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Sequel comic to my previous Scorbus tie-straightening pic - I was laughing way too hard at the reblogs/replies, I never thought of the situation as such so I needed to draw this :’D

(special thanks to @echoandthefandoms for the original dialogue idea for the last panel!)

Redwall Real Talk

Trying to compare the maps in the beginnings of the books like

Being Part of the Night’s Watch Includes:

Author’s Note: Hey, Guys! I’m finally back, after so long! Also, I’m assuming the anon who requested this is female (if not, I’m really sorry!).

Author: Sam

  • Being the only female in the Night’s Watch
  • Jon watching over you and being protective because of Danny Flint’s situation 
  • Being cat-called by men, and then shooting glares at them, which shuts them up quickly
  • Storytelling – lots of it – to pass the time, and hopefully gain some wisdom from
  • Constantly swearing 
  • Proving hoards of men wrong when they tell you that you can’t do something
  • Having meaningful conversations but then quickly returning to your usual sarcastic/joking demeanor when you realize you’re letting your walls down
  • Getting drunk on ale, but not enough that anyone would take advantage of you
  • Men being against you going beyond the wall
  • Mead! Mead! Mead! 

Nice day off the other day. Did some shit around the house with Stone Brewing’s Ripper Pale Ale, then ran up to the tavern and tried some things out! Mango Even Keel and Grapefruit Sculpin from Ballast Point, which recently got distro here, Rouges Voodoo Doughnut Lemon Chiffon Cruller, Rum Billionaire from Clown Shoes and Christmas BOMB! from Prairie Artisan Ales! Small pours, big beers!

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve on Drunk History, sloshed on Asgardian mead and slurring his way through funny personal stories.

“And then… aaaaand then,” Steve slurs, giggling a little bit, leaning over the edge of the lounge, on hand pillowing his head, the other patting the floor, 

“Cause I can’t get drunk, you know, you know this right? Wait, am I drunk?” Steve tries to push himself up right, a look of surprise on his face, which only intensifies when his hand slips and he ends up face down in the soft pillows of the lounge.

“Yeah buddy,” comes Tony Starks voice from off screen, “Thor brought down a whole barrel of Asgardian mead, just for you.” Steve smiles stupidly, rocking back and forth until he can see something other than lounge pillow.

“Oh yeah. But I can’t get drunk except for Thor, and so we - all of us, that is, all…seven? Yeah, seven including me, there were seven of us, but six with-without me but seven with me - the base was already cleared, yeah, I said that, and then we were looking around because we had some, you know, whatsit?Time, we had that. So we walked around and there’s this cellar, right, and it’s filled I mean, filled completely, with alcohol.” And Steve sniggers again, and Tony’s already imagining who he’s going to find to act out this scene; wonders if he can use the rest of the Avengers to act it out.

“And then Dum Dum takes takessssss, he puts his gun down, and grabs a bottle and he, you don’t even know, but like, he looks at Jacques and challenges him - all of us eventually, because Dum Dum never never never nevernever did things by halves, and so we end up, right, six out of seven commandos, we’re in this cellar and we drink it.”

Steve tries to gesture with his hand, ends up rolling off the couch and onto the floor, giggling.

“…You drank it?” Tony prompts, after a few minutes of Steve just giggling, and he nods.

“Had to carry them out of the cellar, and Bucky threw up all over Falsworth, who threw up into Dum Dums hat, and then…hahaha, psssssht, Tony, I promised I wouldn’t say but buuuuuuuut, did you know, I mean, no but if you did, would you know that Dum Dum-”