earth
  • Maldonado-Torres, Nelson - On the Coloniality of Being
  • Soja, Edward - Postmodern Geographies
  • Taussig, Michael - The Devil and Commodity Fetishism

Other (Epistemology, Semiotics, whatever)

  • Bataille, Georges - The Unfinished System of Nonknowledge
  • Eco, Umberto - Serendipities
  • Nancy, Jean-Luc - Concealed Thinking

Other (Feminist Thought, Cyborg Theory)

  • Cixous, Helene - The Laugh of Medusa
  • Haraway, Donna - A Cyborg Manifesto
  • Miriam, Kathy - Toward a Phenomenology of Sex Right

Other (Politics, Marxism, other stuff)

  • Agamben, Giorgio - Homo Sacer
  • Badio, Alain - Metapolitics
  • Franco, Bernard - The Uprising
  • Graham, Stephen - Cities Under Siege
  • Gramsci, Antonio - Selected Political Writings 1910-1920
  • Laclau, Ernst - The Making of Political Identities
  • Mieville, China - Between Equal Rights
  • Tiqqun - pretty much everything

Other (Assorted poststructuralism)

  • Barad, Karen - Meeting the Universe Halfway
  • Baudrillard, Jean - Simulacra and Simulation
  • Guathier, David j - Heidegger, Levinas and The Politics of Dwelling

Moto Guzzi V1100 Custom Motorcycle

Alain Bernard of Santiago Chopper’s custom Moto Guzzi V1100 is a return to minimalism, leaving only the bare essentials exposed for the eye to see. Of course, the essentials that are left are of the highest quality and include a Ducati throne and a carbon fiber gas tank. Its basic elements have led to the beauty being dubbed the “Weight Watcher” due to it being stripped of both physical and visual clutter.

It's 4am...

It’s swimming time! (Actually it was sleeping time here, but who cares) :D I hate that the World champ is in China and the series are in the morning x.x But.. who needs sleep when you can watch hot wet men :D

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So pretty much no sleep this night… I don’t have proper i-net connection so I am so thankful there’s swimming on TV!