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“somewhat slowish songs that could theoretically be about love” 

Sakuma: To Be With You - Mr Big 

Miyoshi: The Only Exception - Paramore 

Hatano: Heartbeat - MacKenzie Bourg 

Fukumoto: I Will Be Waiting - D-Cru 

Kaminaga: Sweet Song - 2AM Club 

Tazaki: After Tonight - Justin Nozuka 

Amari: Aquaman - Walk The Moon 

Jitsui: 1, 2, 3, 4 - Plain White T’s 

Odagiri: This I Promise You - ‘N Sync 

Best In Me - Blue 

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Do you take fic find requests? If so I'm looking for a modern AU 2 chapter fic I read on Ao3 where Jon, Sansa, Robb and other girl go to vegas for Sansa's 21st birthday. Jon and Sansa get drunk and married and stay married when they return home but keep their marriage a secret from Sansa's family until they decide whether or not their relationship is real. Jon's a firefighter and Sansa is a classical musician. He moves down to live with Sansa after 6 months of being married. Thanks!

Hello, nonny! I am terrible at finding fics, alas! I usually submit requests myself. I think @jonxsansafanfiction is the blog you want for this. BUT that said, this one rings a bell with me, and hopefully a follower will be able to remember the name!


Cute Ten and Rose moments

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Anonymous said: Fluffy Harry being supportive and sweet when you had a stressful day

By the time you make it to the door of the apartment, you’re so flustered and exhausted that it takes a good couple of minutes before you can get the key into the lock and open the door. The moment you step inside, the sweet scent of vanilla washes over you and floods your nostrils. You smile at the comforting smell. It must be one of the gourmet candles from the box set you’d bought for Harry a couple of weeks back, seeing how he had a bit of an unhealthy obsession with the waxy things. You close the door and kick off your shoes, and you only realize then how sore your feet are, how much it hurts to even walk across the soft carpet of your home. Doing your best to ignore it, you walk further into the flat, past the kitchen and common room, and into the hallway where your bedroom is located. You softly knock on the closed door. Silence. You gently turn the door knob, and slowly push the door open.

Harry’s in bed, his hair pushed back up out of the lenses of his eyeglasses, headphones on his ears, and the light of his laptop illuminating his face. He doesn’t seem to notice you’ve entered the room until you toss your bag aside, walked to the side of the bed, and lay your back over his legs, startling him. You can feel him jump, and his kneecap accidentally hits the center of your back, sending a dull ache through your body. You groan, and watch as he lifts his laptop. When he realizes that no, no one’s broken in and attempted to murder him, and yes, it’s just you, he relaxes.

“Jesus Christ, woman. You know that you could’ve just-” He cuts himself off when he sees the pained grimace that’s plastered onto your face.

“Hey, are you alright?” He asks, concerned. He puts the laptop onto the beside drawer, and takes off his glasses. You shrug, not answering his question, your hands coming up to rub at your temples, trying to soothe the migraine that came about during your commute home.

“Rough day?” The heavy sigh that comes out of your mouth is telling enough. Harry gestures for you to scoot up next to him in the bed, throwing the comforter over the both of you. Once you’re settled, he hovers over you, one hand holding himself up and the other gently combing through your hair. He’s so close you can smell his cologne, the earthy lavender scent is not only on him, but on the sheets as well. Paired with the lingering vanilla in the air from the candle, you can feel your breathing start to slow, eyelids getting heavier by the second.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asks, breaking you out of your trance. You decide he deserves to know what’s got you so worked up, so you tell him about your overbearing boss (”Always suspected he was a bit of a tyrant.“) and when you spilled coffee all over your laptop and shorted out the battery (”I’ll get you a new one.” “No, Harry, you don’t-” “Oh hush. PC or Mac?”)

Harry listens as you recount the little occurrences throughout the day that completely and utterly exhausted your patience and drained your energy. You look up, and see the sympathetic smile that’s taken shape on his face. His hand hasn’t stopped running through your hair, and he can tell he’s about to lose you to Dreamland. He kisses you, and your eyes flutter shut. You can hear his soft voice as you begin to drift off.

“Just get some rest, love. Tomorrow is a new day. I know you can do it.” You feel him kiss your cheek and lay next to you, arm winding around your waist to bring you closer, your head falling against his chest. His heartbeat lulls you to sleep, and you feel warm and content. Relaxed, not flustered.

Bad days will always come around. Harry just happens to make them a bit better.

Request Scenario: Alas, the memory lost scenario with Jungkook 

Genre: fluff and angst 

Word Count: 3233 omfg 

A/N: This is the longest thing I’ve written so far and I’m so long. Sorry!! I will need to edit some italics later on and what not, I’m on my phone so I cannot. Hope you enjoy it anon xx 


The way movies portrayed someone gasping back to life after a deep sleep in a hospital room was as far from the truth as the North Pole is from the South.

The eerie blares of car horns and screeches jolted you from your sleep, your eyelids felt glued together by the lashes as your forced them open. Suddenly feeling a clean scent wash over you, your eyes looked around seeing white sheets covering you and the complicated grey bed frame that had buttons attached to it on the all sides. 

Something was wrong, you felt like you’ve been asleep for far too long, but your body still felt weak and restless. Muscles aching like you’ve been hiking for miles, shifting your mass on the mattress, your eyes landed on something huddled into a ball on the couch placed diagonally from you.


Hearing someone stir within the room, Jungkook rubbed his swollen eyelids with his dry, overworked hands. His vision finally adjusted to the dark room that was only illuminated by the dull nightlight by the bed, what he saw was the love of his life sitting straight up. He wasn’t sure if he was dreaming again, so he tiredly stomped towards you and reached to make contact with your sunken cheeks.


Something was very wrong, who the hell was this stranger. 


“We have been watching her brain activities for a while now, but we couldn’t determine until she woke up…” Jungkook was numb, the words the doctor was telling him just went right through him. All of air within his lungs seemed to be sucked out when he watched her looking so lost in all the commotion. 

“H–how long?” Jungkook monotonously asked, staring at the wall behind the white-coated man. 

“Depends. The best thing for you to do is to not rush her into things, get her adjusted gradually, bring her back to places she remembers." 

Every piece of memory… She forgot. Jungkook spat out a sick laugh, he hated how the world was so unfair. 

You were more than confused, nobody was telling you what happened. Sitting on the hospital bed while answering questions directed to you, the only person you could pay attention to was the boy with unleveled hair and dark circles enclosing around his empty eyes. 

"You know he was the one who brought you here? And he has been here everyday and every moment he wasn’t working.” Seeing you staring at the boy, the nurse whispered to you while fixing your pillow. 

“What’s his name?” Everyday? Your heart began to race at the possible thought that he may be someone special to you. Glancing at your left hand, you released a quick breath, relieved to see no silver band circling around your finger. Why don’t I remember him though… You could have sworn you have never seen him in your entire life. 

“Jungkook.” The nurse answered, smiling briefly at the end before patting your leg and leaving without another word. 

“Hello Y/N, my name is Dr. Louis and I was just wondering what was the last thing you remember?” He was older and had smile wrinkles decorating each side of his mouth. 

“Ah…” You felt like you’ve been asleep for an eternity, digging through your mind, trying to remember, “Oh, I was running into a store… A music store. It was raining really bad." 

As soon as those words left your lips, the boy, Jungkook took a sharp intake of breath. You looked at him, as if to ask you if he was okay.


2 years. It’s gone… Jungkook’s shock was evident as you looked at him with the same expression you always did when asking him if he was alright. He wanted to break down in tears, his knees were almost too weak to hold him up, but he swallowed down the pain. 

"That’s the day we met,” Jungkook dipped his head down a little before extending his hand to shake yours. He could almost feel his heart burst, it’s been so long since he has felt your body reacting back to him. He wanted to hold you, it took every part of his body not to. 

“I’m Jungkook and we are really good friends.” It wasn’t technically a lie, but Jungkook didn’t have the choice to tell you who he truly was. 


“Oh…” You could tell he was lying, but why was he lying. It frustrated you, however, you did not push on. There was something about him that made you trust him, it was familiar, so you decided to follow your instinct. 

“So exactly what happened?” You did not have a good feeling about the answer, in fact, you were dreading to hear the reason behind why you couldn’t remember someone who is apparently a really good friend of yours. 

“There was an accident… You fell off a flight of stairs and had a concussion and you were in a coma.” Jungkook stated simply, well, he knew you didn’t like people who cut around the bush and you appreciated that. 

“How long.” You did not dare to look up from your thumb which was being picked at roughly by your other hand. Anxious habits never seem to go away. 

“5 months.” Your entire body froze. 

“How much have I forgotten.” You said under your breath. 

“2 years.” Emptiness filled you as you sat in silence, waiting for someone to tell you that this was all some sick joke, that you didn’t fall off a fucking flight of stairs and forgot the past two years of your life. You heard Jungkook shout your name and people flooded into the room once more, all you did was allow yourself to surrender to the sweet serene darkness. 


The golden rays sent tingles on your bare skin as you felt his thumb gently caress your cheeks. A smile began to form on your lips before you could even squint open your eyes. Your heart skipped a beat seeing his face first thing in the morning, his cheeks against the pillow, as his teeth flashes a charming smile. 


“Bunny teeth.” You found yourself teasing him, a sense of adoration engulfed your heart. 

“Why you gotta say that… You making me insecure.” Jungkook removed his touches from your face to press his face into the pillow, groaning in apparent embarrassment. Flittering of laughter surfaced into the air as the daily fights began with him hovering you and stabbing your sensitive abdomen with his fingers, making you gasping for air and squeezing out tears from your eyes. 

“Stop it!” You wheezed out, unable to handle how pathetically ticklish you are. 

“Take it back!” Jungkook shouted playfully, continuously making your stomach curl up in muscle pains from the constant crunching of your body. 

“NEVER!” You screamed back, hands slapping against the white comforter. This felt so right, but why do you feel so foreign to this experience. Drifting back and forth between the delightful dream and the canvas of pitch black. 


“Jungkook?” You were whispering his name, you didn’t know who else to call for. You thought of no one else other than him, but you still have no idea who he was. Your head began to throb with frustration and confusion. 

“Y/N. Oh my god. You are awake.” He ran towards you and held your hands, although that was not what you wanted, you kept your hand within his. Realizing what he had done, Jungkook softly patted the back of your hand and placed it back on the bed. 

“Are you umm okay?” He muttered, staring at his now empty hands. How was he suppose to do this? 

“I’m fine. Did I black out? If so, I’m sorry, I don’t to freak you out. Just… I’m just kind of in a tad bit of shock.” You clicked your tongue sarcastically. The dream you had was beginning to flash through your mind like a slideshow, causing you to examine the boy’s face a little more. How did you know exactly every curve and angle of his face in your dream… You couldn’t see him smile, so there was no way telling, but something inside of you is already confirming that you knew exactly what his smile would look like. 

“Yes I understand. Just know that I’m here whenever you feel like filling up the time lost… Little by little of course.” He reached for the stool behind him and scooted towards you, holding onto the railing like a child. 

“Oh well umm okay. What have I done for the past two years? Big things.” You did not know what else to ask, so why not the run down of it all. 

“Hmm you like Americano coffee now, sorry I got you addicted,” Jungkook apologized after seeing your twisted expression about being told you now enjoy the gross, bitter, dark drink. That was also the first time you heard him laugh wholeheartedly and it woke something within you, but you wouldn’t pin-point what it was and you hated yourself for the disability to recall. 

“You’ve missed a lot of Marvel films, which I also love a lot.” You yelped, having found someone that loves the geeky genre as you do. 

Raising your palm, you asked him to stop for a moment as you gathered your thoughts. “Wait, what about us. How did this happen.” You gestured lazily in the closing gap between the two of you, noticing that closing distance because both of you kept leaning towards the other body. 

You felt physically drawn to him and once again, the feeling of frustration made you want to scream. Why can’t you remember anything! Specifically, why did you dream about Jungkook the way you did. 

“Well you ran into me, soaking wet at the music store. Ruining the records I bought that day, so in payment you insisted on buying me another set and I bought you coffee to get warm.” His eyes drifted behind you, not truly looking at you as he was before. 

“And? Come on, you said we are really good friends. Prove it and what have we done together.” You sat up fully this time, eager to learn about this boy– over again as it seems. 

All Jungkook wanted to do was to kiss right then and there, your wide eyes glimmering with excitement as they did every time you were about learn something new. He wanted to tell you how your first date went and how you accidentally spilled hot beef stew all over his new shirt. He wanted to tell you how your first kiss with him was most incredible thing he has ever experienced, how you actually pulled him closer because you couldn’t stop. He wanted to tell you the things you went through together, always side by side no matter what. He wanted to tell you that you were going to be his future wife, the one he will spend forever and always with. 

The silence from boy was immediately sending a red alert in your mind because you could see how he was reviewing the times you had together with such sadness in his eyes. His lips slightly apart, his eyes far away, and the lump at his throat, which he tried to repeatedly swallow. That was information enough and you really did not want to see him cry because you were sure you would cry too. You couldn’t bare the thought of him sad, most of all, you couldn’t bare the thought that you had forgotten someone so special in your life and it was just him. 

 "Wait actually. Bring me back to the places we experienced together.“ You requested, smiling, trying to lighten up his mood. 


"And here it is.” Jungkook grabbed your hand in reflex and took a sharp turn into a small, cozy store. It smelled like old records and books, it felt so nice knowing you are breathing in decades of history being made. Memories of being chilled to bones and slamming into a taller figure made you shiver a little. 

“Are you cold?” Jungkook immediately asked, looking ready to take off his jacket. 

“Uh no… It was just a shiver.” You lied, while hearing crashes of records shattering on the floor from the memory. It felt like a puzzle slowly being pieced back within you, making you a little less empty. You just want it all back though.  

“Okay… Where else?” You glided towards Jungkook’s direction and looked through the small space in the shelf to see the boy bending over to see other hidden gems. 

“Let’s go.” Jungkook walked over to your side of the shelf and tugged you out of the store. 

“A restaurant? Were you that hungry?” You cocked your head to the side, seeing that the new destination was a restaurant. 

“Yes, but we did come here once.” Jungkook explained, going into the casual dinner, waving at a lady behind the register who seemed to smile familiarly at you. 

“Once?” You questioned after the brief contact with the lady. 

“Okay this is my all time favorite place to eat, so maybe more than once.” Beef stew, your mouth watered at the sight and smell of it passing you. Sinking your spoon into the soupy liquid, you suddenly remember drenching Jungkook’s crisp white shirt with the hot liquid and him howling in pain as the surrounding audience looked up in most pain and amusement. 

“Did I spill this on you before?” You exclaimed in shock, dropping the spoon into the soup. 

“Wait you remember?” He could almost hear his heart beating out of his chest, she is remembering things. 

“Uh yeah… You were dressed in a nice white shirt.” You mumbled, straining to remember every detail of the short glimpse of your past. 

“Yes yes yes. Have this happened before?” Jungkook face is pure happiness and it killed you when you said this was the first time, but you didn’t want to say anything until you were sure that wasn’t just a dream. What if you two were just good friends? You didn’t want to ruin this and he didn’t say anything about you two being a relationship. He would tell you right? 

“That’s alright, this is good… Maybe going to certain places can jog back a few memories here and there.” Jungkook was now consuming his noodles by giant mouthful, you couldn’t believe that someone could be uplifted by you remembering them. 

“I don’t know if this is a good idea, but maybe we could go to the place where the accident happened…” This made Jungkook freeze in mid-bite, his eyes slowly looking up to yours. After a few moments, Jungkook nodded his head without another word. This was going to be harder for him than it will be for you because there haven’t been a night where he didn’t wake up gasping for you after seeing your body limp on the wooden floor replaying in his nightmares. 


The house was beautiful and everything you’ve ever wanted for your dream house. The contemporary designs with a cozy feel within, “Oh my god. Oh my god. I live here?!” You squealed, okay, maybe this wasn’t too terrible of an experience. 

Jungkook’s chest loosened the second your face expressed shock, he remembers the day you two stumbled upon this house selling like it was yesterday. You were dragging him through every room and screaming like you have discovered a new world within each one. It was happening all over again and Jungkook believed this was best thing that has came out of this whole situation. 

“Yeah you do.” Jungkook had to catch himself before correcting you that we live here. 

“How did I afford this?!” Your head was spinning, part because you cannot believe that you own this part, but mainly because every new corner you saw and touched brings back a clip of memories. You wanted to soak it all up before it slips, it wasn’t until you reached the stairs that you stopped. You saw your ankle buckle, your breathing increase, and the pain within your pain that wouldn’t stop pounding against skull. You stumbled onto the floor as flashes of Jungkook holding you at the bottom of staircase, crying, screaming your name like there was no tomorrow. 

“Y/N, are you okay. Breath jagi, breath.” Your head spun to catch Jungkook’s eyes as he called you that name of affection. 

“I mean—” He cursed himself for letting it slip, but it was so second nature, it couldn’t have been stopped. You didn’t respond, but instead you remember laying in his arms teetering between the dark and light, you remember the small delicate red box that fell out of his pocket, you remember him whisper with tears streaming down his beautiful face in the turbulent ambulance, “Y/N, don’t leave me, please don’t leave me. I need you. I want to be with you forever. I want to marry you damn it. Y/N…" 

Deep down inside you, you knew he was someone special within your heart, but it wasn’t until now, that you were completely sure he was the one. 

"Yes.” You breathed the first word that came to mind. 

“What?” Jungkook stopped. 

“Yes…” You motioned towards box you knew he must have been carrying since that night. Jungkook thought he must have heard you wrong, he was fumbling with the velvet box inside his coat pocket. 

“You know it would have been nice for you to tell me that you were my boyfriend in the beginning…” You huffed, finally able to breath after the flood of so many things being placed back together. 

“Y/N…” Jungkook has always been the one to say one word and keep everything inside when he was in shock. 

“Jeon Jungkook.” You cupped his face with your smaller hand. He just had to make you spell it out for him huh? “I. Remember. You. Crying. About. Marrying. Me. In. The. Ambulance. I’m saying yes.” You smiled. 

No longer needing to control himself any longer, Jungkook pressed his lips against yours making you squeal a little, but you did not pull back. Feeling wetness on your cheeks, Jungkook kept his forehead intimately on yours, “That’s great. I’m pathetically crying, god, look at what you’ve made me become.” He groaned, sniffling and wiggling his cute nose. 

“A man. Jungkook, I now congratulate you for becoming a true man.” You laughed, wiping away the tears from his face, while he hiccuped. 

“I thought I became a man a few months ago.” He smirked, it was your turn to become flustered. 

“Do you remember?” Jungkook looked at you cheekily, wriggling his eyebrows. 

“Oh my god Jungkook. I’m was in a concussion! Agh!” You placed your hand dramatically in your chest, pretending to be highly offended. 

“The morning after was so beautiful though, although you called me bunny teeth the first time, which was incredibly mean. Maybe you should have forgotten about that." 

"That was the first thing I remembered… Jungkook. That was what I dreamt about when I fainted. I thought I was just dreaming, but Jungkook…" 

You knew that this exact moment will be something you will be telling your kids and grandchildren in the future because you don’t what else symbolized true love if not this. 


Hope you enjoyed it!! xx 

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