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D23 Live Panel Recap (to the best of my abilities, but I kind of died and went to heaven, so...)

Spoilers, kind of?

A Wrinkle in Time
-Ava DuVernay saying she wanted the cast to reflect the real world
-gorgeous makeup and costumes for Mindy, Oprah and Reese
-Meg being told she has to be a warrior in the teaser
-we all got free posters and Oprah shouted “You get a poster, you get a poster, you all get a poster!”
-CHRIS PINEEEEEE (and Disney openly and willingly congratulating him on Wonder Woman) also he was adorable with Storm

Mary Poppins
-Lin is adorable in the trailer and it just feels so magical and it’s gonna be great
-also Dick van Dyke and Angela Lansbury are in it

-they announced casting and they cast Middle Eastern actors thankfully (correction: the actress who plays Jasmine is actually Indian, sorry for the mistake)

-it is coming. that is all

The Lion King
-they played footage of The Circle of Life and I almost cried

Star Wars
-Rian geeking out
-MARK HAMILL walking out and everyone goes wild, and he’s like ‘Who, me?  Nah…’
-Mark pointing to his eye, drawing a big heart, and then pointing at the entire crowd
-behind the scenes footage
-and I miss Carrie so much

-Kevin Feige and the fact that it’s been almost 10 years of Marvel!
-bringing out almost the entire cast of Infinity Wars (except not Evans, but I can deal)
-like, they brought out Josh Brolin first and then they brought out a round of Avengers actors, and then they were like we need reinforcements
-and they were like how about some Guardians
-and then they Josh was like I’m still feeling pretty cocky
-and Kevin Feige was like, we have a Hulk (cue Ruffalo)
-and then they’re like didn’t you bring a friend from work? (cue Hemsworth)
-and Feige was like it would be so cool if Spider-Man swung by (cue Tom)
-BUT SEBBBBBBB (with his amazing beard)
-and then and then and then RDJ is like where is the footage?
-so they did this gorgeous recap of MCU up till now
-and it ends with the exchange between Tony and Cap on a black screen (“How do we cope?” “Together.” “We’ll lose.” “We’ll do that together too.” (chills))
-there’s literally so much awesomeness I can’t even begin to share it but seriously chills
-The Guardians picking up Thor in outer space
-Doctor Strange conjuring his force portal stepping stone things and Star Lord jumping from stone to stone
-Nat’s blonde!?!?!
-Bucky and T’Challa leading a Wakandan army!?!?
-and this is the part where I died
-because somebody throws something (maybe a spear? I’m not perfect, I couldn’t see 100%)
-and then a figure in the shadow catches it
-that’s right
-and the most important takeaway
-I probably missed stuff
-but I was a little overwhelmed

I got to the convention center last night at 10 pm (panel started at 10:30 am).  I slept on the concrete floor in line (inside, thankfully).  It. Was. All. Worth. It.

I’m about halfway through my OUaT True Love collection (I am planning on 13 bracelets in all–some couples get more than one)! Seen here: Jasmine & Aladdin, Rumbelle, Snowing at Cinderella’s wedding, Outlaw Queen at the Camelot ball, Captain Swan season 3 ball, Captain Swan Camelot ball, and Snowing during the season 6 ball when Cinderella met her Prince.

On the docket: Snowing at the Camelot ball, Zades, Ariel & Eric, Aurora & Philip, Cinderella & Thomas, and Dorothy & Ruby. I tried to pick color schemes that went along with whatever ball they may have attended where possible, or whatever they were wearing during their TLK.

Hoping to have them all done by the end of October, so keep an eye out!

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Ladrien and leap/jump maybe?

you read my mind :DDDD;;;

(follow up to this and also beta’d by @mirthalia <3)

Adrien peeked over the balustrade, wondering whether or not jumping down onto the ramparts would break both his legs, and whether or not he wanted to risk it.

Normally the answer to the second question would be ‘no,’ but Adrien had been stuck on the roof for—…

He checked his watch.

—about three hours now, and was getting both cold enough and hungry enough to reconsider.

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

There is an alarming lack of Disney AUs in the Miraculous fandom, which is concerning since Adrien Agreste is a Disney Princess… Let me fix that.

Inspired by @clairelutra’s “Adrien is an actual Disney Princess”:

“He looked up to find Ladybug offering her hand in a distinctly Aladdin-ish fashion…

She ducked closer, cocking her head, catching the golden landscape lights in her eyes and promising adventure in curve of that smirk. “Do you trust me?”

The moment would have been perfect if he could’ve untied his tongue enough to say ‘yes.’ Instead, he placed his palm in hers and hoped that was answer enough.”

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!