alabama cheerleading



Iron Bowl (Jordan x Reader)

Summary: Iron Bowl with the Fishers

TW: Auburn


You follow Jordan into his parents’ house. Your families both lived near Birmingham, so you decided it would be easiest to just visit both families at once. He knocks on the door and holds your hand. His mom answers the door and gives you each a warm hug.

You met Jordan in high school and have been by his side every moment since then, but you didn’t start dating until you graduated. You already knew how sweet his family was, so you didn’t have to do any of that awkward “who are you and why are you dating our child” stuff. You have to deal with all the “we know who you are and why haven’t you been dating our child stuff”.

“It’s great to see you again, Mrs. Fisher.” You smile.

She smiles and leads you two inside. Jordan squeezes your hand and leads you to the living room, where the rest of his family is. Everyone smiles and greets you two as you walk in. You smile at everyone before sitting on Jordan’s lap in the only available chair. He wraps his arms around your waist as the game starts.

You were a cheerleader for Alabama not too long ago. You remembered a bunch of the current cheerleaders and players from past years, and you couldn’t help but cheer whenever they scored. Well, everyone cheers loudly, but you cheer the loudest.

Auburn was having a bad year, so no one was worried. Bama came out on top, earning “roll tide”s from everyone in the room. You and Jordan leave soon after the game, claiming that you have an early flight the next morning.

As soon as you get back to your hotel, you flop face first onto the bed. Jordan laughs and sits next to you. “I knew you were a good luck charm.”

You roll over. “What do you mean?”

“Every year, since we started dating, Bama has won the Iron Bowl,” he explains.

You giggle and sit up, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I guess you’ll have to keep me around, huh?”

He chuckles. “I guess I will.” He leans down to kiss you, as you pull him down to the bed.