New Background Artist

Sadly, with the loss of Xylax (who now works on the very cool Lioden site!) we’ve been without a background artist for a while now. However, I’d like to introduce everyone to someone new!

Innali is an extremely talented artist who has agreed to join the Alacrity team and provide us with some gorgeous backgrounds every month, to help us get back on track with new item releases! You can see more of her beautiful work here!

The two backgrounds you see above will be available very soon, so keep an eye on The Scenic Route!

Let’s all give Innali a big Alacrity welcome! :D

Good dog sims?

Is it so much to ask for a good dog breeding sim with exceptional artwork and a mature community, and actual activities to do?  I tried Alacrity sim recently but for some reason it’s just not clicking with me.  The art is kind of inconsistent.  Some pieces are gorgeous but the actual pet art is only so-so in most cases.  And you can’t breed Basset hounds, which is frustrating because I’ve never been able to find a dog site where you can breed good-looking bassets (either the art was crappy, or there was literally nothing to do on the site).

This makes me a sad basset.


Oh mighty Tumblr, help a gal out, are there any good doggy browser games?

Aviator Caps and Overcapped Dogs

Well, Alacrites, this is an issue we’ve been discussing for a while and we finally feel we need to do something about it ASAP. Not all of you will like this, but the Aviator Caps being stackable was an unforseen game-breaking mistake. Not only did this give an incredible advantage over other players, but also over-rode our previously implemented TP cap of 9000, and allowed these Aviator dogs to continue climbing past that cap.

Due to this, we are currently working on fixing the Aviator Caps so that they will no longer be stackable. To address the additional issue of the overcapped dogs, we’ve put up a new poll to give options to those whose dogs have gone beyond 9000 TP. We want to hear from you, and while leaving things as they are is not an option, we care about your thoughts and opinions about potential solutions! If you don’t like either of the options we’ve made available, please go here and offer up any alternatives you might have thought of.

As recompense for all those affected by these changes, we will be offering a special achievement trophy, as well as an exclusive companion that will boost speed and drive! We’re not out to punish anyone, because we know nobody was out to break any rules. This was an error on the part of staff who hadn’t thought ahead far enough to see the problem this would create, and we’re truly sorry for that. :C But now, we’re going to set it right, and do what’s best for Alacrity and our members.

We will also be retiring the Top Dawgs list, to be replaced with a new system alongside our revamped trials as soon as they’re ready to be released!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding! Be sure to make your voice heard in the polls!


I finally managed to get both of my daughters to nap at the same time, now would be the most awesome time to play FR but the site never wants to cooperate.

Makes me sad.  I need to find a new hobby because this one is becoming more frustrating than it is worth. 

Other than Aywas, Wajas, Neopets and Alacrity Sim - anyone know of any other virtual pet sites to play for now?

I just tried searching for a banana of youth and got very irritated when I couldn’t find my BOY.
Then I saw where I went wrong.

Holy shit, that Celestial Hare looks like it’s sick or something. Look at its front legs, they’re so bony. Look at its back legs, they’re super flabby. Look at its body, it looks like a bag of skin. Not to mention its eye, it looks super skittish. And those ears, rabbits don’t have fur inside their ears, that’s impractical, especially considering the use of ears. Why didn’t Ny do the Celestial Hare, she actually owns rabbits :T No offense to the artist, but rabbits aren’t your thing. Stick with the bigger animals, you’re awesome at those.


Well, this is our shiny new tumblr page, for! We are a pet sim, where you can raise, breed, and agility trial all sorts of dogs either for competition, or to achieve the perfect kind of colors for a long lineage of beautiful canines!

Our trial system is currently under construction, and we’ll keep you updated on its progress!

Agility Trials have returned!

The day has finally come! You can all enter Agility Trials again on Alacrity!

Many thanks to our coder for bringing this feature back online for us, and good luck to all our canine competitors! If you’ve never entered these trials before, just follow these steps…

1. Go to the trials page, and “Search” for open trials.

2. Click on a trial.

3. Choose the dog you wish to enter.

And that’s it! You will be able to enter multiple trials, each one docking 25 energy from your dog(s). Winners are determined by how much you’ve trained them and how well they do in the selected obstacles of the trial. So the more you train your dog, and the higher TP they have, the better your chances of winning Ala-cash prizes!

We hope this will come as a welcome re-addition to the game, and be sure to keep your eyes open for further updates in the near future!

If you run into any bugs or have questions, be sure to take them to the Issue Hub.

Thank you all so much, and have fun! :D

Big Announcement on Trials!

First of all, I want to give me deepest and sincerest apologies for how long the revamp on trials has taken. When we first undertook this challenge, we had high hopes and the expectation that it would only take 2-3 months to complete. However, in that span of time we lost an artist, and our coder due to real life issues and schedule conflicts, and the project ground to a halt. Slowly, we managed to find another artist to help tackle all the work, but still had no coder until recently. 

Now, the coder we have, while he’s wonderful, is spread very thin between projects, so progress is slow. I want to be transparent about this, so that nobody feels left in the dark anymore, and no assumptions can be made that we are willingly dragging our feet on this. If we had all the resources we needed at our disposal right now, we would be working double time to get the new trials up.

However, being that it’s been far longer than we’d ever estimated, due to things outside our control, we’ve decided that in the meantime, we’re going to bring the OLD trial system back! A large part of this sim is trialing and getting all the benefits from it, and we’ve heard the complaints about it being gone for so long. And we’re listening. So, I will be in talks with our old coder, and the new, to see about getting trials back up as quickly as humanly possible! So keep an eye out!

We’ll make another announcement as soon as trials are live again. Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding, and I apologize again for how long it’s taken, and all the roadblocks we’ve run into along the way.

Have an amazing day!