Zodiac Signs as Disney Princes

Aries: Li Shang
Taurus: Prince Charming
Gemini: Aladdin
Cancer: Prince Eric
Leo: Prince Naveen
Virgo: Prince Phillip
Libra: Flynn Rider
Scorpio: Prince Adam
Sagittarius: John Smith
Capricorn: Kristoff
Aquarius: Simba
Pisces: Prince Ferdinand

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Favorite Disney movie or character?

Maybe this is boring, but… Frozen?

I grew up in the age of Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and Aladdin, so those are all major favorites too.

But I have a particular weakness for stories involving sisterly relationships (hence, Supergirl and also Little Women), so when I saw Frozen it hit me pretty hard.

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I always found it really comical that Jasmine had Rajah in Aladdin and I really loved their relationship. So that had me thinking about how Sirius would react to Reader having a larger animal like Rajah as a pet and how that whole situation would play out. Happy Blurb Night Everyone! ❤

Love this!


“A fucking tiger?” Sirius mumbled to himself. “You have a pet tiger?”

“Um, Sirius? Are you okay?” you asked, nervously awaiting your boyfriend’s response. 

“I - you - what the hell is going on?” He ran a hand through his dark locks, a sure sign of his anxiety. 

“His name is Rajah,” you replied. “He’s friendly, I promise.”

“B-but,” Sirius sputtered, “how did you even get him? This isn’t normal, (Y/N).”

“I know, love,” you murmured, putting a hand on his arm in an effort to calm him. “It’s a long story for another day. Will you please just try to get along with him?”

“I’m more of a dog person,” Sirius deflected, trying to avoid what he was sure would be his immediate death. 

“Rajah, come,” you instructed. 

The tiger meandered over to you, his long strides graceful and sure. 

Arriving at you side, Rajah tilted his head curiously. You rubbed his head affectionately and gently took hold of Sirius’ hand. 

“Do you trust me?” you asked him.

“Yes,” his voice cracked, fear still present in his eyes. 

Your hand never leaving his, you guided him to Rajah’s thick fur. Sirius stroked the tiger gingerly.

“See? Friendly,” you grinned. 

“I suppose,” Sirius admitted, his motions becoming more deliberate. “I’m still more of a dog person, though.”

Rajah let out a small growl at Sirius’ admission causing Sirius to launch himself away from the large cat and you to clutch your stomach as your laugh echoed through the room.

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Asy, when did you start writing?? How did it happen? Origin story plz :D

I’ve told it several times! I’ve been writing since I was about 9. I used to buy 64 page exercise books and fill them with stories. Then, I slowly bought bigger exercise books. 128, 264. Even the MAMMOTH 528 PAGE BOOK!
When I was 11 I got a laptop and started on Microsoft Works with what I think was 60,000 word fanfic about Mozenrath from the Aladdin TV series. With a self-insert character. Hee hee.

Once I started writing fanfic I never looked back~

You Are Not Aladdin

I’m on the couch writing Practice Over Fear and Music Dork comes into the living room.  She sits in the chair across from me just grinning.

Me: What?
Music Dork: I made a new song.
Me: Really?  Let me hear it.  *Music Dork frequently plays around with arrangements*
Music Dork: “I can show you the world.”
Me: *wondering where this is going*
Music Dork: “But I don’t have any money.”
Me: *facepalm* Get out of my sight.  You’re dead to me.

Music Dork laughs and gets out of the chair to go back to her room.

Music Dork: “I can show you my yard”
Me: Get the fuck away from me!

She kills me.

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  1. What color are your sheets? mostly blue. i’ve also got a fuzzy purple blanket and a pillowcase my friend made me with a print of french bulldogs with the aladdin sane lightning bolt on
  2. How do you take your tea/coffee? i don’t like coffee. usually i put a little sugar/honey and a little soy milk in my tea
  3. Are you an outdoor or indoor person? both? i mean i could stay inside and become a hermit easily but i also love camping and being outside.
  4. Have you ever traveled out of your country? yeah i’ve been to rome and i’ve been to french canada
  5. Do you have a song stuck in your head? my work played sad but true by metallica over the speakers tonight so that’s been in my head since i clocked out
  6. What’s your most distinctive feature? probably how fucking short i am.
  7. If they made a movie about your life, which actor/actress would you want to play you? ehhh idk. when i was a kid i looked like winona ryder but i don’t anymore. i have no idea.
  8. What colour is your room? well my room in my parents’ house is the same color as masking tape. the room i’m living in right now is mostly cement, so grey with some brown and yellow and a big blue sheet on one wall.
  9. How are you feeling? really awake which is a problem as it is nearly 7 in the morning
  10. What do you usually dream about? i don’t know? i don’t generally remember my dreams. when i do they’re usually those awful dreams that are really normal and mundane and could almost be real life except one thing is fucked up or terrifying. then you wake up and don’t know if you dreamed it or if it happened and you’re scared or uncomfortable.
  11. Do you know your blood type? A positive, i think. we had to figure out our blood type in my bio class a bunch of semesters ago. all i remember is that i was the first person to prick my finger with the lance because i didn’t care and everyone else was freaking out over it.

Umm oh god I’m the worst at coming up with new questions.

1. The age old question, which 5 people, living or dead, would you invite to dinner?
2. What’s one thing you’d change about yourself and one thing you’d never change about yourself?
3. What is your favorite (or current favorite) book?
4. What was the first band or album you discovered without the aid of your parents’ tastes or popular stuff marketed to kids your age?
5. If you could do ANYTHING to your bedroom, what would you do?
6. Any tattoo ideas? What are they?
7. What is your ideal number/type of pets?
8. What is the biggest adventure you’ve ever had?
9. What’s the weirdest/most interesting thing you’ve written an essay on?
10. Do you have a favorite play/musical/theatre production? What is it?
11. If you could learn any instrument, what would you learn?

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