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So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

Yo reminder that the movie Aladdin is ARABIC not Indian, don’t mix up cultures

can people please stop saying that Priyanka Chopra and Dev Patel or Avan Jogia should be cast as Jasmine and Aladdin… both the charcters are Middle Eastern and Priyanka, Dev and Avan are of South Asian descent!!!

This post is a split off from this post, where @stregaomega explains the link between the sneak peek scene at Aesop’s Tables and this fable and go check out their explanation as well - especially since this show does layered meaning.

“Three Bullocks and a Lion”

A Lion had been watching three Bullocks feeding in an open field. He had tried to attack them several times, but they had kept together, and helped each other to drive him off. The Lion had little hope of eating them, for he was no match for three strong Bullocks with their sharp horns and hoofs. But he could not keep away from that field, for it is hard to resist watching a good meal, even when there is little chance of getting it.

Then one day the Bullocks had a quarrel, and when the hungry Lion came to look at them and lick his chops as he was accustomed to do, he found them in separate corners of the field, as far away from one another as they could get.

It was now an easy matter for the Lion to attack them one at a time, and this he proceeded to do with the greatest satisfaction and relish.

Allow me, however, to give a possible alternative interpretation.

“Three Bullocks and a Lion”

A Lion had been watching three Bullocks feeding in an open field.

Meet our feeding bulls. Snow, Hook & Emma. They’ve been out in the open feeding off of each other for a while now. Snow feeds on Emma getting together with Hook, because she wants her daughter to be just like her. Hook’s been using Emma as a shortcut to bypass true redemption - which is a solo journey. Emma has been using Hook to build the perfect life she wants to show to the world and her mother.

Now meet our little lion who has been observing this game of chess for quite some time. Just look at her beautiful mane and feline…fur, in case you had any doubt.

He had tried to attack them several times, but they had kept together, and helped each other to drive him off.

Yes, our lioness had made a few moves before, but they flocked together before she could get to her favorite prey.

The Lion had little hope of eating them, for he was no match for three strong Bullocks with their sharp horns and hoofs. But he could not keep away from that field, for it is hard to resist watching a good meal, even when there is little chance of getting it.

Yes, the little lioness has definitely indulged in watching from afar.

Then one day the Bullocks had a quarrel, and when the hungry Lion came to look at them and lick his chops as he was accustomed to do, he found them in separate corners of the field, as far away from one another as they could get.

There’s our quarrel now…

…and being stuck on a submarine does qualify as quite the separate corner…

…as does being drunk off your proverbial ass.

It was now an easy matter for the Lion to attack them one at a time, and this he proceeded to do with the greatest satisfaction and relish.

So little lioness goes in for the kill…

…with the greatest satisfaction and relish.

Combine all this with the fact that we’ll see Aladdin & Jasmine, who have been parallelled with Emma & Regina early on, and this episode may really take us to a Wondrous place.
Once Upon a Time Bosses Preview Emma/Regina 'Curve Ball,' Upheaval for Charmings, Mystery Musical Duet
ABC’s Once Upon a Time returns from its three-month break this Sunday at 8/7c, with Emma and Regina stranded in the Wish Realm (and in the company of a familiar thief), while back home the St…
By Matt Webb Mitovich

ABC’s Once Upon a Time returns from its three-month break this Sunday at 8/7c, with Emma and Regina stranded in the Wish Realm (and in the company of a familiar thief), while back home the Storybrooke heroes are aiming to get the drop on he who has come to snuff the Savior.

How will Regina cope with the “curve ball” she has been thrown? Why is Rumbelle’s rapidly-grown son feeling kill-y? And what will it take for both of Emma’s parents to get back in the game?

Those questions and many others are addressed in this hand-crafted amalgam of two recent interviews with Once co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis.

TVLINE | What are you most excited for people to see in Season 6B, that hasn’t been talked about yet during the break?

ADAM HOROWITZ | That is an excellent question — and it is a tough question, because the stuff we’re most excited for people to see is the stuff that holds the biggest surprise. It’s that fine line of, “I’d love to tease some things,” but this is stuff that we’ve been cooking up for a long time, that we hope the audience shows up for an enjoys.

TVLINE | Is there, maybe, a shiny new set or set piece that is particularly cool…?

HOROWITZ | I’d say that there are places we will be returning to that we haven’t been to in a while.

TVLINE | What sort of “centric” episodes will there be in the second half?

HOROWITZ | We’ll be seeing a lot of our regulars. We’ll be seeing Snow and Charming, we’ll be seeing Hook…. We’ll also be seeing Young Emma again. We’re going to run the gamut.

TVLINE | And by Young Emma, do you mean beyond what we see in Sunday’s premiere?


TVLINE | What is going on in Regina’s mind when last we saw her, as she fixes her eyes on the Wish Realm’s Robin — and in doing so allows the portal to close?

HOROWITZ | Emotion has overcome reason. While everything that Emma was saying makes perfect sense and all that, emotion has overcome reason.

TVLINE | For Emma, what is now the bigger obstacle: creating a new portal, or getting Regina to leave this Robin and return home?

KITSIS | I would say this: Were in an alt-reality where Emma is partnered up with the person who killed the king and queen, so everyone including their own son is looking for them. Obviously Robin is a bit of a curve ball that no one was expecting, so a bigger obstacle than anything is that this is happening all at once. But I think that where we’re going in the second half is not where the audience thinks we’re going.

TVLINE | Meanwhile, are Hook and the Charmings back home starting to get worried that the ladies aren’t back?

HOROWITZ | They’ve got their hands full. They’re very actively trying to figure out what to do about the more imminent problem they’re facing, which is there is a dark figure in a hood who has come to wreak havoc, who’s got their sights set on Emma. They believe Emma will be back — whether through the help of Regina or their own doing — and once she gets back, they want to make sure that for Hook that his love is safe, and for David and Snow that their daughter is safe. When we resume, there are multiple threads going on in multiple realms simultaneously. There’s a lot of action and a lot of angst.

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Friend Like Me [One Jump Ahead, Part Two] [Jay Imagine] [Request]

Friend Like Me [One Jump Ahead, Part Two]

Jay Imagine; Disney Descendants

Requested by @pegxcarter - i didn’t mean for this to take so long.

Note: The flashback is in italics.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“This weekend?!” you shouted. “Jane, Family Day can’t be this weekend!”

“[Y/N], it’s the same day every year,” said Jane, looking at her clipboard. “We can’t just reschedule.”

You groaned loudly in annoyance, placing your head in your hands. People around you stared as they walked by.

Jane felt confused, and asked, “Why are you so worried about Family Day? You’ve never had a problem with it before.”

You mumbled something, but Jane was unable to hear you.

Jane sighed, “What?”

You moved your hands, and spoke, “I haven’t… reallyexactlytold my parents… about Jay…”

Jane gaped at you, “What? [Y/N], you have to tell them!”

“Well, I actually did tell my mom,” you said.

“Then you just need to tell Aladdin,” shrugged Jane, giving you a smile.

You laughed nervously, “Not exactly.”

Jane became confused once more: “Who else is there?”

- - -

“I am here! I have arrived! Please, everyone, hold the applause!” smirked Genie, entering your dorm room, with your parents following him.

“Hey, [Y/N], we’re so excited for Family Day this weekend,” said Jasmine, sitting down, “but we wanted to come see you play tourney tomorrow.”

Aladdin picked something up, and smiled, “Speaking of which, is this your jersey?”

You immediately realized he was holding Jay’s tourney jersey, not your own. Your eyes widened and you quickly took the jersey from his hands.

Nope! It’s just an ordinary shirt, so there’s no need to see if there’s a name on the back or anything,” you rambled, shoving the jersey under your pillow.

Aladdin and Genie stared at you. However, Jasmine had a small smirk on her face, obviously realizing why you were acting so strange. She quietly laughed to herself at your embarrassment.

You sighed to yourself. You were going to have a long weekend.

- - -

You sat in your window; you and Jasmine were the only two in your dorm room at the moment. You smiled to yourself when you noticed Jay talking to Mal and Evie in the courtyard. Carlos soon approached the three as well.

“Is that him? The one with the red backpack?” asked Jasmine, sitting in the window as well.

“Yeah,” you smiled, watching Jay and the other three laugh. “Yeah, that’s him.”

“How did you two meet again?”

You grinned, thinking about your first interaction with Jay. You thought about how he’d gone from a villain to the person he was now.


“Now that you’ve seen the school, let’s introduce you to a few people. Oh, perfect! [Y/N]!”

You turned to at the sound of someone calling your name. Ben approached you; behind him, four people with vastly different expressions followed after him.

“[Y/N], these are the students from my proclamation. This is Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay,” said Ben. “Everyone, this is [Y/N], daughter of Jasmine and Aladdin.”

The girl with blue hair gasped and a grin spread across her face. She took one of your hands in both of her own: “You’re a princess? What’s your castle like?”

“Why don’t you come over sometime?” you smiled. “We can have a sleepover.”

“What about me?”

You looked at the boy who spoke to you. He had long hair that covered his shoulders. He stood in front of you, his arms crossed over his chest. You smiled at him, knowing exactly who he was.

“Sure, but just so you know,” you paused for a moment with a smile, “pillow fights aren’t a thing.”

The boy paused. After a moment, a smirk grew on his face. By now, Evie had backed away from the conversation. You held out a hand for Jafar’s son to shake.

“I’m [Y/N],” you said.

“Jay,” replied the boy. “Ben, if it’s cool, I think I’m gonna go with [Y/N].”

Ben only nodded, gesturing for the other three villain kids to follow him. Jay continued to hold your hand in his own.

“Would you like a tour?” you asked.

“Sure,” he nodded. “I’d like that.”

“Let’s go then,” you smirked. “I’ll show you a whole new world.”

End Flashback

“‘A whole new world?’ You quoted me and your dad? Really?” asked Jasmine, a smirk spreading across her face.

You fell onto your bed, groaning loudly into your pillow, “I know! I’m so lame!”

- - -

Jay held your hand as the two of you entered the royal gardens, where Auradon’s Family Day celebration was taking place. You couldn’t see Jasmine, Aladdin, and Genie. Jay pointed out Evie when he noticed how nervous you were.

“Hey,” greeted Evie, before she gestured to the buffet, “you two should try the chocolate-covered strawberries. Oh! There’s Doug! I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

After she left, you smiled at Jay, “Mal definitely requested these strawberries.”

“You want one?” asked Jay, holding a strawberry.

You smiled again as Jay fed you the strawberry. He grinned at you, placing his hands on your sides. He leaned in and quickly kissed you.

“What is this?!” shouted Genie, suddenly appearing with Aladdin and Jasmine. “Do you two see this?!”

“I see it,” glared Aladdin, crossing his arms. “When you said you have a boyfriend, I didn’t know you meant… him.”

You felt Jay tense and placed your arms around his waist: “What’s that suppose to mean?”

“He’s a villain! Hello?! He’s Jafar’s son!” shouted Genie, his arms flailing about dramatically, causing some people to glance at him.

“So what?!“ you exclaimed, glaring. “I love him! I’m always going to love him–!”

Jay interrupted, quietly asking, “You love me?”

“You love him?” asked Aladdin, his annoyed expression changing to one of kindness.

Shh!” muttered Jasmine, her eyes trained on you and Jay.

You looked at Jay, who had a surprised expression on his face. The hand Jay had on your back slowly went to your cheek.

You smiled, “Of course. Do you love me?”

“How could I not?” he asked, placing his forehead against your own.

Genie groaned, “Now they’re too cute to be mad at!”

“What’s your name, kid?” asked Aladdin.

Jay moved to look at him, and replied, “My name is Jay.”

“Well, Jay,” said Genie, exaggerating Jay’s name dramatically, “I guess you’re not so bad.”

Jay gave him a bright smile. Genie huffed dramatically at that and left to speak to Belle and Adam. After Aladdin gave Jay a simple nod, he and Jasmine walked away.

You heard Aladdin whine to Jasmine: “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you knew about this.”

You smiled at Jay, and said, “And you were nervous.”

Jay scoffed at your slight sarcasm, and grinned, “Whatever you say, amira.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


amira means “my princess”

Swan Queen feels (6x05 edition)

I decided to watch 6x05 (I’ve been picking and choosing which episodes of Once this season are worth my time) and I saw a lot of Swan Queen (and unnecessary reaction shots of Hook’s stupid face). Even when Aladdin and Jasmine were the only characters on screen, all I saw was Swan Queen. There were quite a few parallels, some I found for myself and others that were pointed out in livetweets during the episode. 

The overall theme of the episode (at least the theme I took away from it) was belief. Jasmine believed in Aladdin the same way Regina has believed countless times in Emma and her sometimes uncontrolled magic. Of course, that’s not to forget that Emma’s believed in Regina even before Regina believed in her. Emma believed Regina could change when almost everyone else believed she couldn’t. Henry was, as I remember, the only exception.

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The Hot Seat: Once Upon a Time bosses answer your burning questions

Could Emma have just put half her heart in Hook’s corpse after he died to revive him?

Have we seen the last of the DarkSwan house?
KITSIS: You mean Emma’s new house? No. That is her new home. It is no longer going to be housing Excalibur in the basement. Maybe she’ll put in a foosball table. That is very much her place.

Is there a meaning behind the nursery in Emma’s house in the Underworld?  
KITSIS: The meaning is, like when Rumple goes to his shop and we see a lot of the things from his past are there in his face, it’s the past coming back to haunt you. We did it visually to remind Emma of that time, here’s the nursery she never got to live in.

Will there be more Emma and Regina team-ups using magic?
KITSIS: Absolutely.

Will Henry’s job as the author play a role in the finale?

Will we ever see Henry’s younger years prior to the book?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Could Henry still be Rumple’s undoing?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Is there any hope that the character who is dying this season will come back?
KITSIS: There is always a chance. You know, you never die in flashbacks.

In the aftermath of the funeral, will the Charming-Mills family bind together even tighter?
HOROWITZ: Or the reverse could happen.

Could the death cause Regina to revert back to the Evil Queen?
KITSIS: Oooh, good question. Can’t say. The reason we can’t is because we can’t say there’s been a death.

Was it originally planned for Regina to face more of her victims in the Underworld?
KITSIS: No. For us, we liked the idea that she had to get closure with her family. We loved having the victims that were there go up. A bunch of villagers we’ve never met before we didn’t think was as interesting as putting her in an arc with her sister, mom, and dad.

Will we ever explore Snow White’s dynamic with her mother again?
KITSIS: Maybe.
HOROWITZ: It would be next season.

Been loving Snow and Charming in 5B. Will we get to see more of them on adventures together?
HOROWITZ: We would sure hope so. We’d love to have many more adventures with Snow and Charming being adventuresome.
KITSIS: We would really love next season to see Snow and Charming in full adventure mode.
HOROWITZ: It would be great to see more of the Bandit Snow and Charming, and some of the swashbuckling romantic stuff that we started with the two of them. So for sure, we’re totally on board for that.

Will we see Killian and David working together?
KITSIS: Only if he’s alive.

Will Zeus play a part in saving Hook from the Underworld?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Will we see the Jolly Roger again before the end of the season?
KITSIS: Next season.
HOROWITZ: If Hook is alive.
KITSIS: If Hook’s alive, sure, but next season we might show the Jolly Roger, like Emma could take it and sail the world in sadness.
HOROWITZ: It could be they use it and open a restaurant it on it.
KITSIS: Leroy could move into it for a houseboat, you never know, but I like you trying to trick us.

Does Rumple have the capacity to care more about his unborn child than his power?
KITSIS: That is the question of next season.

Will Belle ever wear her wedding ring again?
KITSIS: Only if Rumple can win her heart back.

Will the sleeping curse have any adverse effects on Belle or her baby?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will Belle still be pregnant at the end of the season?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Any chance to meet Rumple’s mother?
HOROWITZ: We should.
KITSIS: We would like to.
HOROWITZ: It would be next season.

Will we find out Baby Hood’s name soon?
KITSIS: This weekend. This. Weekend.

Will we see any kind of Robin backstory finally?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Will there be an engagement in the last few episodes of season 5?

Will there be a time jump this season?
HOROWITZ: No. Only in that time moves forward.

Will the innocent souls in the river like Aunt Em and Milah ever be released?
KITSIS: I would watch this weekend.

Will we see what happens to the Underworld if everyone solves their unfinished business?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Have we seen the last of Cruella?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say, but we hope not. We love Cruella.

Will we see more of Ruby and Dorothy?
KITSIS: Not this season, and that’s based on actor availability and scheduling, not a desire to not show them.
HOROWITZ: We absolutely wanted to see them more this season.
KITSIS: Meghan [Ory] is the lead on a new series, so we were not, unfortunately, able to bring her back this year, but we’d love to see her again next season should the actress make herself available.
HOROWITZ: It was our intention to include them in this end run of episodes, but scheduling got in the way. We hope to be able to include them next season.

Will we get to see what happened to Lily and Maleficent and who Lily’s dad is?
HOROWITZ: Next season. Oh yeah, we’ll have plans. You’ll see, hopefully they’ll be great.
KITSIS: I’ll say this, we hear the fans. We know what stories you feel like we’ve dropped, and we’ve got an episode for you next year.
HOROWITZ: We’ve got some plans to try to address many of those things next season.

Will we get to see the Camelot story wrapped up with Arthur and Guinevere​?

Will we ever see Aladdin or Jasmine on the show?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will we ever get a musical episode?
KITSIS: Can’t say.
HOROWITZ: We’ll never say never, but can’t say.
KITSIS: That will be based on time and someone knowing how to do a musical, and I can tell you the two of us do not.

Are we going to see what happened with Will and Anastasia someday?
KITSIS: Someday! Maybe right around when we see Lily and Maleficent.

Are the new guys considered to be past authors like Henry?

Will season 6 be set in Storybrooke, or are there other realms to visit?
KITSIS: Storybrooke. I will say that the finale is unlike the ones that we’ve done before. It will not be an alternate reality, and next year will not follow the same pattern that we’ve always done. Just when you think you’ve got us, we’re going to change it again.