Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)

The third and final movie in the trilogy, one of the original 11 men is screwed out of a hotel & casino by his partner, and has a heart attack. The remaining men seek revenge in the name of their friend, and set out to ruin the ex-partner’s new club by ruining the soft-open’s review, and cheating the system so that everyone is a big winner, which would force the ex-partner to give up his control of the casino. I liked this one, it was closer in theme to the first one. It was sneaky and evil, but also really funny. Julia Roberts, who had been in both previous movies, as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones, were both mentioned in the film, but both declined to actually appear due to the fact that their characters weren’t guaranteed big roles. So there were basically no women at all, except for the casino’s manager. Or whoever she was.

Rating: B. You know, action movies can be good and also have lots of women in them…. Just putting that out there.

Apollonia learns the basics of self-defense from Clemenza, at Michael’s insistence. Appollonia is proficient with a gun, but no marksman like Neri or her son. She’s much better with a knife, and carries one in her purse wherever she goes. Why use a gun if her bodyguards always have them?