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You got me into kidstorm. They would be super cute together. How do you think their first date would go? And who asks the other out?

Alrightalrightalrightalright THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT 

(also welcome to the ship)

  • Wally definitely asked Jax out after two weeks of hanging around Jax’s work like the lovesick puppy he is, finding every excuse he could to keep his car in the shop. (The other mechanics were starting to take bets on who would make the first move, how long it would take, etc.)
  • Being Wally, he did it in the least slick way imaginable: “So, um, I was wondering, when you get off work, if you wanted to go grab some food? Or something?” 
    • “Like a date?” Jax asked, entirely at ease as Wally was drowning in his own sweat. 
    • “What? No! I mean, not if you’re not into that, it definitely doesn’t have to be, it’s whatever,” Wally said, backtracking immediately, “it’s cool, forget I said anything.” 
    • “Okay, but I’d definitely be into that if it was a date,” Jax said.
    • And the earth opened up and Wally fell in and he died happy
  • They went to a little burger place nearby, the old school kind with black and white linoleum on the floor and food in baskets. Everything is like 75% grease and salt and it’s great.
  • Oh god what if there’s even a jukebox and Jax spent a very tense minute trying to pick the exact perfect songs to show off exactly how cool his taste in music is without seeming like he was trying too hard?
    • He was trying really hard but Wally loved everything he played so fuck yeah
  • They got burgers and a monster platter of fries to share but separate milkshakes because Wally was like “Look you’re awesome and I think I realyl like you but I’m, gonna be up front here, I don’t share dessert” and Jax is totally cool with that.
  • They talked about how Jax played football but lost his scholarship and how he wound up working as a mechanic, which he doesn’t mind because it’s interesting and pays pretty good and, you know, he gets to meet a lot of people. Wally blushed so hard he thought he was going to overheat and die.
  • Wally told him about how he was going to apply to Central City’s engineering program, and Jax asked if that meant he would be giving up the street racing soon, because obviously Wally’s been bringing his cars in and Jax can put two and two together. Jax doesn’t approve, but Wally just mumbled about he “Doesn’t want to be racing forever” and Jax felt a little better.
  • Afterwards Jax asked if Wally wanted to do this again or just keep hanging around the garage, because Jax is a little shit, and Wally got all blushy again. (Jax is great at getting Wally flustered and enjoys it more than he’s willing to admit. It’s painfully easy, since Wally’s a huge doofus.)
  • So the date portion was A++ but due to mutual hesitation and awkwardness there was almost no adorable first date kiss
  • Wally almost got out of the car tragically unkissed but then Jax was like hang on and went in for like, a tastefully small kiss, but Wally didn’t want to stop so pulled him back in for what we might call a slightly less tasteful but way more fun kiss and Jax was like hell yeah and that went on for a while. And then Wally realized he’d left his car door open and any of his neighbors could see, so he shut that and then immediately resumed making out. It went on for like an hour. They had a lot of sexual tension built up.
  • They’ve been ridiculously handsy with each other ever since; there’s no stopping them now.

Well well well, the post you’ve been waiting for your whole life. I’ve gotten several messages this week asking for links to smut with particular kinks in them, so I figured this rec was probably a bit overdue. 

Note: This is a kinky fic rec, which means they aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. See, this is me telling you now. I don’t want any angry anons okay babs

I’m going to sort by kink, although some can fall into more than one category:

BDSM (They're all sub!sherlock)

Shames and Praises Nice and long, hint of praise kink

Training Sherlock Also really long (***this is the 1st johnlock fic I ever read lmao I was 13)

Command Structure (more sweet than kinky tbh- my favorite bdsm fic! also military kink okay)

Not My Area (heyo virgin sherlock)

Sherlock Finds a New Addiction (This standalone is part of a series but u should read the whole thing it’s hot)

Captain Watson (military kink and voice kink? it’s christmas)

His Good Boy (praise kink what omg)

Possession (a-okay super hot)

watersports (yes that means peeing okay)

Soaking (u know what else is gonna be soaking after u read this? yea)

Anything but Temptation (brief mention of incestuous feelings)

Falling (this falls under almost all the categories and kinky as hell)

Standard Deviation (WIP but nappies!!1!!)

An Island (pissing in a c aB OMFG)

A Study in Sexuality (so much desperation play ugh)

Accidents Happen (scent kink, watersport, and fawnlock i am dead)

Explorations and Explosions (a long series a++)

The Fourth Thing (di aPERS)

daddy!kink/age play (John's the daddy)

Five Plus One (a whole new level of depravity lmao)

Is He a Friend of Yours? (so hot omf some plushoplilia)

Finding Places (a++)

Truth or Dare (soooo good my fave daddy kink fic)

How You Remind Me (BDSM elements)

Master (so kinky~ come eating btw)

Lace (+crossdressing <3)

Please Daddy, I’ll be Good (u can just tell from the title)

pet play

The Sound That you Found for Me (boy oh boy)

Properly Spoiled (!!!!)

Submissive Tendencies (cr y ing so hot)

size kink aka sherlock has a small dick and i think it's hot

Jerk  (one of those u can tell its good from the title lmao)

All Over so hot :’)

Shameful it’s okay sherlock we like ur tiny peen

i'm not a furry i swear (fawnlock)

Brittle Blossoms (it’s long + omegaverse)

Summer heat

Trip Through Your Wires (mating noises im cr ying)

But Pleasures are Like Poppies (frottage B) )

Olfactophilia (scent kink a-okay)

Rutting (rutting)

chastity devices/come & desperation play

Sherlock, Locked (c OCK CAGE 😵)

It’s Mutual (sherlock can come untouched i just fainted)

Losing It (BSDM elements)

Carpe Nocturnum (more BSDM elements)

Release (o h NO)

crossdressing ❤❤❤❤

Frilly Knickers (it’s called frilly knickers like idk what else to say)

It’s Not a Kink (u h yEA IT IS)

This Chair Ain’t Big Enough (okay it’s like a mob AU but it’s a++)

Stockings (omFg)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (BDSM okay)

foot fetish

Putting His Foot Down (alrightalrightalrightalright)

Sherlock Afoot (the best part of this category is that all the titles are puns)

Distraction Techniques (feet)

A Work of Art (hell yea work of art)

public sex

Evening Ride (a classic)

A Multitude of Sins (+height kink <33)

I Don’t Know Why (im such a sucker for public sex)

In Plain Sight (10/10 would recommend)

Praise Me (praise kink+ public sex its christmas)

dry humping/clothed sex/frottage/rutting/idek

Tell Me I’m Pretty (this may be the sweetest smut ive ever read<33)

This is It (this is sort of furry but not terribly okay just read it)

And Then This Happened (short but good)

Share and Share Alike (omegaverse!)

A Pressing Need (morning wood hella)

While You Sleep (its not as creepy as it is hot)

Wet (“Sherlock starts having orgasms he can’t control” wow me too)

I hope you all thoroughly enjoy reading my wank material. Have fun!!