ala me

Quien me puede prohibir
que yo mencione tu nombre.
Quien me puede prohibir
que te sueñe por las noches.

Quien nos puede dividir
si este amor es diferente
Y te juro que no hay nadie
que me aleje ya de ti.

Quien va a robarme esos momentos
de felicidad infinita
quien va prohibirme que te quiera
y que tu seas siempre mía.

Y aunque haya un muro entre nosotros, para mi no estás prohibida

¿Quién va a prohibirme que te entregue
lo mejor que hay en mi vida?

Cuando no quede en este mundo
una persona que te quiera
aquí estaré para decirte
que te espero hasta que muera.
y te repito una y mil veces
para mi no estás prohibida.

Quien me puede prohibir
que te extrañe cuando faltas
es que yo no se fingir
si no estás no tengo alas.

Quien me puede prohibir
que por ti pierda la calma
Quien me puede prohibir
que te regale mi alma.

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anonymous asked:

So, based on that sneak peak, I'm asuming that Henry knows Hook's crew. Maybe... Hook took him to hang out with them? At the rabbit hole? Under the promise that his mothers must never know? Maybe they call him "the Captain's boy" now? And they teach him everything about ships (and other things, you know. Violet will apreciate that. Emma and Regina not so much)... Can someone please write it? Please???

Well… I think if Hook took 13-year-old Henry to hang out at the Rabbit Hole, to be taught sea shanties with naughty lyrics and how to do shots and how to “know his way around women” by a bunch of pirates, it’d be a race whether Regina or Emma flayed him alive first.

Besides, his crew isn’t around. They weren’t on his ship when he got it back and we haven’t seen them in ages. They’re probably holed up in the pub, mumbling about how Hook’s neglecting them to make time with his girlfriend, the traitor. That’s why there was no serenade on the Jolly Roger. Killian asked them to, but they all said, screw you cap’n, you haven’t bothered with us in like two seasons, serenade the lady yourself you faithless bastard.


We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?


The Three Sweet Commanders


#i just want to know if the way she pushes his hair out of the way is something talia probably did for them as children #some sort of comforting small touch to make them feel better when they felt sick #or was it just instinct for cora to touch her brother in a very simple but comforting way because he needed it or maybe she needed it #to make sure her brother was okay #im just very emotional and i wish they would have explored their relationship more

Estoy harta. Harta de odiar mi cuerpo, mi cabello, mi vida. Harta de que cuando dijiste que te gustaba alguien, nadie dijo mi nombre. Me siento cansada, exhausta, agotada, harta y todos los sinónimos referentes. Estoy harta de no poder ser lo suficiente para ti. Harta. Agotada de la vida, segregada de la tertulia. Cansada de no ser una opción para nadie, agotada de ser una chica para un buen rato, aún sin pretenderlo. Harta de que nadie me conozca, y que nadie aspire conocerme.

Gaby V.

I feel like we haven’t appreciated this moment as a fandom enough.

Like there was plenty of room behind her to walk but Fitz chooses to brush up against her to prolong the contact between them in that moment. Touches between these two are always significant and especially in this scene, it was a symbol of comfort between the two of them.