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by request of one (1) person, here is my article on why the high costs of broadway tickets are bullshit

[side note: i just wanna say that i mention lin manuel miranda and hamilton a lot in this article, and honestly, if id have had my way, i wouldve mentioned hamilton once and left it at that. however my teacher wanted me to make it more “relatable”, and apparently people relate more to hamilton than other shows. go figure. which isnt to say i dont like hamilton; i do! its just that i feel its talked about too much in the media when referring to broadway, and its overused and im over it tbh. anyway enough of me rambling.]


“Wicked,” “Hamilton,” “Dear Evan Hansen,” “Groundhog Day.”What do these titles have in common? They’re all musicals on Broadway! There are over 25 shows playing currently, including “Phantom of the Opera” and “Aladdin.” Most shows play twice a day—including weekends, which gives more opportunities to catch them while they’re still playing. However, there is a major catch.

  Ticket prices are rising at an alarming rate. According to the LA Times, during the summer of 2014, the average costs passed the $100 mark for the first time, baffling even those able to afford the higher prices. The Broadway League decides these prices, and the more popular shows tend to profit more; following the top five musicals right now, the highest cost is $807.50 (“Hamilton”) and the lowest is $50 (“Aladdin”).

  Why are the costs so high? One reason is that many people are interested in Broadway and theater, so the more people that buy tickets, the higher the League will price them. Another reason is the cost of the show itself: paying the actors/actresses, set building, lighting—all of that and more.

  Why has this gained so much attention? For those who have spent months or even years obsessing over “Hamilton,” “Dear Evan Hansen,” or “Groundhog Day,” a great portion of them will never be able to see those shows, due to not having the money or means of transportation. It’s very frustrating, from a personal standpoint, especially when one relates so intensely to the show. Plus, traveling would be a whole other cost: hotels, food, gas/transportation money, etc. So someone going to see “Hamilton” might pay over $1,000!

  Lin Manuel-Miranda, writer and star of “Hamilton,” wrote an editorial on the subject and was no less than deeply apologetic to his fans. He writes that it was found in an investigation by New York attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, that ticket bots buy up the tickets only seconds after they are put up for sale, reselling them at higher prices on legal resale websites such as StubHub.

Although the action is, and has always been, illegal, the brokers that run the bots seem to not care for penalty. The State Senate eventually passed a law which punished brokers who use these bots to knowingly resell tickets, with higher penalties such as imprisonment. Resell sites are also required to include the tickets’ original purchase price, to show the buyer the markup.

  Miranda ends his letter with heartfelt words, saying, “You shouldn’t have to fight robots just to see something you love.” If I may speak for the general Broadway audience, this message is dearly received by most, if not all, of us.

  But Miranda wasn’t quite done there. Back in August of this year, the cast of “Hamilton” gathered at the Pantages Theater in LA for a special #Ham4Ham performance. The hashtag was a $10 lottery to win front-row tickets to the real show later on in the day. Performers included Jimmy Fallon and other celebrities, singing songs centered around Californian themes. The day ended with 40 names being picked to win the lottery.

  If you are unable to see your favorite show on stage, don’t panic just yet. One day, we may see prices go back down to just about reasonable, and more people in charge will realize we need to have a voice. For now, clutch your favorite playbill to your chest, take a deep breath, and know: you’re not alone.

can people please stop saying that Priyanka Chopra and Dev Patel or Avan Jogia should be cast as Jasmine and Aladdin… both the charcters are Middle Eastern and Priyanka, Dev and Avan are of South Asian descent!!!

The raven cycle casting has began and I’m honestly shitting myself, because the raven cycle could potentially have the best cast ever or could be a dribble of white paint that I’m not here for. And also Catherine is directing it, and I swear to god if that woman doesn’t use some saturation and utilise the mythical colours I will find her. Oh pls do it right. 

Speedhonk Badonkadonk

@kokoro4kakashi Christmas has come late! BUT BEHOLD! IT GENMA!

“Raido, for fuck’s sake, can you stop touching my ass for five minutes?”

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Me @Future goal : Screw this bachelor degree , I want to be a mermaid 😻
Also me : Idk how to swim :(
ME as well : where do I get my money from , after I become a mermaid ? # real life questions 😮

Through out the past four years, a number of things had changed the world - some for good, some for bad. Hakuryuu had managed to expand the Kou Empire with the power of his djinns and the aid of his magicians, creating a world that was riddled with turmoil and strife. This lasted for nearly three years before someone had finally stepped up and brought him down in a fiery clash of King vs King. Magi vs Magi. 

The only difference was…Aladdin had come out on top. Judar hated the thought of being in the dark continent more than anything, he knew, and thus, his punishment for all the lives, all the wars and trouble he’d ever made would be settled there. Though he would have limited magic and magoi, he would be able to walk free and do as he pleased under the careful watch of the nineteen year old. 

He’d picked a relatively nice house to live in too, situated on a cliff with a incredible view of the lake below. It’s strategic in a way that he knows nothing will ever be able to surprise them there, but still…Judar would fuss. Luckily enough, the trip over isn’t nearly as long as he’d thought and after a few teleportation spells full of the necessary requirements to make it cozy, he seeks an audience with the magi in question. 

He won’t be happy to see him, Aladdin knows. Not after all that had happened between them. ..

With a wave of his hand and a thank you, he ushers the guards away in order to get a few seconds alone before their departure. 

“Judar. Are you alright?…How are you feeling?” 




ok so it starts off w/ Adrein(as aladdin duh) and he has an adorable crush on Ladybug(or Marinette- this can be interchangeable) and instead of abu he has NINO HIS BFF AND FELLOW BEGGAR so Nino’s like “bruh you’ve been pretty much drooling over this girl when you don’t even know her” and Adrien’s like “but man I feel like i know her” n’stuff so he’s like daydreaming away, and then he sees this big festival and the 1st guy(y’know the asshole who got his pants bit off by raja) is going to be Nathanäel(for Marinette) and Theo(for Ladybug)(doNT HURT ME JUST WAIT) except this time they’re not assholes, like they still got rejected by Mari/Lady but they see Adrien in the crowd and Adrien goes up to whichever one after the crowd clears and is like “how was the princess like???” and Nath or Theo are going on and on about how great she was even if they got rejected, which makes him fall even deeper in love~(ALSO THERE WILL BE A ONE JUMP AHEAD OPENING W/ ADRIEN AND NINO DOING COOL ASS BRO STUFF STEALING FOOD AND WHAT NOT)

MEANWHILE Marinette/Ladybug is princess and her mother+father are the sultana(that’s the name for female sultan!! facinating right?) and sultan respectively, and instead of Jafar Mari has ALYA her super cool BFF who isn’t a psychotic control freak like Jafar, and instead of Raja she has Tikki(if you go the ladybug route here tikki helps mari transform; which is why Alya’s in her place. If you don’t, then you have two Marinette supporters :D). So Marinette/Ladybug pretty much talks to them about how she’s so confined by the palace walls, so they(or just alya) help(s) her escape the palace for just one day. Alya gives her a communication device(this can be another phone, magical doo-dad whatever you want), and she goes out into the marketplace(she’s either there as marinette w/ commoner garb, or she’s there spots off) 

so here we have Marinette all cute and stuff, completely unknowing to the lower class life (OK IK ADRIEN HERE WOULD MAKE MORE SENSE AS JASMINE BUT W/ ADRIEN AS ALADDIN THERE’S ROOM FOR MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FOR EVERYONE OK THANK YOU ;_;) so she sees a little orphan Manon and Manon’s all sad cuz she doesn’t have enough money for an apple, so Marinette just grabs one and sends Manon off, but then there’s the vendor guy(dunno who to cast him as, do w/ what as you will) who threatens to cut off her hand and whatever and Adrien saves her and takes her back to him and Nino’s place.

we go to casa del brodudeman and Marinette’s like “wow this is so different…” and Adrien’s like “?? whatcha mean?” and she’s like “uH UM- I MEaN UH” and then he just starts laughing and Nino’s hardcore third-wheeling rn, and Mari+Adrien are being all cute MEANWHILE in the castle, the Dupain-Cheng parents notice Marinette/Lady’s missing, and Alya(&/or Tikki)’s doing her very best to cover it up, but the royal couple find out(they know Mari’s identity here) and send out goons. So all of a sudden, A+N+M are ambushed!! So they try to escape and Mari+Adrein do the whole “will you trust me my lady?” thing (OMG THEY’RE SO CUTE) and then when they’re cornered Mari either pulls down her hood or goes spots off and sends the guards away, but gets in a lot of trouble, and Adrien has to part ways w/ her.

Adrien goes back home and is really sad, so Nino is like “hey man, we haven’t gone adventuring in a while??” is in it so on their way to the cave of wonders(WHICH IS A BUTTERFLY BTW), Adrien’s f’ing father Gabriel(who is never present at home so its only right that he’s introduced here) goes up to Adrien(Adrien doesn’t have a kwami yet) like “i need you to get the miraulous from this giant ass cave for me” and Adrien does whatever his father wants, so he’s like “oh sure lol I’ll get em its not like I have anything better to do hell I’m just a freaking begger” so him and Nino go over and meet “carpet” aka Max + Kim(yup there’s two!) and they go in the cave and see this ring, so adrien goes and takes it, but Nino sees this hella shiny jewel and takes it, causing the cave to crumble. So Adrien and co are at the edge of the cave, and HM tries to grab the ring, but they fall, so he grumbles away thinking of a new plan to get the miraculous.

Once Adrein comes to, he finds the ring on his finger, and he sees “SAY CLAWS OUT” written in the sand by him, so he unsurely says “claws… out?” aND OUT COMES GENIE PLAGG YES YOU HEARD ME GENIE PLAGG AND ADRIEN’S LIKE “omg, you can make me royalty so I can meet the princess!” and Plagg’s like “YUP YOU’RE CHAT NOIR NOW(you can opt out of chat and make him just a classier Adrien if you want) AND YOU CAN GO PLAY AS ROYALTY TO HOOK UP W/ HER” and they do never had a friend like me, and Plagg transforms Nino into a classier version of himself(because imo the bubbler does NOT seem royal to me) and he makes Max and Kim proper transports, so they do their magic and stuff.

Chat goes into the palace and asks for Marinette/Lady’s hand and the parents love him, but Mari/Lady’s like “UGH IM NOT A PRIZE TO BE WON” so she storms away, and there Alya and Nino get a chance to meet, and Alya’s like “your guy isn’t good enough for my girl” and Nino’s like “yo my man Chat/Adrien’s a good guy just you wait” and they get closer and bond and stuff, so then after she storms away Chat/Adrien comes back and they do a whole new world, and everything is beautiful, but Mari/Lady hears Adrien say “will you trust me my lady?” and she’s like “WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME” and Plagg’s like “TELL HER THE TRUTH” and he goes and says he was disguised as a commoner and Plagg is like “yOU UTTER FLOP WHY WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM” so Adrien bids adieu w/ his lady and they kiSS AAHSJFSDJKHD so everything is great things are looking up for him… 

 but HM GETS AKUMATIZED PEOPLE TO CAPTURE CHATDRIEN AND THEY THROW HIM INTO THE SEA AND CAPTURE NINO+MAX+KIM!! The akumatized just throw Adrien down and forgets to grab the miraculous and HM is all pissy bc they didn’t take his miraculous, but he just screws off and thinks Adrien’ll just die anyway.

So Adrein is under, and Plagg saves and gets him out of there and they have their touching moment :,) so Ad’s all like “HE’s gOING TO DO SOMETHING TO MARI WE NEED TO HELP” so he goes to the palace and sees HM has either taken over just cuz/taken LB’s miraculous, reavealing Marinette! and HM exposes Adrien as himself and Mari’s like “why wouldn’t you tell me the truth??” and Adrien is like “I thought you wouldn’t like me for me…” and HM is like “GIVE ME YOUR MIRACULOUS OR YOU’LL NEVER SEE YOUR LADY AGAIN” and sadly Adrien has to give up Plagg. Plagg is now HM’s. So Plagg sadly sends Adrien & Nino to Antarctica or wherever tf they went in the movie, and then we’re back where HM is ruler of everything.

So cut and Adrien’s back and sees Marinette’s like a slave to HM(NO KISS BTW THEY’RE TOO PURE” and HM traps Mari in the hourglass and Adrien has to fight hella powerful sUPER PLAGG INFUSED AKUMATIZED HM and he eventually wins because the power of Plagg was too much for Gabriel to bear near the end of the fight, so then Adrien keeps Plagg, and Mari’s parents approve of Adrien(MORE THAN CHAT- I MUST MAKE THIS CLEAR) and Mari + Adrien get married.