Finally finished my newest quad panel group. I really wished I could go back and re-do Steven and Amethyst, I did those two when me and @alachatte were at the BLFC convention at Reno in May. I still like them, but there are huge coloring mistakes that I take away from the standard I set for my work. :’/ Don’t drink and color, kids. :’U Garnet and Pearl I finished last night; I couldn’t do a background for Garnet so her hair is just stars too. lol Even though I can’t put these in the art show at the con, I will probably put them up for sale, maybe even make prints if they’re enjoyed.

I have a shit ton of these panels left, what other quad sets would you loves like to see? Still thinking of doing a Gravity Falls one, and I’d like to do another Steven Universe set, maybe of their reformed forms. Also I need to do at least a set or two of animal/anthro ones to display at the con in January, so I need some ideas for those as well.