Signs as Magi characters ~

Aries: Alibaba Saluja

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Taurus: Sphintus Carmen

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Gemini: Kouha Ren

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Cancer: Titus Alexius 

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Leo: Sinbad

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Virgo: Morgiana 

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Libra: Hakuei Ren

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Scorpio: Kougyoku Ren

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Sagittarius: Aladdin 

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Capricorn: Ja’far 

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Aquarius: Hakuryuu Ren

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Pisces: Judar 

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Who you should fight: Magi
  • Aladdin: Okay so here’s the thing, Alladin is a badass disguised as a 12 yr old boy. He has seen more death than everyone in attack on titan combined, and he can change the laws of physics (albeit slightly). He could send your ass into space if he wanted to. And though yes, Alladin is a cinnamon roll, he isn’t naive and can tell when he’s being lied to. In all honesty, I wouldn’t fight him.
  • Alibaba: So you have your eyes on the Prince hmm? Well, this isn’t any ordinary Prince I’ll you that! Though yes he is a softy for his country and you could easily kill him saying you’re one of his citizens, he can also judge your ass with hellfire. All in all, there’s a chance you would win. That is unless his girlfriend is there.
  • Morgianna: Have you forgotten Morgianna is a fanalis? You know the conquers of the dark continent, and strongest warriors of all time? Yea, if you wanted to fight her all it would take is one fist of hers through your chest and your done.
  • Hakuryuu: Ok so, this bitch has gone through a lot in the past few chapters so you might have a chance of defeating him, but let's say you piss him off, then no, you have no chance. He can take the soul out of your body without scratching or killing you.
  • Judar: Another Magi? Seriously? Well, if you really want to fight him, take him to the dark continent cause he has legit no magic power outside the rukh so yea, fight him. Though only on the dark continent, any where else your fucked. (that is unless you are Hisoka, then consider Judar schwinged)
  • Sinbad: Why? He has conquered 7 dungeons and on the 8th the djinn told him he already had enough power, yet you still think it would be smart to fight him? Yea no, not to mention he is the literal reincarnate of David, Solomon's father.
  • Solomon: Don't, just don't. The guy’s been through enough just leave him alone, if you seriously want to fight him though than I'd suggest rethinking and consider how much you value your life, cause he sure as hell won’t give a damn when he turns you into a Palm sized cube and throws your cube/corpse ass into the continental rift.
  • (If you really want to piss him off hurt Aladdin / Sheba)
  • David: BYE BITCH!