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You assholes never send me music asks.
  • Alabama Shakes: Favorite female lead?
  • Arctic Monkeys: Favorite male lead?
  • Ben Howard: An album that reminds you of your favorite season?
  • Bon Iver: An album you could listen to on repeat for years?
  • Bastille: A song that brings back bad memories?
  • The Beatles: An artist you think is overrated?
  • Coldplay: A band you used to love but never listen to anymore?
  • Daft Punk: Favorite instrumental (no vocals) song?
  • Dawes: A genre of music you absolutely cannot stand?
  • Electric Light Orchestra: Favorite song to help you cheer up?
  • Elliot Smith: Favorite song to listen to when you're sad?
  • Evanesence: Ever done drugs and listened to music?
  • Fun.: Put your music on shuffle and list the first three.
  • Fall Out Boy: First album you fell in love with?
  • Green Day: A song that makes you feel rebellious?
  • George Ezra: A song that reminds you of a past lover?
  • Genesis: A band that your parents always played when you were little?
  • Hozier: Favorite brand new artist?
  • Iron & Wine?: What song would you want to be played at your wedding?"
  • Imagine Dragons: What song would you want played at your funeral?
  • Jack Johnson: A song you heard in a movie and fell in love with?
  • Joy Division: Your least favorite album by your favorite band?
  • The Killers: Name your top three songs of all time.
  • Linkin Park: Suggest a band you think I might like.
  • Led Zeppelin: Favorite album art?
  • Muse: Craziest music video you've ever seen?
  • Mumford & Sons: Favorite cover version of a song you love?
  • The National: A song you sing in the shower?
  • Nathaniel Rateliff: A song that never fails to make you emotional?
  • One Direction: Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?
  • Pink Floyd: You can go back in time to see any band you want. Who would it be?
  • Queen: You can meet any band member, living or dead, and hang out with them for 24 hours. Who would it be?
  • Radiohead: Favorite concert you've ever been to (or a band you want to see live).
  • Rihanna: A musician you respect, even if you might not like their music?
  • Roo Panes: Favorite acoustic version of a song?
  • Simon & Garfunkel: Favorite album movie? (Ex. Yellow Submarine, The Wall, Help!, The Graduate)
  • Skrillex: What's the strangest song you have on your Ipod right now?
  • Tame Impala: A band none of your friends listen to?
  • Taylor Swift: Name that one artist that literally makes you so angry you're willing to throw the damn radio right out the window to make it stop.
  • U2: A song or album that somehow got onto your Ipod but you have no idea where it came from??? Weird.
  • The Vaccines: What are your favorite lyrics? Quote them for me. Do they mean something special to you?
  • Vampire Weekend: A band or artist you follow on Twitter?
  • Vance Joy: An artist where you can never tell what the hell they're singing?
  • Weezer: Favorite oldschool band?
  • The xx: A genre/band you've been getting into that you never thought you would enjoy?

I thought I heard a plane crashing, but now I think it was your passion snapping. (11.11.15)

LA Dispute // Such Small Hands

My pictures, please don’t remove the caption or use without giving proper credit.

Round Up Aug 9th - 15th

Hi to all followers of Jungle Indie Rock, old and new. Here we are with this weeks, Round Up of new music (audio & video only) posted here on Jungle Indie Rock, by Mar and Reb.  Take a look and see what you might have missed over the last 7 days. New followers can also check out many previous posts here on the site Archive. You can see previous Round Up’s Here.

Reb’s Recommends for this weeks are, Video: Mike Garry & Joe Duddell - St Anthony: An Ode to Anthony H Wilson I just love this, video is not great, but the poem and arrangement with New Order’s, Your Silent Face, certainly is!!! Audio: Mercury Rev - Are You Ready? I am looking forward to the new album. Hope you enjoy Reb !!!

Mercury Rev - Are You Ready?

Shannon and the Clams - Point of Being Right

Sleuth - A Finely Tuned Machine

Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle

Salad Boys - Dream Date

The Dears - I Used To Pray For The Heavens To Fall

Joanna Newsom - Sapokanikan

Girl Band - Paul

Prides - Little Danger

Alabama Shakes - Over My Head

Alabama Shakes - Future People

Lana Del Rey - High By The Beach (Official Audio)

Editors - Life Is A Fear

Leon Bridges - Smooth Sailin’ - Vevo dscvr (Live)

Great Lake Swimmers - I Must Have Someone Else’s Blues

Noveller - Pulse Point

Spector - Stay High

CHVRCHES - Never Ending Circles (lyric video)

Mike Garry & Joe Duddell - St Anthony: An Ode to Anthony H Wilson

Chris Cornell - Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart (Lyric Video)

The Bulls - Small Problems

James Vincent McMorrow - How To Waste A Moment

Lana Del Rey - High By The Beach

Dilly Dally - Desire

Born Ruffians - We Made It

Hinds - Chili Town

Vetiver - Current Carry

Foals - Daffodils (Mark Ronson Cover)

The Arcs - Put a Flower in Your Pocket

METRIC - The Shade

Matthew E. White - Vision

Tarja Turunen - Ave Maria

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Name: Amira

Nicknames: Mimi, Big head

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′9″

Orientation: Bi or Poly


Favourite fruit: PLUMS

Favourite Season: Spring

Favourite Book: Kindred

Favourite Flower: Dahlias

Favourite Scent: Vanilla bc it’s so tasty

Favourite Animal: DOGS

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: TEA

Cat or dog person: I like both 

Favourite fictional character: Poison

Dream trip: Went to Bermuda already I just want to go back

Blog created: June 2012 even though tumblr is shit

Number of followers: 154

What do I post about: fashion aesthetics art illustration

Do I get asks on a regular basis: Nope.

Aesthetic: fashion editorials

Favourite band/artist: Alabama Shakes

Fictional characters I’d date: no body

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff.

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Send Me A Number To Find Out:

I filled it out since I’d probably die before anyone ever asks me anything on here-

Have you ever:
1. Skipped class? Many times
2. Done drugs? A few but they’re not really my thing
3. Self harmed? I guess I’ve done things to myself that were unhealthy and harmful like having a Tumblr
4. Drank? Hungover right now, BITCH
5. Shoplifted? I had a phase when I was a preteen
6. Gotten a tattoo? I have one. I want more. All of them.
7. Broken up with someone? I have. It sucks so much.
What’s your favorite:
8. Show? Roseanne
9. Movie? The Hills Have Eyes because I love romantic comedies
10. Song? So many! I’ll go with Empty by Ray LaMontagne
11. Tumblr? Eat a dick?
12. Singer/Band? Alabama Shakes
13. Memory? 256GB
14. Book? I’ve been booked once out of the few times I landed in jail. Oops.
This or that:
15. Invisibility or Ability to fly? Fly
16. Cookies or Cake? Salad
17. Twitter or Facebook? Twitter is where I shine (like a lump of coal)
18. Movies or Books? Movies but rarely have patience for either. Pamphlet? Back of the shampoo bottle maybe?
19. Coke or Sprite? Coke
20. Blind or Deaf? I’m neither
21. Tea or Coffee? Coffee
What’s your:
22. Age? Mentally I’m about 16 on a good day
23. Sign? STOP
24. Height? I don’t think I’ve reached the height of any potential I might posses
25. Sexual orientation? I went through sexual orientation when I was in my teens. It was a boring class with no porn whatsoever.
26. Shoe size? I am not gonna measure how tall my shoes are right now.
27. Religion? Best one word joke ever?
28. Longest relationship? Pizza and I have been together for decades
Opinion on:
29. Gay rights? Human rights
30. Second chances? Before the third
31. Long distance relationships? Nah
32. Abortion? Never had one
33. The death penalty? I hear I can have just about any meal as my last. Alright, I’m down.
34. Marijuana? I dabble but rarely
35. Love? Brand new white socks
Do you:
36. Believe in ghost? Whoopi was in it so duh
37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it? TWIRL
38. Sleep with the door opened or closed? Closed and locked which is counterintuitive when you want to be kidnapped by a hot guy and start a life together
39. Love someone? Love somemany
40. Still watch cartoons? Fo sho
41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? My cat doesn’t believe in labels
42. Like yourself? Or like you, Minikyu

In the end of the Uma Thurman video, fob ran over a truck with a tank. On the side of the truck, it has the words written, article 1, section 36.03, which is the Alabama constitution that bands the same sex marriage.
          Never thought i could fall more in love with them.


Home Free - Wagon Wheel/Song of the South

OPB: Old Crow Medicine Show/Alabama

I KNEW Home Free would record Wagon Wheel eventually, ever since Darius Rucker re-recorded it it was only a matter of time and it’s only a bonus that they mashed it up with a country classic

Today during the Bama-LSU game
  • Me: YAAAAAAAA ROLL TIDE!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *aggressively shaking my shaker, not paying attention to where I'm shaking it*
  • Band Director: *gets hit by my shaker*
  • Band Director: *turns and looks at me*
  • Band Director: *lowers headset mic from his mouth*
  • Band Director: *give me death stare*
  • Me: *tries to hide*
  • Me: *fails to hide*

“Why of course there is always hope”

Story by Diana Marcum

Photos by Robert Gauthier

We had planned on covering some miles, roll past the garlic and onion fields, past the black cows in pastures the color of tortilla chips, and travel north toward the Delta.

But we ran into parties at the Grove in Hollister, a farm-to-table restaurant owned by a winery that pulled its grapes this year because of the drought.

Aaron Avila, who used to be a police officer in Gilroy, was playing “Sweet Home Alabama” with his band, The Second Winds.

Sharon Fuqua, a cute little blonde in her 70s, was complaining she had no one to dance with.

“I m disappointed –  I sent emails to all the line dancers,” she said. (I may have joined her for a dance or two.) 

There were little girls in pink cowboy boots, teens in floaty dresses and a water fountain full of coins. (How many of them wishing for rain in the fall?)

At a shady table, Mike Bernal and Gay Rush, both 69,  were holding hands and smiling. She’d moved in with him six months ago at his Morgan Hill ranch.

They had been friends in their 20s and ran into each other again at the local Elks Club a few years back.

Mike Bernal and Gay Rush fell in love late in life.

They sat near a sign directing guests to a young couple’s boisterous engagement party. It read, “Love is sweet.”

At their ranch, deer were eating the succulents, which Mike had never seen before, and the place was overrun with ground squirrels because none of them had drowned in their burrows this year.

Mike’s family had first arrived in the area with the padres who built the missions. His mother, Mary Bernal, died in December at the age of 100.

“She couldn’t remember nothing like this drought, and she had all her marbles. Sharp and active till the last day of her life,“ he said.

“We’ve had dry years before,” said Gay. “But this is different. You’re always waiting. Waiting for the well to go dry. Waiting for the rains.”

A guy at the next table leaned over to say a San Diego baseball game had been rained out.

“It’s too weird to even contemplate: rain in July,” Mike said, shaking his head.

If the rains hit here this time of year, it wouldn’t be good for strawberries or peaches or a lot of other fruit.

“It will rain in September,” Gay said. “This drought has got to break sometime.

“There’s always hope.”

Mike looked at their entwined hands.

“Why of course there is always hope,” he said.