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The Tale of Two-Toed Tom, the Demon Gator

In the early 1900s, in the swamps of the southeastern United States the region was held besieged by what was reported as a gargantuan, demonic alligator, which left in its wake mauled dead bodies and its curious two-toed footprints. This is the tale of Two-Toed Tom, the demon gator of the southeast.

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I made a pal at work a groovy CD for christmas and I’m happy with it :)

i put the playlist on Youtube as well so if anyone wants to take a listen HERE YA GO!!

P.S I forgot to add one song to the playslist on youtube and its Track 14 but thats not big dealio 

oh and also arcade fire whoops

TalesFromRetail: Is it stealing if they are free?

I manage a small engine repair shop in Alabama. Many of the local tree and lawn care services like to display their business cards on the front counter which I have no problem with. Today I walked into the shop to speak with a mechanic and when I got back to the front a customer was standing at the counter with an entire stack of another customers business cards. I politely asked him if he wouldn’t mind putting some back down. He did so and left. I then pulled up the cameras and saw that he had taken every single one of our store business cards and shoved them into his pocket before he left…somewhere between 75-100 of them. I was in the shop long enough for him to literally steal hundreds of dollars worth of Stihl equipment but he pockets the free business cards. The boss and I had a good laugh over that one.

By: Cucumberfruit


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Drinking, Language, Oral (Reader receiving), Unprotected Sex (You should really use condoms), Smut, NSFW, NSFW Gifs

Words: 1,650+

AN: Gifs are not mine. I do not take credit for them. I welcome any feedback you may have. I hope you enjoy.

“Cause space is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get too close”

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A Woman in Alabama Tried to Get Toilet Paper Off Her House by Setting It on Fire

Cheryl Crausewell, of Dora, Alabama attempted, with the help of her son, to clean up her toilet-papered house on Monday afternoon. A persistent piece of toilet paper was stuck in a magnolia tree, so they tried a little of nature’s Hoover: fire. Now they have a burned down house, and the kids who TP’d their house over the weekend are, one assumes, getting laid non-stop.

Crausewell gave a moment-by-moment breakdown of the incident to a TV news crew, which I will paraphrase below:

They were out cleaning up their home that had been, in Alabama parlance, “rolled,” along with other houses in the Hickory Ridge community of Dora. They’d done a pretty satisfactory job, but there’s always that little bit left in the magnolia isn’t there? 


September 16, 1996  -  Valley, Alabama, USA.


a local radio station and newspaper received six different photos from an anonymous source that show a capsule-shape UFO hovering over a farm pasture. In a letter accompanying the photos, the source claims to have taken the remarkable UFO photographs on the 16th of September, 1996, in Valley, Alabama, USA.

According to the phototaker, he was repairing a fence on his property when his dog started barking loudly. Going over to where his dog was he looked up to see a low-flying capsule-shape UFO hovering and moving slowly over one of his cow pastures. The UFO captured in each of the photos resembles the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space capsules that the United States launched in the early years of its space program. Black to dark green, the cone-shaped capsule, when blown-up, shows a black teflon-like covered bottom and a flange or rim that goes around near the top of the unknown object. In each photo the UFO is shown at a slightly different position and elevation, making it more difficult to hoax, according to researchers who have examined the photographs.

The photos and a copy of the letter were aired publicly for the first time on TV-33 in Lagrange, Georgia on 26 September 1996. On the “Heston & Steve” show, the two hosts, Heston Yates and Steve Smoots, along with John C. Thompson and Jimmy Smith, field investigators for the International Society for Ufo Research (ISUR), speculated about whether the UFO photos are real. All of them agreed that if the photos were part of a hoax, it was a most strange and clever one. Mr. Thompson said on the program that he was “most favorably impressed by the photos.” He also has stated since then that he has two witnesses who saw similar shaped UFOs in May and July in the LaGrange area which is only 20 miles from Valley. Another witness that he has located, says he and others saw the exact craft, incredibly, 25 years earlier in Atlanta. Mr. Smith, a long-time investigator and actual sightee of UFOs, said the photos appeared genuine. He also said that he himself, in 1971, had seen a UFO with a likeness of what the photos depict. He then went on to relate that the 1971 UFO had cut off power to his pickup while he observed it.