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Disney Princesses + Friends !!! Which is your favorite one? 👑

Things For Descendants 2 (New Version)

1. Chad and Audrey apologize to the VKs for how they acted in the first movie. (mainly to fulfill my Chadlos heart)

2. China Anne McClain star as Freddie.

3. Do NOT pair up Carlos with Jane and Jay with Audrey or Lonnie. Don’t even PLAY Disney.

4. Tiana and Naveen have a son, in contrast to Freddie.

5. More stuff focusing on The Isle of the Lost

6. Prince Aziz (son of Aladin and Jasmine) appear due to him being cut out in the first movie.

7. Aziz and Jay form a friendship cause why not.

8. Queen of Hearts having a daughter that butts head with Evie on beauty and shit.

9. The four Descendants that come to Auradon are Anthony Tremaine, Queen of Hearts daughter, Harriet Hook, and Reza (following Wicked World canon, Freddie should already be in Auradon)

10. Screen time for Jordan and Ally