beards, banjos, whiskey, and wild women.

 aladyslay said: If you still have spots available, I am so on that bandwagon. I’m small; I can just shimmy on in between seats. Promise. - A sister in arms supporting the cause of ‘Beards, Banjos, Whiskey, and Wild Women.’


  1. lightheartedwoman said: I am sooo in. I think if spread out and each post our ad in our closest respective forests we could really cover a lot of ground. I think we’re going to need a bigger cabin.
  2. growingbackwardswithtime said: It should be called “Beards, Banjos, Whiskey, and Wild Women” or B2W3 for short….I don’t know…brainstorming….
  3. colddeepbasements said: That ad is magic. I want all of these things. Right now. Oh wow. What to call it. Rugged Cabins, DISREGARD. I just think of Rugged when I think of beards, and you know the cabin. This might be hard.

  4. charminglymisanthropic said: I support this entire platform. I’m in. Plus if birds of a feather flock together, bearded beauty will follow Husband into the fold. Avett-y and banjo-y and sexy-y and it shall be good.
  5. nonamegirlinjellyshoes said: Any room left? You know what I’m just going to join anyway :) bloc
_____ i ADORE you ladies - and all the gents who’ve promised to follow. i have a surprise in the works. in the meantime, how about we all start using (and tracking) the tag ‘B2W3’ for any posts we make that are relevant to our club. or, ya know, just posts we might particularly enjoy. for reasons. are y'all in for this tagging business? we are definitely going to need a bigger cabin…