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Unwanted Evolution

It can safely be said that I love Warframe. My English class required me to write a story from the monster’s point of view, so I chose to do mine on Alad V. My first piece of, I guess, fan-fiction for all to enjoy!
Parts of the story have been altered so that my teacher could understand it c:

This story is based around a villain in a game called “Warframe” whose name is Alad V, a madman who uses mutilated organisms called the Infested to attack his enemies. Originally, he had only used these zombie-like creatures to act as his own soldiers, going into the field and dying for him. At some point, he began experimentation with the beasts and infested himself. Half of his body retained its normal state while the other half became mutilated with the Infestation. Having been infected, the technocyte virus that makes up the Infestation began affecting his brain, changing the way he thinks. He always saw the Infested as fascinating, but he had never considered infesting anyone who was unaffected. Now that the virus changed his thinking, he is now, in a sense, a slave to the Infestation, trying to infect as many more as he can, anyone and anything.

They called me “fiend”. They called me “monster”. They called me “deranged”, “twisted”, and “hungry”. Hungry, they say. Me, Alad V of the Corpus organization. My own people, thrusting me out of society. They said I went against one of the Corpus doctrines stating that there will be no “unjust interaction with organisms infested by the technocyte virus”. So I did. So what? These creatures, these organisms that are so brashly labeled as “The Infested” are really quite brilliant. They may not quite be so intelligent, and I must admit that it’s not even the infested organisms that are so wondrous. I found that the technocyte virus itself is truly one of a kind. It’s like no other I’ve seen before. I recall hearing of an ancient virus, one that was named officially as the human immunodeficiency virus that killed millions of humans. That was, of course, back when anyone lived on that now wretched and desolate planet Earth. But the technocyte virus does not function in any way like HIV, as it was abbreviated to. HIV only affected humans. The technocytes invade anything. People see it as a disease, an act of damnation to anyone who contracted it. I see it as a gift.
Once I was exiled by the fools from the Corpus Board of Directors, I began further work researching the Infested. I managed to capture a specimen of what was colloquially named as the “Charger” by its means of attack, charging straight towards its target and scratching it with mutilated talons. These organisms, I found, are actually mutated forms of soldiers from a rival organization of ours named the Grineer, a faction made up of old humans who, after losing their ability to naturally reproduce because of continuous cloning, have resorted to said cloning as their only means of reproduction. They have shortened life spans, but as I’ve discovered, these Chargers can live for dozens more years than the average Grineer soldier thanks to the technocyte virus that invaded its body. I also managed to capture what was simply named an “Ancient”, an Infested organism that has existed since, arguably, the beginning of time. These possess a regenerative property in their bodies as I found when I removed one of its arms for close examination only to return to the original specimen to find that the arm had returned as though I had never done anything to it. I can’t quite understand why everyone hates the Infested so. Is it because of their appearance? Surely, people should see beyond the looks of something and see just how truly amazing they can be. I’ve heard many call the Infested “zombies” and I can’t imagine this to be true. The Infestation is a wonder for us to explore, not reject. I shall show everyone that they are wrong.
After countless hours of experimentation, I have decided to give myself this gift. My plan is to infect myself with this technocyte virus and become a more evolved, more powerful form of, well, me. I record an audio log of my experiment.
“Technocyte fusion test number one. Alad V,” I begin to say. “Today will be a grand day for science. The Infestation is not evil and it is not a threat. It is a brilliant gift, a beautiful masterpiece of evolution. Through my research, I have found that organisms with the technocyte virus live much longer than they would without the virus and that we can regenerate our limbs as though we were lizards. When those things were still alive, of course. Today, I shall attempt to infuse myself with the technocyte virus in the attempts of gaining such gifts.” I stop speaking as I prepare the infusion; a liquid containing the virus that I will inject into myself. After some careful minutes of preparation, I have no hesitation. I jab myself and the liquid flows in. I take the needle out and wait for the virus to work its magic.
It’s been twenty four hours since I infected myself. Nothing’s changed. Perhaps I need more? Had my immune system successfully rejected the virus? It couldn’t have. I purposely gave myself too much for it to handle.
“Maybe I just need to wait a while,” I say as I rise from my work desk. As I do, I suddenly feel a rush of what feels like a high. My sense are then abruptly shaken. I’m seeing two, three of everything and all I can hear is the highly pitched sound one would hear after an explosion went off next to them. My muscles tense up, but then suddenly relax. I’m wondering to myself what anyone would wonder if they didn’t know what was happening to their body, “What’s going on?”. A few more seconds went by before my head was involuntarily wrenched back as a surge of pain traveled through my spine. I grunted as the pain softened, but yelled out as it sharpened again, harder this time. My left arm, the arm that I had injected the fluid into, started pulsing rapidly. Then my left leg started to do the same. At some point, my entire left body was in pain, pulsing with the technocyte virus transforming my body tissue. I felt my arm start to mutate, the flesh twisting into knots, the skin hardening into armor. It was only my arm that I felt mutate before I was knocked unconscious by the pain.
I wake up some hours after I fell unconscious and my brain feels as though someone’s trying to pull it out of my head. I open my eyes and notice that one eye now sees in white. Am I blind in one eye? No, I can’t be, otherwise I wouldn’t see white, or anything at all for that matter. I scan the room and look at the Charger I captured. In my right eye, it looks normal, but my left sees it in a sort of heat sensor, as though it’s seeing in… infrared? Yes, that’s it. What a brilliant gift! I look down at my left arm, leg, and everything else. It’s not the most appealing of sights, but who cares about appearance when it functions like a dream? I was so amazed by my transformation that I placed my right hand on my desk to lean on and get a hold of my excitement. I didn’t realize that there was a Grineer firearm that I had kept sitting on the desk, so I accidentally fired it into my left arm which suffered no damage whatsoever. Had I not Infested myself, my arm would’ve been greatly injured. Why are people so afraid of this? The technocyte virus is amazing! I should let the entire solar system, no, the Universe know that this is the greatest thing to have ever been created. I prepare to embark on a journey back to the Corpus Board of Directors in an attempt to show them what good the Infestation was capable of. Before I could set one foot towards my shuttle, however, I saw the cover from an air duct above me fall in front of my feet with the loud sound of metal impacting metal. It hurt my left ear which had also been been enhanced greatly by the technocytes. I heard soft footsteps up above and within the next second, four figures covered in strange armor dropped down and stood before me, rifles pointed in my direction. In the radio transmitter of the one I assumed to be the leader of the group, I heard the words spoken softly from a mysterious female voice, “You found him. Good. Assassinate Alad V quickly. He cannot be allowed to spread the Infestation.” This is really your reaction to my experiments? Your reaction to me putting my life on the line in the hopes of transforming each and every one of us to a forever-lasting, invincible state? Fine then. I see how it is. I raise my left hand and a pack of Chargers and Ancients that I’ve bred come from behind me to my side. I have only one thing to say to the four.
“Evolve with me,” I say as my allies fiercely attack them.


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