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Ladrien and leap/jump maybe?

you read my mind :DDDD;;;

(follow up to this and also beta’d by @mirthalia <3)

Adrien peeked over the balustrade, wondering whether or not jumping down onto the ramparts would break both his legs, and whether or not he wanted to risk it.

Normally the answer to the second question would be ‘no,’ but Adrien had been stuck on the roof for—…

He checked his watch.

—about three hours now, and was getting both cold enough and hungry enough to reconsider.

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

There is an alarming lack of Disney AUs in the Miraculous fandom, which is concerning since Adrien Agreste is a Disney Princess… Let me fix that.

Inspired by @clairelutra’s “Adrien is an actual Disney Princess”:

“He looked up to find Ladybug offering her hand in a distinctly Aladdin-ish fashion…

She ducked closer, cocking her head, catching the golden landscape lights in her eyes and promising adventure in curve of that smirk. “Do you trust me?”

The moment would have been perfect if he could’ve untied his tongue enough to say ‘yes.’ Instead, he placed his palm in hers and hoped that was answer enough.”

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!