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Otayuri Movie Nights

•Movie nights happen constantly, at least once a week

•They started one time when they became friends and Otabek was visiting Russia

•They were hanging out in Yuri’s room at his grandpa’s house and they stuck a movie in Yuri’s laptop

•After that, it just became tradition that they had to watch a movie at least once a visit

•Normally they can always compromise and pick a movie, Disney movies are the shit when it comes to the two of them

•Yuri will never admit it, but he cries every time he watches Mufasa’s death

•When they can’t pick a movie, it practically becomes World War 3 (Yuri is extremely passionate about his movie choices)

•They can’t stay mad at each other for too long, so Otabek will bring a peace offering of a bowl of popcorn and an Aladdin DVD (it’s their favorite)

•No matter who’s apartment they’re at, they’ll always sit on the couch in front of the TV under a blanket with a bowl of popcorn for the movie

•As they got closer and closer as friends (and their crushes on each other grew as well), they would sit closer to each other on the couch

•When they started dating, they eventually were practically on top of each other cuddling under the blanket

•Otabek would wrap his arm around Yuri and play with his hair (occasionally it would end up in some sort of intricate braid by the end of the movie)

•A lot of the time Yuri would end up falling asleep on the couch so Otabek would either carry him to bed, trying not to wake him up, or fall asleep with him

-Mod Jess

Pillow Forts - Alec Martinez

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You yawned and turned over in bed, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. “Good morning, ba-… babe?”

You sat up in bed, realizing you were alone and looked around for your husband. Not in the bathroom. Not up getting dressed… Where was he?

“Al?” you said, getting out of bed and putting on your robe. “Alec? Babe?”

That’s when you heard the giggling coming from downstairs. You hurried down the stairs and looked around before heading downstairs to the living room, finding your husband with a ton of blankets and pillows in his arms. “Babe? What are you doing? It’s 6:30 AM.”

He looked up at you and smiled. “Hey honey. Little guy woke me up to help him out.”

“Mommy!” you heard your son say before noticing him crawling out from under a blanket that was rested between two chairs, still in his Buzz Lightyear pajamas. He got up and ran over, hugging your waist. “Good morning, mommy.”

You smiled. “Good morning, sweetheart. What’s all this?”

“We’re making a fort, mommy!” your son, Leon said. “Daddy’s helping me build a fort!”

“A fort?”

He nodded “Yeah! I saw one in a book and I wanted to make one too! Please, mommy?”

You looked up and over at Alec who gave you equally cute puppy-dog eyes much like the ones your four year old son was giving you. So that’s where he got those from. Yep, there was no arguing about this one, was there?

“Okay, honey. Let’s make a pillow fort.”

Leon grinned wide and hugged you again. “Thank you, mommy! Come on! We gotta find as many pillows and blankies as we can!”

You smiled, “Okay, honey. I will get you all the blankets and pillows and cushions I can get and so will your daddy. I promise.” 

He grinned and ran back to the fort, messing with something under one of the blankets inside. You looked up at your husband who was back to arranging pillows and draping blankets over chairs. 

You smiled to yourself and went to the hall cupboard, opening it up to find rolled up blankets and extra pillows. Perfect. You grabbed some pillows as well as a few rolled up blankets, tucking them under your arms and heading back to the living room. 

“Did you guys forget about the hall cupboard? It’s a gold mine in there. Tons of blankets and pillows in there. We can make this thing huge.”

Leon grinned and hurried over to the closet. “Daddy, come help me!”

Alec smiled. “Coming, little man.”

You watched them make several trips from the cupboard to the fort while you stayed and helped build and position the items to make a ceiling and soft walls on the inside of the fort. The three of you ended up taking a break for breakfast, juice, and coffee an hour into the building, but it was done by 9. The fort ended up being huge and taking up a large amount of space in the middle of the living room. You used every chair, blanket, duvet, pillow, and cushion you could find in the house.

“There we go. All done, love. Doesn’t it look wonderful?”

Leon nodded, grinning widely. “It’s like a castle, mommy! A big, soft sleepy castle!”

 Alec smiled and ruffled his hair. “Yeah it does, little lion. We did a great job! High five!”

He grinned and gave his father a high five. “Yeah! Mommy, daddy, come on! Let’s play in it! We can watch Big Hero 6!”

You smiled softly to yourself. “Again, buddy? How about we watch Aladdin first and then we can watch Big Hero 6? That sound okay to you?”

The four year old nodded. “Only if we can watch Toy Story after.”

“Deal, little man. Go get your stuffies and your blankie and I’ll put the movie in, okay?”

Leon grinned and ran upstairs to his room while you went to the DVD rack, picking out Aladdin, Big Hero 6- the movie that was your son’s latest obsession next to hockey-, and Toy Story, popping Aladdin into the DVD player first. “Alright. Movie time.”

Hours later, you found yourself carrying your sleepy little boy upstairs while Alec was downstairs, figuring out how to take apart the fort after watching a Disney movie marathon consisting of other films like Inside Out, Monsters Inc, The Lion King, Lilo and Stitch, and the original Mighty Ducks as well as the 3 films you had originally planned out. It was dark outside and you had ordered pizza for dinner instead of cooking, preferring to have a lazy day indoors and to stay snuggled with your family.

“Come on, sleepyhead. Time for beddy-bye.”

He yawned and snuggled as you carried him into his room and over to his bed. “I’m not tired, mommy…”

“You sure about that, love?”

He nodded slowly, eyed heavy lidded with sleep as you put him into his bed and tucked him and his stuffed bear in. “I’m not sleepy. Not at all.”

“Okay, little one. If you say so. But I’m sure you will be soon.” You kissed his forehead and smiled. “I love you so much, Leon.”

“I love you too, mommy.”

You smiled as he drifted off, turning on his nightlight before you left his room and went back downstairs. “Al? He’s asleep, love.”

He nodded, folding up a blanket. “Good. Can you help?”

You nodded and went over, helping him disassemble the fort the three of you made together. “This was fun. We should do it again sometime.”

He nodded. “Yeah, maybe we should. I enjoyed it. I think he did too.”

You smiled. “Yeah. Now come on, babe. Let’s take this monster of a fort down and head to bed. That sound good?”

He smiled back. “Sounds good to me, baby. Love you.”

“Love you too, babe.”

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build a blanket fort for prinxiety?

Boi, you get headcanons and a story because omg, I love building pillow forts

Three days. They had been hiding in their blanket fort for three whole days.

Anxiety couldn’t put his finger on what it was about forts that were just cozy, but they always felt that way to him. Just the perfect place to go where nothing could get him. Not the demigorgan, not anything lurking in the dark, nothing. It was just him… And Prince.

Of course Prince was with him. He loved these forts almost equally as much (Anxiety obviously liked them more). They had been hiding for three days because, well, because why not? Anxiety had gone to Prince on Thursday asking to build a fort, and they just hadn’t left since (aside to use the bathroom and shower).

In truth, Anxiety had been having one of those days. Where he didn’t want to get out of bed, where he hovered over Thomas’ shoulder, where he just wasn’t into eating and skipped lunch (he had slept through breakfast); he just wasn’t feeling… he didn’t know what to call what it was, but he had just wanted to curl up, maybe with Prince, and forget about everything.

And Prince had allowed him to do just that.

Anxiety took out the dvd, Aladdin, and put in the next movie, Aladdin Return of Jafar. Prince sat next to him, holding open one side of the giant comforter and Anxiety crawled over and leaned into his side as the movie began.

Prince always seemed to know what to do.


Prince knew three days had passed since they had built their blanket fort, but he knew that no one minded their absence (If Thomas had needed them they would have sensed it, and if anyone else did then they would have come get them).

He wanted to say he was surprised when Anxiety came to him three days ago, but in all honesty he wasn’t. He had come to accept Anxiety’s habit of coming to him, without directly saying it, for help. And of course, Prince would do whatever it took to do so. In this instance, help included getting a bunch of junk food, building a giant fort, and watching lots of movies (Disney, of course).

Prince hadn’t counted on how exhausted Anxiety had been, however. Not physically, but emotionally. For the first twenty-four hours, Anxiety had been rather unresponsive to any verbal contact, but would refuse to allow Prince to pull away from cuddling (which, again, fine by him). When he woke the second morning, he was talking again, but refused to leave the fort, and Prince stayed with him.

Prince watched as Anxiety eagerly put in the next movie, they were working on the Aladdin trilogy at the moment, and smiled. He was happy to see him so active (however minutely). It was something he had noticed after a while. While Anxiety wasn’t overly fond of physical exertion, you could tell when he was feeling good by even the smallest moves he made.

He came back by Prince and he held up the blanket to let the other back in. Anxiety pulled his knees up under himself and practically leaned across Prince’s lap, causing him to smile. He set his hand on Anxiety’s head and played with his hair.

If it was for Anxiety, Prince would do anything.


  • These two love pillow forts. LOVE
  • When they do a movie marathon, they build a giant pillow fort
  • Like, almost castle giant
  • They fill it with fluffy pillows and blankets
  • And have secret compartments of snacks
  • If Anxiety goes missing you can almost be sure you’ll find him hiding under a pile of pillows in a fort they built
  • The pillow forts a great place for anxiety if he’s having an attack. It’s controlled and he knows exactly what is happening the entire time he’s in there
  • One time, he and Prince were in a fort for three days straight
  • Dad had to come and dig them out
  • I say dig, because made it a tunnel system to hide
  • They still joke about it (Prince does and Anxiety nods along)
  • One time they let Imaj in because he was having a bad day
  • And they played Mario Kart all day (They let Imaj win most of the time)
  • Anxiety once made a fort with a sign that said “No Prince’s allowed” because Prince took the last cupcake
  • They change the blanket over the top of the fort alot so the color cast into the fort changes when the light is on
  • Anxiety’s favorite is a gray blanket, Princes is pink
  • They once laid in the fort for two hours just blasting Disney music and singing along

And today…. STILL WAITING.


Okay, I give kudos to Disney Store for selling human version of the servants and the Beast in Tsum-Tsum style.

However - It would also be nice if they did the human version of the Beast (Pirnce Adam) in Disney Animator’s Doll Collection. 

I mean, WHAT THE heck?!?! Few years ago, in Aladdin Blu-Ray Disc edition release, they show the Animators Doll of both Jasmine… AND ALADDIN. I kid you not. Google it to see it.

If Disney released sells Aladdin doll in DVD release, along with Alice for “Alice Thourgh the Looking Glass” release… then why not both Belle and the Prince/Beast since Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary DVD release?

Sure, I understand that Belle is important in this movie for Disney Animator’s Doll Collection, and I respect that. But why not the same thing as the Prince (known as the Beast)? After all, he saved Belle alot from danger from:

*The Wolves


Also, while being bad*ss, he even defeated his evil enemies:


AND psycho-Gaston

And, oh my gosh - he has the freakin’ Transformation to become human (after 10 years of having enough of getting shit from being a Beast) (especially the rough animation by Glen Keane!) Also, look at the rough sketch of the Prince - he looks promising to be part of the Disney Animator’s Doll Collection.


I mean, look at his baby-blue eyes:

I know a lot of people would prefer the “Beast” version over the human version - but come on! It would be cute to see Prince Adam as a “toddler” in Disney Animator’s style. If there is, we can totally see how the little Prince is being a bratty before becoming a Beast (when he gets older). I mean, in both comic and midquel, they show the young version of the Prince:

(EVEN the remake shows the Prince as a kid in the Beast’s flashback).

I mean, think about it - seeing a toddler being adorable (despite being selfish bratty), before becoming more Beastly as an older kid (after he lost his parents) until becoming a “monster himself” on his 11th Christmas Eve. So, there you go.

This is why I love Prince Adam even more - Man or Beast, he’s still one bad*ss prince as a strong male character (with stronger character development). He’s always been my top fave, along with Basil and Chicken Little.

As for the name “Adam” - I know Disney keeps denying it, while Paige O’Hara confirms it. HOWEVER, there’s still some time to name him. Based on the inspiration from the David sculpture, why not “David” (DAV-Eeed in French) after the French artist, Jacques Louis David? Why not other names, like “Paul” or “Adrian”? It’s not that hard to do.

Sure, despite that Disney sells mostly girls from Animator’s Doll Collection, they did sell only two boys: Kristoff and Aladdin. Two boys isn’t enough. There should be more awesome Disney males as much as Disney gals in Animator’s Doll Collection. It’s like what the Disney Animator’s Doll Collection is about - imagining what adult characters look like as toddlers. NOT gender.

If Disney is not going to show Prince Adam (human Beast) as part of the Disney ADC (initial for the doll collection)… then I’ll regret it.

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Hmmm what about something where you're famous as well and people catch on that you're dating??

Harry / You 

-They’re catching on.
-Oh god.

-Whats wrong?

-There’s an article.
-About us.

-God, they move fast.
-You alright with it?

-I mean, for now.
-But what happens when more people see the article?

-We ignore it? Like we’ve always done with articles about ourselves.

-Yeah but… this one’s different 

-Is it?
-Are you that worried about what they have to say?

-Thats not it.
-I’m worried about you.


-Because.  You’ve been seen with all these other people… I’m not at all like them.


-i don’t know.
-Sorry. Ignore this.

-No.  Tell me. 
-You’re my girlfriend.  They need to accept that, and you need to talk to me.

-You’re going to get hate for this. You get hate for every relationship.


-Stop saying that

-No I’m serious.  I don’t read those articles. Do you?

-I have before.

-Well stop it.
-You’re mine.  Whatever anyone says doesn’t fucking matter.

-There are articles about it being for PR…

-Yeah well fuck that.  They’re ridiculous.

-But people believe it.

-So let them.
-You’re my girl.  I care a lot about you.

-I care a lot bout you, too Harry.

-So lets not give a fuck what they say, yeah?
-I like having you in my life.  You make me happy. None of this matters.
-….. y/n?

-Sorry… i’m emotional 
-Can I… come over?
-Promise I’ll park in the back.  No one will notice.

-Of course, love.
-Don’t have to ask to come over. And I don’t  care if anyone notices.

-You’re so fucking perfect.
-I’m sorry for freaking out.

-It’s okay love.  You just have to stop paying attention to what they have to say.
-Ps, bring a bag. Stay the night.


-I have Aladdin on DVD.

-Well how can I say no to that?

Casting Characters from Aladdin in Disney Roleplays

Having reviewed a few Disney roleplays, and with more in my future, a question I took it upon myself to investigate is, “what ethnicity should characters from Aladdin be?” Since this appears to be a point of contention, I figured I’d share my research.

TL;DR: Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese or Jordanian would be acceptable, possibly Persian, and in no way Indian.

There were a few questions that needed to be figured out.

What is the Origin of Aladdin?

Aladdin is (loosely) based on One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of folk stories compiled during the Islamic Golden Age in Arabic. Most notably, the stories are folk stories from the Caliphate era (Arabic), though the “frame” story (the woman telling her husband stories for one thousand and one nights to avoid execution) is inspired by the Pahlavi Persian work Hazār Afsān, and a few of the folk stories have notable Mesopotamian, Indian and Egyptian folklore inspirations.

But, in whole, it’s safe to say this work is heavily rooted in the Middle East.

Where is Agrabah?

Despite being a fictional city, Disney provides a very real location for Agrabah right in the opening when our narrator says: “Welcome to Agrabah. City of mystery, of enchantment…and the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan, on sale today, come on down!”

I don’t know if I really need to go into it, the map kind of does it for me, but basically Agrabah could exist in Syria, The West Bank, Israel (but would have taken place before that area was Israel, so casting someone who identifies as Palestinian would be more appropriate), or Jordan. Edit: or Lebanon. I guess I missed that the first time around.

That said…there can be, in my opinion, a case made for casting a face who identifies as ethnically Persian:

The art direction by layout designer Rasoul Azadani and character designs were not pulled from this region, but instead strongly based off of Isfahan, Iran (which is a beautiful city!)

This, however, is a bit of a slippery slope, but it’s basically a question of deciding, in Disney’s totally not problematic at all treatment of the Middle East as one generic mass, whether the stated location (which most people miss) takes precedent, or the architectural and cultural cues of the story. I don’t have an answer for that. If someone does, I’d be happy to know.

Why is India not appropriate/The Palace is clearly based on the Taj Mahal!

In short, India is not appropriate because the Jordan River is nowhere near India, was not ever part of India, and the Agrabah Disney shows us does not resemble India in culture, dress, architecture, etc. (Not to say it perfectly resembles anywhere else and doesn’t take its own artistic liberties with Persian culture, but if you’re familiar with the art and architecture of the Middle East and India, the differences are HUGE.)

With the exception of the Palace. Let me give you an art history lesson, though, friends. There was a period of time in India called the Mughal Empire. This was a “Persianate” Empire made up of Turkic and Chagatai (Mongol) forces heavily inspired by the Persian Empire (it doesn’t entirely make that much sense to me, either, in how all that rolled down, but you can delve deeper if it interests you and make sense of it for me) that spanned much of the Indian subcontinent, and since India is a beautiful country, the Shah’s of the Mughal Empire based their kingdom in parts of India.

The Taj Mahal was built during this time (specifically 1632-1648 CE by Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his beloved Third Wife). Which basically means the Taj Mahal is a piece of Turkic-Chagatai architecture imitating Persian architecture built in North India, so basically this isn’t a very good reason to cast your otherwise extremely Persian/Middle Eastern-coded characters (living along the Jordan River) as ethnically Indian. It’s sort of like saying that Hercules could take place in the United States instead of Greece because the Founding Fathers of America (occupying/forcefully taking Native American land) were inspired by Classical architecture for their state buildings.

Hopefully this has answered some questions, and if anyone has any corrections on this information or further knowledge on the subject, please let me know!

Check it out, Sources…Kinda.

Rasoul Azadani’s inspiration: Pop Up Fun Facts (DVD). Aladdin Platinum Edition Disc 1: Walt Disney Home Video. 2004.

Basically all my knowledge on architectural history/the Mughal period came from my class on Non-Western Art (I fucking hate that terminology) and Gardner’s Art Through The Ages: Non-Western Perspectives was the textbook for the class, though I’m pretty sure I didn’t read much of it.

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Jehanparnasse for the ship thing IDGAF I've had a rough evening i'll drown in that ship up to my forehead i need to be INDULGED

Oh, sweet Elise, you know I’m more than ready to indulge you (and I hope your evening gets better, my dear, you need good days and good vibes always).

Who holds the umbrella when it rains
Montparnasse. He’s taller and likes when Jehan holds onto his arm while they walk, and, honestly, Jehan isn’t under the umbrella half the time anyway. They want to run off and splash in puddles and get absolutely soaked in every spring rain, it’s ridiculous and adorable and Parnasse doesn’t even pay attention to their bright green and yellow poncho and rose patterned rainboots the whole time. Jehan is actually not allowed to hold the umbrella because they’re so small, and Parnasse always ends up with those support arm bits resting on his head because they don’t hold it high enough.

Who is the grumpiest in the morning
Montparnasse, but I don’t really blame him. His idea of “morning” is about 1pm because he’s been out all night, while Jehan is a “rise with the sun at 6am” kind of person. Cue lots of grumbling and hiding under the covers from the moment Jehan opens the curtains and the birds are already singing, good god, it is too early for this!

Who worries more when the other is sick/hurt
They both fret like crazy. Parnasse is gonna come home with cuts and bruises from time to time, and Jehan has taken a punch at rallies more than once, and they’ll baby each other through the little stuff just for the hell of it. If you want to see a nervous wreck, though, tell one of them the other is in the hospital for any reason.

Who plays pranks on the other
Not really a big thing with them, BUT Jehan is very ticklish, and Montparnasse will take advantage of that whenever he can. Jehan can’t retaliate (Parnasse isn’t tcklish except the bottoms of his feet, and he has kept this a well-guarded secret), so they have to find other ways to get him back. Like “reorganizing” his closet or switching their contact name and Babet’s in his phone that one time.

Who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa
Jehan is always, always, up for a good snuggle. Cuddle time is sacred and should only be interrupted by kisses, accidental naps, or getting more snacks during the movie. Montparnasse never actually asks, not out loud anyway, but Jehan has gotten very good at telling the difference between his “usual cold indifference” and “doesn’t want to talk but doesn’t want to be alone” and will turn up with the softest blanket in the bedroom and tea and Aladdin on DVD without him having to say a word.

Who insists on creating nicknames for the other
They both do it a lot and have been told to stop, please by both Patron-Minette and the ABC, like. You two. Are awful. Jehan is also the only one who can use any derivative of Montparnasse’s first name without some kind of threat.

Who drools on the other when they’re asleep
Jehan but only sometimes when they fall asleep in a weird position on the couch. Montparnasse only cares if he’s wearing something expensive and doesn’t have the heart to wake them up half the time anyway. They’re too cute to disturb, and he’s trapped until morning now, oh, well.

Who says ‘I love you’ first
Jehan did, but Parnasse didn’t realize it at first? Jehan says “I love you” to everyone. And everything. They say it to flowers and birds and bees and strangers; they shower their friends in affections and little “I love you”s all the time. Parnasse has heard them tell books- not characters, like, closed-the-book-so-the-book-knows. They had a slightly different tone, a softer look in their eye, when they said it to him, but he wasn’t sure if that was really happening or if he was just watching closer. When Parnasse finally sorted out his feelings well enough to say it with confidence, yes, I love you, Jehan was beaming and said it back a dozen times more because they’re so over-the-moon happy.

Ohtaka’s Notes:

“Aladdin’s flute rough sketch. I thought it to be a combination of a snake charmer’s flute and the magic lamp. I contemplated whether to give it a more familiar shape, and so I modified it to what a modern recorder looks like.”

Note: while it’s marked Aladdin’s Flute (1), there’s no #2 among the concept art collection that came bundled with the DVDs.