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Okay. Get this. Good uncle Yuuri is planning the triplets' birthday party and hires magician! Victor. Victor chooses Yuuri as a participant even though it's a kid birthday party and he's supposed to choose a kid.

Okay. Get this. You sent me this amazing thought, and I decided to write a 2,000+ word fic on it. Because my self-control needs to be located by search party. I’m going to post the whole thing here and move it to Ao3 tomorrow when I feel less lazy :). Thank you for sharing this INSANELY INSPIRING idea with me and I hope you enjoy…. “Magic Man” :)

(It is long so there is a cut line! Definitely SFW!)

The ad had said that Victor the Great could entertain audiences of all ages, that his tricks were beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, and that he could convince even the most cynical people that magic was real.

What the ad didn’t say, was that Victor was absolutely the most beautiful man who had ever dared to exist on earth.

The lack of warning had certainly taken a toll on Yuuri’s heart, as he opened the front door to Yuuko’s house and came face-to-face with the man-god parading as a children’s party magician. The black top hat, tailed black coat and bright red bow tie should have immediately elicited laughter. Instead, Yuuri felt his tongue swell two sizes in his mouth and steal away his ability to speak. Maybe that was Victor’s first trick, robbing Yuuri of all his senses with the man’s magical out-of-this-world blue eyes and smile that lit Yuuri’s body on fire. Blushing and staring at his feet, Yuuri waved Victor into the house and lead him to the back yard where the show would take place.

Victor followed the dark-haired man through a dining room filled with delicious looking food, through a kitchen that looked like a food bomb got gone off, and out into a backyard that was chaotic with kid noise. Children ran in every direction, giggling and yelling “you’re it!” as they tagged their friends. On the outskirts of the yard, the adults stood in small clumps of conversation, occasionally dodging a sprinting child. It was a typical kid party, and Victor grinned at the lively nature of his future audience.

“Um… here…” Yuuri stopped and pointed to the small platform of a wood deck. “I mean…” rubbing the back of his neck, Yuuri could feel the blush on his cheeks heating up as the blue eyes studied him, “you can set up here.” Finally gaining an ounce of courage, Yuuri lifted his gaze to meet Victor’s.

“Are you Yuuri?” Stepping forward, Victor set his black cases onto the deck. His slight invasion of Yuuri’s personal space was intentional as Victor continued to smile at the adorable man.

Yuuri’s first email, inquiring about Victor’s availability for the party, had been formal and inquisitive. Victor had responded back quickly, confirming that he would love to provide entertainment. It was Yuuri’s second response, with a cheeky question about Victor arriving by car or in a puff of smoke that had peaked Victor’s interest. It had been a silly joke, but Victor had played along, answering not only in jest, but also with a hint of flirting.

Nineteen emails had been exchanged over the course of two weeks and Victor had been unable to sleep the night before the party, the anticipation of meeting his email partner keeping him awake with nervous energy. The dark mop of hair, shy brown eyes, and flushing cheeks had to belong to Yuuri Katsuki, and Victor had been trying to come up with something clever throughout their short walk through the house. Instead of cleverness, he had barely managed to ask Yuuri to identify himself, and Victor was internally groaning over his own failure.

Swallowing, Yuuri studied Victor’s face. “I am,” he said, gaining courage he stuck out his hand, “uh, nice to meet you Victor the Great.” When Victor chuckled, Yuuri wanted to crawl inside of the piñata and let the kids beat his embarrassment out of him.

“You’ll watch the show, won’t you?” Victor slipped his hand into Yuuri’s, squeezing it slightly. “Maybe if you watch me closely, you’ll be able to figure out my tricks.” Leaning forward again, Victor winked at Yuuri. He prayed that he sounded flirty instead of creepy.


Getting tackled from behind by three squealing triplets, Yuuri fell forward into Victor’s arms. Freezing, Yuuri looked up and immediately lost himself again in Victor’s eyes. Feeling his body shaken by the force of three sets of hands, Yuuri snapped his attention back to his nieces. “Mom said you have to help with the piñata while the magician sets up! Dad said you can flirt later!” All three girls cackled at their joke as Yuuri’s face caught fire.

Smile on his lips, Victor stepped up onto the wooden deck and bent to open his first case. “I’m ok with that plan,” throwing a wink over his shoulder, Victor forced himself to concentrate on his props as a stammering Yuuri was dragged toward the line of screaming kids.

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Seasonal Sirens 

It may have come to your attention that I have something of a soft spot for Berkshire’s Siren Craft Brew, relative newcomers to the relatively new UK craft beer scene and champions of special releases, seasonal brews, experimental beers, and style twisting collaborations. More on the collaborations in the next few weeks, for now I have a trio of their latest seasonal IPA’s to play with, ‘tis a hard life. 

First up is Ryesing Tides, a 7.4% abv rye IPA packed with Simcoe and Mosaic hops.

It pours a dark caramel colour, the head bubblegum white and long lasting. The aroma is toasty and spicy with citrus, tropical fruits, and a hint of old pine needles. Lovely. 

It tastes like… You can’t decide on mixed citrus marmalade or peach and papaya jam to smother on your toasted rye bread so you put a bit of both on. You then garnish it with random dried flowers and drizzle it with caramel sauce. Aww yeah. 'Tis smooth as my pert derriere, medium bodied and has a long bitter finish. Great stuff.

Next we have Rainbow (RedIPA, an entry into a competition with six other UK craft brewers where everyone was asked to brew a beer inspired by a colour of the rainbow. Siren went all Biblical with this, a Belgian style golden ale brewed with Duvel (Devil in Flemish) yeast that’s been hopped to IPA levels and has added apple juice to represent original sin. However they got there, I gotta say it sounds interesting.

It pours a rather beautiful burnished amber with a huge “Mr Whippy” ice cream like head. The aroma is yeasty with lemon and orange zest sprinkled on cookie crumbs. 

There’s the heady, spicy, dry hay and wet mouse-like Belgian notes that are expected, but with a big hit of fruity, citrus flavours that add a delightful complexity. If your average field mouse knew how good this was they’d all decorate their nests with orange and lemon peel. It’s bittersweet, has a perky carbonation and a lingering dry finish. I do rather like it.

Finally there’s 7 Seas IPA, a black wheat IPA loaded with seven different “C” hops from the US and Germany. 

It pours an entirely predictable black, the head beige as, whatever. The aroma has comforting, dark roasted malts, spice, and sharp citrus fruits. 

“I’m an alchemist so I am! A good splash of cold brew coffee, a bar of milk chocolate, a chunk of Turkish Delight, a string of licorice, some liquid smoke, lemon zest, a segment of tangerine, and a squeeze of fresh grapefruit juice all go in the cauldron. Alacazam! I got beer!!!” FYI that’s exactly how Siren make this smooth, roasty, citrusy, bitter and easy drinking brew. And yeah, it’s every bit as good as I think that sounds. 

So there we have it. Three really rather successful and entirely different spins on the IPA wheel of wonders. Siren didn’t disappoint with any of these and I’d recommend any of them to those willing to try something a little different, but then if you’re reading this I think it’s safe to say you like beer that’s a little different. If I could have another of these right now though, I’d pick the 7 Seas. I love the combination of roasty, hoppy flavours in a good Black IPA, and this balances them quite wonderfully. 'Til next time, cheers m'dears.