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Head Over Heels

Happy Birthday, awesomeasusual! This is not as good as you deserve, but at least it’s on time (barely!)

He fucking hated to read. Hated it. Loathed it. Abhorred it. Reviled it.

Okay, so maybe that last bit was too strong. Maybe the problem was really that he was always forced to read utter bullshit for his classes rather than anything he might ever actually choose to read for himself.

Whatever the case, Soul was taking a British Literature class to fulfill the crappy Gen Ed requirement, which meant he was trying to read. At first, he’d tried to read on the couch, feet sprawled across the table in front of him, but the television was a distraction. He’d next tried to read in his room, but his laptop, his MP3 player, hell even his ten year old gameboy had all beckoned enticingly. So now, here he was, out of his overpriced apartment across from campus, parentally funded of course, and sprawled out on the lush and well kept grass of the campus green, hoping a complete lack of access to electronics would somehow make the exploits of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy a little less mind numbingly dull.

He sighed, his gaze drifting over to the group frolicking around on the green with a football several yards away. He had never much cared for football–basketball was more his sport–but it was still more interesting than the lame book in his lap. Soul thought he recognized the blonde girl in pigtails as the cute overachiever who always sat in the front row of the same accursed lit class he was trying to read for, but she wasn’t quite close enough to tell. The guy with blue hair, however, he definitely recognized as his loud, excitable across the hall neighbor, and nearly groaned. Could he never escape that guy’s noise?

If Blake Starkey’s presence in his life was that inevitable, maybe he should take him up on one of his offers to come over and watch a game sometime–if the guy was going to be around anyway, going to invade his place at odd hours screaming his divinity to all and sundry (which was just him, he lived alone,) then Soul may as well get some free beer out of it, dammit.

That was neither here nor there, however, since he was supposed to be reading about Lizzie being forced to dance with the hated Mr. Darcy. Maybe Soul should have just stuck with the Cliff Notes like he usually would have, but the cute blonde’s enthusiasm yesterday in class as she explained to her dark haired friend that even when you didn’t like a great book, reading it would become a part of your very soul had stuck with him. Clearly, he’d been snookered by gorgeous green eyes and a bright smile, because the only thing this book was doing for his soul was putting it to sleep.

Deciding that the football game was just too damned distracting, Soul let out a sigh and got up from the grass, turning to walk away and back to the darkened confines of his apartment, or perhaps a coffee shop, when he heard a loud cry of “look out!” – felt a sharp impact to the base of his skull—and then felt nothing at all as his vision darkened, his knees buckled, and he crumpled back down to the grass below. At least, he thought fleetingly, it was soft.

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Faust: by one impulse alone are you impressed.
oh, never learn to know the other!
two souls alas! are dwelling in my breast;
and each is fain to leave its brother.
the one, fast clinging, to the world adheres
with clutching organs, in love’s sturdy lust;
the other strongly lifts itself from dust
to yonder high, ancestral spheres.

Both lungs crowded by nicotine people,
But I would keep the cancer talking
And the smoke listening to my coughing staples
As my fingers reached the coffee table,
For the last cigarette as the fire walks in;

A lighter, the midnight survivor
Of plastic torched moons smelling of death,
And sinking the night into a linger,
But I bit the stars with more fervor,
As the stench becomes my morning breaths;

But our fears fearfully took control of us,
Inside our brains, the soul fades!
Alas, the human body shall return to dust,
Alas, the fuming blood may be filled with rust,
I implored my addiction to jade.

I may be down to one bellow,
Because of selfish needs to feel,
But I would keep the cancer talking; hello,
For he found answers to being mellow.
Disease and stress doesn’t kill, but people will.

—  The last two cigarettes
ATTN: Bloodborne load times are patched, durability fix inbound for Dark Souls II on PS4/XB1/PC!

The latest Bloodborne patch (1.03) fixes a few bugs including certain inoperable elevators, but most notably addresses the rather lengthy load times and adds item descriptions to keep you company while you wait ala Dark Souls I and II!

FromSoft is also going to be delivering a patch for the 60FPS versions of Dark Souls II to help mitigate the ridiculous weapon degradation, especially when it comes to striking phantoms and enemy corpses. It sure is great they were pretty swift in responding to this for the PS4 and XB1 crowd since it’s definitely not like PC players were dealing with this shit for a year or anything cough. 

Fallout 4

- pip-boy is part of the $15 day 1 DLC “Dwellers of the Vault” 

- reloading guns requires the $25 “Up your arsenal” DLC pack, game also stops to state “INSERT DISK 2″ every time you start the reloading animation. Disk 2 sold separately and is a PS4 exclusive

- you can only make male characters unless you buy the $10 Day 1 DLC pack “the fairer sex” which unlocks female characters, all the hairstyles and facial features are additional DLC 

- all of this DLC is available in one $55 season pass purchase

- the game has forced multiplayer and you’re always online ala dark souls, in the middle of a quest? too bad its time to play 5v5 capture the flag w/ friendly fire