One of my favorite hidden details about the Country Bear Jamboree, is that all of the bears actually have official backstories given by the Imagineers. Most likely written by show writers Al Bertino and Marc Davis, these mini bios were published around the time of the opening of the attraction at Walt Disney World.

Ben/Poe & Al/Llewyn - Twins!! (for @tenukii based on this awesome AU idea post x)

Not quite the exact same college idea, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this concept: Poe and Llewyn Davis-Dameron are twin brothers. They are total opposites. Poe is out-going, charming and everyone loves him. Llewyn is moody, stubborn and only cares about his music and nothing else. Poe has a crush on the handsome Ben Solo, but Ben refuses to go out on a date with Poe unless he can help Ben’s twin brother, Al Cody, get a date as well. Of course Poe turns to his twin brother for help.

//crossover of Force Awakens with the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis