I know I haven’t posted in a long while

so take a Yato fanart even though I haven’t actually seen the show yet ;u;
Please ask to use


I’m sorry there’s no real conclusion to this, it probably would have ended up twice as long if I tried to form an ending. I hope this satisfies the first date/food lust from the inbox!!!

In which all I can seem to doodle is various portraits of Theron Shan.

I was in the mood to draw a Pearl OC, and here she is. Her name is Orange Pearl, and she’s an upbeat little cute.

I’m super uncreative about gem placement, so I just put it on her chest, because Yellow and Blue Pearl have theirs there too.

As usual, my scanner was an asshole with all the orange shades, but oh well.

Uno de mis momentos favoritos del último episodio de la primer temporada de Soy Luna 🌙

El abrazo de Ámbar🌞 (@valentinazenere) y Luna🌙 (@karolsevillaofc) 🙌🙆💫🎨

Soy Luna es una de mis series Disney Channel favoritas, muchas gracias a todos los que hicieron posible de ver y acompañar esta increíble historia, muchas gracias a todo el elenco, #SoyLuna nos enseñó mucho con todos y cada uno de los personajes! Y no puedo esperar para ver la segunda temporada!

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I DREW IT! I managed to remember enough to draw a dagger that I am happy with! I wasn’t expecting to draw it tonight, but the right music can set anyone on the right path!

so here’s the dagger I was thinking of (or close enough) last night!

Tell me it won’t go great with this!

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Hoy #TerminaSoyLuna 🌙

¿Luna Valente descubrirá que es Sol Benson? #MiFinalSoyLuna 🌞🌙

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Siempre hay una luz que te guía, siempre vuelve a salir el sol 🌞🌙

¿Luna pronto sabrá que significan sus sueños? 💛 #SoyLuna #DisneyChannel

El lunes inicia el concurso para ganar los rollers de Soy Luna! 🌙 Etiqueta a tus amigas, para que se enteren!🙌💛😊🌞😱😄🌙

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I made another Pearl, and she’s making me emotional.

This image isn’t lineart, she actually is all white (well, with some soft silver parts). As you may have guessed, her name is White Pearl, and she’d be part of White Diamond’s court, serving her as a sort of maid.

She’s very timid and docile, and anxious to the point at which she won’t even talk unless explicitly spoken to, because she’s scared that doing anything she wasn’t outright told to do might upset her diamond.

I used the same base to draw her that I also used for Orange Pearl because 1. all Pearls seem to have the same body type anyway, and 2. I’m a lazy butt.

since i love to talk but alas, this is an art blog that you probably follow for art;

i’ll be tagging all my asks that deal with my characters with ‘chat’

i won’t tag posts that deal with design / art-related questions, since they are related to the art blog theme.

feel free to blacklist the chat tag if you feel like i talk too much lmao

negl i really feel bad for spamming you with my talking

i’m sorry

((PS you can also send me asks to my main blog where i mostly shitpost and reblog cartoon gifs but also i love to talk a lot. messages are always open.))

((PPS should i make a blog specifically for my gems so that i can answer more questions there i really feel bad spamming people who just want to see art))