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For the Aladdin AU, is Yuuri's "Alibaba" persona is "Eros"?

Of course :D In reference to this, which I did for Headcanon Happy Hour 

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Of course, he feels like the whole thing is massively fake for a while even though he has the whole of Agrabah swooning over him. WANNA HEAR THE PRINCE ALI SONG NONNY??? I was discussing it with Wrath so hear you go:

Prince Yuuri! Marvelous he! Yuuri Katsuki

Thighs strong as ten! Regular men! Naturalllllyyyyy

Oh he’s got seventy-five golden medals! As for butts his is as fine as can beeee

Me: “Come on, hurry up! We have to get to our next class.”
Students: [dragging their legs]
Me: “You can move faster than that! Last one here is a… uh… last one here gets… eaten?”
Students: “You can’t do that! You’d get fired!”
Me: “Wrong. I’m allowed to eat one student per season. This season is almost over.”
Students: “You’re lying!”
Me: “I’m serious. It’s called ‘Aladdin’s Exception’.”

Kara takes Lena on a date to go flying around the world, and somewhere along the way Kara starts singing “a whole new world” from Aladdin and the more Lena tries to get her to stop the louder and more enthusiastically Kara sings both Aladdin and Jasmine’s parts

Prince Sidon (Prince Ali Cover)
Doops and Goombs
Prince Sidon (Prince Ali Cover)

Make way for the cover you’ve all been waiting for. The Great Fairy attempts to break Sidon into Gerudo Town in order to find the hero that the Zora prince has been looking for. Unfortunately for Sidon, fairies aren’t known for their stealth or subtlety.

Inspired by this original post.

Cover of Prince Ali from Disney’s Aladdin.

Performed by @thedoops and @thegoombs

Lyrics here

The Little Mermaid had just come out, and it was a really good movie and everybody was really excited about it. I remember I loved it too, but it just seemed like its own thing. We didn’t realize that we were part of something that was…an era of Disney films, because nobody had seen Beauty and the Beast yet. But when I saw [Beauty and the Beast], I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is an incredible movie. I’m part of something really big here and I hope ours is really good too (laughing).’ And of course, when I saw ours, I was like ‘Oh, wow, they are really doing something right here!’”

– Linda Larkin, the speaking voice of Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin

Feels Like Home, a klance fanmix made up of cheesy disney love songs

  1. i won’t say i’m in love - hercules (1997)
  2. feels like home - brother bear 2 (2006)
  3. i didn’t know i could feel this way - lady and the tramp 2 (2001)
  4. a whole new world - aladdin (1992)
  5. lavender’s blue dilly dilly - cinderella (2015)
  6. i see the light - tangled (2010)
  7. love will find a way - the lion king 2 (1998)
  8. ma belle evangeline - the princess and the frog (2009)

listen here