“The Emergence of Adam Driver: The unlikely breakout star of HBO’s girls was once an aimless Indiana kid who got in fights and set things on fire. Now, as he prepares for major roles in the next Martin Scorsese movie and Star Wars: Episode VII, his colleagues are comparing him to De Niro, Pacino, and Brando.”

“Breakthrough: At age thirty, he has served his apprenticeship and is ready to go.”

“In the driver’s seat: The Indiana-raised actor, a former Marine, on location in the Everglades.”

“The Outsider: Driver worked as a security guard prior to his acceptance at Juilliard.”

“Happy Ending: Driver, shown here with a baby gator named Al, says he used to make people cry before he learned to ‘calm down.’”


God bless Caity Lotz for her acting here… The way she keeps here eyes on Nyssa… The way she closes her eyes as soon as Nyssa is touching her… The way her lips move… The way she puts her hand on Nyssa’s hand… Even the way she is fucking opening her eyes again… Being lost under Nyssa’s touch… I mean.. God bless Caity Lotz…