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remember those ain’t your bodyguards,

they’re your b r o t h e r s.

for: Myra, Bre & Blake ♥


modern love: in love at seventeen (explicit)
i had celine dion on here because i know she’s your favorite, but she brought down the mood.  
from: richie to: eds

nose over tail - alkaline trio // the best of me - the starting line // can’t fight this feeling - reo speedwagon // drifting thing - polar bear club // let’s stay together - al green // la la love you - pixies // ocean avenue - yellowcard // you’re my best friend - queen // the reasons - the weakerthans // teenage dirtbag - wheatus // a thousand miles - vanessa carlton // always on time (ft. ashanti) - ja rule // all i need - the frights // parachute (acoustic) - ingrid michaelson // firefly - saves the day // good feeling - violent femmes

so many thanks to @bigbill-denbrough for the queen and ingrid michaelson suggestions, and a special thanks to @stanleybby for not only suggesting what will become a new fave band, the frights, but for making this amazing mood board. 

What's My Name

This is a continuation of “Don’t Call Me That”. Hope you like it! LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK


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The atmosphere in the little shower cubicle was almost suffocating, the sexual tension between you and Harry occupying most of the space and apparently consuming most of the air. He pressed himself even more close to you, if that was possible, his whole front flat against yours as you could feel his leaking cock against your thigh all wet and drippy almost as much as you were.

He leaned in his breath fanning against your ear as his hand brushed your hair off your face, the soft puffs of air from his mouth leaving goosebumps on your skin in their wake. 

“Why don't​ you go and lie down on your back on the bed for me darling? Alex has something to get before he joins you, okay?” 

He looks at you on a way that you understand what he said was not a suggestion or a question by any chance but an order. It was quite an occurrence in your relationship where Harry controlled the pace of your sexual encounters, being the more dominant one. 

You looked at him all doe eyes with your bottom lip tucked behind your teeth as you gave him a nod before walking off to do what he had asked of you. If there was one thing that turned you on more than Harry calling himself daddy, it was him referring to himself in third person when he’s in a dominant mood. 

He finds himself browsing through the array of silk ties he owned most of which you had bought for him on various special occasions, sometimes cos you just wanted to, when he walks into the closet. He can hear the rustling of the sheets signalling that you obeyed his orders were not in a defiant mood tonight which honestly​ made him quite happy because defiance means denying himself and you the pleasure of indulging in each others’ pleasure and he didn’t think he’d like that tonight. He is definitely not in the mood of forgoing the chance to pleasure himself and soaking in all the warmth and slickness your pretty cunt had to offer. He finally picks a red coloured silk tie before wrapping it around his four fingers as he walks back into the bedroom still completely naked, his cock now more erect than it had ever been and he’s bursting at the seams for an orgasm.

 “ Oh baby girl, you’re so ready for me aren’t you? All warm and wet? You’re soaking onto the sheets darling, I’d rather you soak my cock than anything.” 

You look at him with innocence in your eyes than he knows better than to believe, it’s deceiving. You give a meek nod, all cognition of words and sentences escaping your brain in this pleasure clouded state that Harry has you in. 

“Use your words darling. Don’t want to get punished tonight, do we?” 

“N-no Harry, please don’t.“ 

He sighed before grabbing your chin with his hand, “Now sweetheart, what did I ask you to call me? It’s not my name that you just used, is it?” 

“No it’s not.” 

“No what? Tell me my name.” 

“No.. no Al-Alex.” 

“Good girl. I knew you were my good girl. My best girl. Now I’m gonna tie this around your wrist okay? And I want you to behave. I’m not going to spank you or anything. Just going to tie you up, alright?” 

Knowing better than to just use your gestures this time, you give a nod before repeating an affirmation along with his “name”. He ties up your hands to the bed post giving it a quick tug to check their tightness and asking you if they hurt much, which you assure him they don’t. 

“Alex is gonna take care of you, okay? Gonna fuck yeh real good. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” 

He slowly slides his length up and down your slit collecting all the wetness that had pooled in the time that you had to wait for him to fuck you like you know he could. You sigh at the little jolts of pleasure coursing through your body, your hole already clenching all the possibilities of what could happen. He slowly thrusts into your pussy both of you sighing at the jolts of relief coursing through your bodies of finally attaining the feeling you’ve denied yourselves for a while. His hips move against yours in smooth calculated thrusts, your lower half arched off the mattress for him to reach deeper in you, the sounds of his skin slapping against yours along with his shafts sliding into your soaking hole filling the room.

 You feel his face pull back from the crook of your neck where he’s been sponging wet kisses and licking and sucking the taut skin all smooth and very inviting for him. His eyes are closed, lips slightly parted with brows furrowed together at the tight knot that it steadily growing in his stomach, causing the skin to clench and his thrusts to switch to a rhythm less pace. You press your lips to his berry red ones, tongue sliding against his bottom lip as his mouth encloses around yours moving a slow motion that opposed his hips, your teeth biting into his plush lower lip as he lets out a groan that could only be described as fucked out. 

“Oh my god.. Alex baby that feels so good. Just like that. You’re doing so well”, you moan when you feel his head nestled against your G-spot constantly stroking it in an unsteady pace. You could feel your stomach start to clench as your vision blackened, your back arching off the bed, chest meeting his front as your sensitive and puffed up nipples rub against his skin. His hand slide behind your back knowing you cannot keep up longer, the silk tie straining against your wrists that were tied to the bed post. 

“Christ yeh feel so good darling. All tight and warm for Alex, aren’t you? My best girl loves to please me so much.” His hand that isn’t wrapped around you reaches down for him to thumb at your clothes, breath stuttering as the high you would take some time starting coming closer and closer. He can feel your pussy clenching around his length, the tight fit bringing him closer to his edge. 

 "Gonna cum for me, aren’t you baby girl? Be a good girl and cum all over my cock. I know you can do it.“ His thumb increasing it’s swiping against your nub as you get closer and closer to the edge, your breath stuttering as you gasp for air, eyes closed bad your mouth open as moans are let out. The ties hurt against your wrist but you don’t feel a thing or at least don’t care in that moment as you can feel “Alex” release ropes of cum inside your tight cunt before falling against your chest, your back hitting the mattress again with a soft “thud”. 

The room feels suffocating as the smell of sex, his cologne and your shampoo cloud the atmosphere. Harry’s eyes are closed as his lets out soft puffs of air against your breasts, his arms wrapped tightly around your middle.

 "Harry?“ You tread the waters lightly testing to see if he’s out of the mood you had set for yourselves during the course of the evening. 

 "Yes, love?" 

"Can you untie me? My wrists hurt a little. I think I pulled too hard.”

 He lifts his head from your chest shuffling to remove the knots and tossing them aside before grabbing your wrists giving them soft kisses as his eyes bore into yours, the jade irises shining with love for you. 

“Can I ask you a question?” He utters with a glint in his eye that lets you know that it’s nowhere near innocent and is probably either a sexual innuendo or something filthy​. 

“Sure what is it?”

“Was this better than the wet dream you had of me?” He giggled at your wide eyed expression, clearly taken aback by his question. 



I hope you liked it! I had loads of fun writing it! Thank you to @oh-styles and @trulymadlysydney for being my vent buddies, love you both! Much love to all of you for the support you’ve shown me. Means the world,xx!

“Bruce, my heart, I think Alfred likes my mom !” - Batmom  and Bruce playing matchmakers

Summary : Alfred has a “crush” on Batmom’s mother figure. 

Just something written during my lunch break and…meh, hope you’ll like it : 

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One of the best thing about dating Bruce Wayne wasn’t the money, the extravagant gifts, the fame, the attention or anything of the like…Oh no (quite the contrary really), one of the best thing about dating Bruce Wayne was getting to know his butler and surrogate father : Alfred Pennyworth. 

Alfred was one of the best man you’ve ever met (him and Bruce were the best men you’ve ever met really…). 

He was caring, sassy, compassionate, funny, sarcastic, intelligent, well mannered, loving, protective and…Oh so much more. 

He was everything you admired in one single person. 

He quickly became your hero to be honest…Though you’d never admit it to his face, too afraid to look ridiculous (even if you damn well knew he wouldn’t make you feel ridiculous). 

The first time you spend the night at Wayne Manor, sharing Bruce’s bed, you felt so awkward in the morning when you woke up and went down to take breakfast, your Bruce’s arm around your shoulder…

But Alfred made you feel so comfortable, he made you feel as if you were home while he didn’t even know you one bit ! (Later, Bruce would confess to you that most of the time, Alfred would be extremely sassy toward ladies who spend the night at Wayne Manor, and that you were the only exception…Well, it was because you were an exceptional lady really. And it seemed Alfred knew, that first time he actually met you, that you were more than just a one night stand. You blushed when he told you that, and oh it made him fall in love with you all over again, to see you so bashful about such things…You were truly incredible). 

But knowing that his Bruce was just constantly talking about you, and had that stupid smile and slight haze in his eyes whenever he did, was enough for Alfred to adore you right away. 

That first time he met you, when you spend the night for the very first time at Wayne Manor, in Bruce’s arms, he just had a gut feeling that you were the one. 

That you were the one that would help his “master”, make him happy. 

And oh he was right, because you two would eventually get married and would always be so damn in love with each others for the rest of your lives…but that, he didn’t know yet, all he knew so far was that it was the first time since his parents’ death that Bruce was genuinely smiling, that he was allowing himself to be happy, carefree, and…it was all thanks to you. 

It instantly clicked, between you and Alfred. 

Because he could see right off the bat that you were a perfect match for Bruce, and you just thought Al’ was like, the best guy ever…He was just so kind to you ! Always so caring even when you were but a stranger ! 

And oh the way you’d both put Bruce back in his place sometimes, when he was being too cocky, or too broody, or anything really. When he was basically being a dick. Not you nor Alfred were ever taking Bruce’s shit, and that’s probably one of the reason you both got along so well. The Sass Masters. 

That’s another reason that made Alfred KNOW that you were the one, the one true love for Bruce…The way you never gave up, even when he was a downright asshole to you. The way you always stood up to him, refusing to be pushed away because he was “afraid you’d get hurt”. 

Your stubbornness was a blessing really. Where more than one woman would have give up after Bruce rejected them for the tenth time (it was such a stupid thing really, to think he had to push you out of his life to protect you…you were born and raised in one of Gotham most dangerous neighborhood, the Narrows, you knew how to defend yourself, and you’d never give up because you KNEW Bruce didn’t mean it when he said it was best not to see each other again…), And oh man, Alfred never met a person more stubborn that his Master Bruce before you. For that only, he could only admire you too. 

Yes. You were special. And Alfred was too. And as your relationship with Bruce became truly serious…you kinda came to see Alfred as your father figure. 

You grew up without a dad, and Alfred just became the hero you never had. And he gladly accepted the position. 

Really, it was only the next natural step in this strong relationship and bond you all build together, that him and Bruce would meet your mom. 

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ربِّ لاتذرنِي فرداً وأنتَ خيرُ الوَارثِين . My Lord, do not leave me alone [with no heir], while you are the best of inheritors."

سورة الأنبياء .
Surat - Al-Anbya
The Prophets

quick glamour drink to radiate a safe, loving, beautiful, and powerful aura!

Ingredients are as follows, no strict measurements. Use what tastes best for you!:
- Ginger ale ( i’m sure water works too, but I haven’t tried! )
- Two apple slices, can be chopped or not.
- Two-three strawberries, chopped up.
- A stick of watermelon, can be chopped up or not.
- A bit of sugar for added sweetness, if wanted!

I added a bit of sugar first, and then my ginger ale. I stirred for a second, and then added my fruits into the drink.
Let it soak for a minute or two, or whatever time you find works. I’m going to be honest, I just started drinking so I didn’t time how long it took for the fruitiness to set in.
Can be served with or without ice! I etched a sigil into the cup to enhance it, whether you want to and what sigil you want to use is up to you!

Feel free to send an ask if you have any questions!

Requested Imagine 23 Monty

can you do an imagine based on “say you won’t let go” by james arthur with monty? can the imagine be like monty has a very important game but the day before he and the reader had a really bad fight and he’s worried she wouldn’t be at the game, but she’s. and very fluffy at the end?? i love your imagines so much!!!!!!

“Just get out!” Monty shouted at you, making you shake with fright at his booming voice, you picked up your bag and walked out of his house.  You’d just had a massive fight about your friendship with Jeff, Monty gets very protective and jealous when it comes to you and with you being friends with Jeff he gets at his worst, he has it in his head that you have feelings for Jeff and that you’re going to leave him for Jeff, all because you slept over at his, you slept in Jeff bed and he slept on the floor.  You told Monty all about it because you thought he trusted you but he blew his top and told you he never wanted to speak to you again.

You went home and texted Jeff, the only friend you had left.

Monty broke up with me – y/n

Are you serious!? Why!? – Jeff

Because I stayed over at yours last night, he says he hates me and never wants to see my again.  Just a heads up, he might kill you – y/n

I’m sorry y/n he can be such an ass! Don’t worry about me, I’ll talk to him – Jeff


You sighed, plopping your head on your pillow and crying yourself to sleep.  The next day you lay in bed all day, not answering anyone’s texts or calls.  You thought hard about the game tonight, it was the biggest game of the season, Monty had talked about it for weeks and how excited he was to see you in the crowd, although now you wondered if you should go.  You thought about it all day and decided not to go, just as your phone buzzed.

I don’t know how today’s game will go, Monty might just kill all the opposing team.  He’s already punched 4 lockers – Jeff


You sighed and decided you had to go, just to see if Jeff was exaggerating a little bit, he was desperately trying to get you both in the same room together, he felt guilty about your break up.  You got dressed and headed towards to playing field. “Y/N!” Jess shouted from the parking lot as you got out your car, you waved and walked over “What happened??” she asked gasping “Long story, Monty being a typical ass” you reply not wanting to go into details “seriously girl I don’t know why you put up with him” she said flippantly “Because I fucking love him” you say back in an offended tone, she snorted a laugh and walked away “you better let him know then” Zach said from behind you, turning round he gave you a small smile “seriously he’s a mess”.

Monty sat in the men’s bathroom getting more and more angry at himself “she’s not going to be here, I’m going to pay terribly and I’ll get kicked from the team” he thought to himself, he needed you to be watching to relax and play well.  “Dude we gotta go now!” Bryce shouted banging on the door, groaning Monty got up and reluctantly left the cubicle and out of the bathroom “forget about her for now man, we have to win” Bryce said hitting Monty’s back making him want to punch him endlessly.  He walked onto the field with his team mates, he zoned out most of the game not caring about how it played out if you weren’t there.  “Monty do something!” Bryce shouted across the field, but he didn’t care, he just kept thinking about how he told you he hated you, he hated himself now for saying it because he’d never told you he loved you he was too scared to let go of his freedom, you were a laid back girlfriend you see, he could party after games and hang out at Bryce’s for days on end and you hardly bothered him, you trusted him completely and knew when he needed space – and al you wanted was to hang out with your best friend in the most platonic way and he accused you of the worst.  

“Monty if you keep playing like this, you’re off for the game!” the coach shouted, you knew it would break his heart if he was benched, you weren’t sure if he wanted to see you but it was worth a try, you stood in your usual spot when he played so he could find you and turned on the torch on your phone, holding it up.  After around 5 minutes of switching arms because they were getting sore, Monty finally glanced up and his eyes locked with yours, smiling you put your arm back down and gave him a little wave, he gave you a nod and instantly focused deeply on the game, bringing himself back.  It was all he needed, some people need music to work out, and he needed you watching to play.  

The game finished and they won.  You rushed to the parking lot to wait by your car, knowing Monty wouldn’t take long in the showers.  “what happened dude, it’s like someone stuffed a firework up your ass!” Bryce joked at Monty he just shrugged, took off his kit and rushed out.  You say Monty walking towards you, he hadn’t even showered, your heart quickened as you worried he’d be angry you came but he marched right up to you and kissed you hard, pulling away you looked confused “I didn’t mean what I said, I can’t believe I said it” he told you holding his breath you just smiled, “I’ve been very good to you Montgomery, don’t treat me like that again, please” you reply looking at him smugly “Never! I know it doesn’t sound like much but I didn’t beat up Jeff?” he tried to think of a way he’d gotten better since being with you “and would that be because you needed him for the game?” you asked and he looked defeated “okay maybe but I still didn’t!” he protested making you laugh “I’m so in love with you, And I hope you know” he blurted out making you give him a shocked look “I love you too Monty, you know that” you replied “Yes I know, because you’re not a coward and actually show me love and affection but I’ve been a lousy boyfriend and never given you what you deserve” he told you “get in the car my love” you said smiling at him and he got in the passenger side as you drove him to your house.  “You left clothes here, you can shower and get ready for the party if you want?” you ask him walking into your house and he tightly wrapped his arm around your waist “I’m not going, im staying here with you” he said matter of fact making you smile “De La Cruz missing a party?” you joke and he laughs “Just say you won’t let go” he whispered pulling you closer to him “I won’t Monty, don’t let me go” you replied, he smiled whole heartedly at you and kissed you deeply. You spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies, you lost count the amount of times he said I love you, you had a feeling he wouldn’t stop now.

Have a good night ;) – Jeff.
You just laughed at his text, as he obviously noticed neither of you at the party.

Hope this is okay!

the road trip series - the fic

so i finally have chapter one finished?? the response to the extract i posted was kinda mixed lol so please let me know if y’all actually like this or not. thanks! xx version

chapter one 

“Nino, we agreed that I would drive first.” Alya places her hands on her hips, foot beginning to tap in frustration. They’ve been going back and forth for about ten minutes now and she’s tired of this metaphorical ping-pong match. Why can’t the boy just be less damn annoying?

Nino shrugs noncommittedly and jingles the car keys in her face. “My car, my rules, Al. I always take first shift on these trips, it’s tradition. Besides, I only agreed to that because it was ridiculous o’clock in the morning and I needed sleep.” He blows her a kiss and unlocks the car so that they can start loading their stuff into it.

Alya takes a minute to just stare at him and wonder how she ended up dating someone so irritating and immature and insufferable and –

“Al, I know what you’re thinking but I’m going to remind you that you love me for all my faults and secretly find them endearing because I’m just that loveable.”

– and apparently psychic.

“Just shut up and get in the driver’s seat, idiot.”

Nino grins widely at her and lands a quick peck on her cheek anyway. Although he will swear up and down that he doesn’t love anything more than Alya (except for his Bestest Bro Adrien), annoying Alya makes for a pretty close second.

The road trips have been an annual tradition for the last three years. Their first trip, to Calais, took place three weeks into the summer before university started and, ever since then, they’d made it an official tradition to explore somewhere new every year.

This year, they’re tackling the seven-hour drive to Marseille. She’s had the itinerary planned for weeks now but, as usual, it will likely go out of the window as a result of Nino’s need for spontaneity, Marinette’s inability to stay organised, and Adrien’s hate for schedules in general. It doesn’t matter, it’s all part of the routine and Alya is as excited as ever.

Except seven hours is a long time. As much as she loves Nino, seven hours is a long, long time and she will be stuck in the passenger seat forever.

“I promise you won’t be stuck in the passenger seat forever.” Nino grins at her from in the car, reading her mind.

Alya raises an eyebrow. The psychic mind reading thing would be more impressive if they didn’t have this exact conversation every year. Especially seeing as how last year turned out.

“Okay, okay. You won’t be stuck in the passenger seat forever, this time. Better?” Nino waits for Alya to roll her eyes dramatically. “Now get your butt in the car, we’re gonna be late! I wanna beat traffic and that’s not gonna happen if you stand there tapping your foot at me all day!”

“You’re lucky I love you, Lahiffe.”

“So I’ve been told.” he winks back at her. Alya wants to roll her eyes again.

It’s barely seven but it’s still a Saturday and traffic will pile up in no time. Alya’s never been too fond of super early mornings, but it’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make if it means that they have the best damn road trip of all time. She’s so glad that they haven’t stopped doing these trips.

With university and work and all the other responsibilities they each have it’s become so much harder to plan and organise things like this, and for a while Alya was worried that they’d stop altogether.

Her internship has been so full on recently that she hasn’t seen Marinette in a week and she hadn’t even been able to grab lunch with Adrien on Tuesday because all her lunch hours have been devoted to finalising content in the lead up to press week. Heck, she’s barely seen Nino and she lives with him. Although to be fair this DJ gig has Nino working mainly nights, so he’s usually already gone by the time she gets home and is asleep when she leaves in the mornings.

“How come you’re so awake?” She practically yawns the words out.

“Are you kidding me? We’re on our way to pick up my Bestest Bro in the world! Of course I’m gonna be awake for this!” He’s practically bouncing in his seat.

“Nino, you saw Adrien on Monday. It’s only been, like, four days –”

“I’m gonna stop you right there, Al. Because obviously someone doesn’t know how to recognise true love when they see it. Any time spent apart from my Bestest Bro is too much time apart.” Nino clutches his hand to his heart and the way his voice cracks on ‘true love’ is just too perfect.

“You know anyone would guess that you’re actually Adrien’s boyfriend and not mine.” She deadpans, arms folded and one eyebrow raised. Nino’s random declarations of True Love for Adrien are now a regular occurrence in Alya’s life. The two of them are, as Nino puts it, the bestest bros in all of Paris.

He really wants to get that written on matching t-shirts for Adrien’s birthday and if Alya didn’t already know that Adrien was planning the same thing for Nino’s birthday, she would back him one hundred percent.

Except she is Alya and Everyone tells her Everything. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

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Dont be an ass alya/nino

“Don’t be an ass,” Nino said, stuffing his notebook into his bag.

“Don’t call me an ass, you…you ass!” Alya sputtered, banging the desk with a balled fist. “I have a right to be mad about this.”

“It’s just a stupid project.”

“Yeah, a stupid project that you guys chose to put Mylene as head writer on. The subject is literally on journalism, for crying out loud.”

“And Mylene wanted to give it a shot,” Nino replied, walking out the door.

Alya followed on his heels. “Well, what about me?”

“Look, Al, everyone knows you would be the best, okay? You’re obviously the smartest and prettiest, but maybe someone else deserves a chance at it.”

“Did you just say I was the prettiest?” Alya grinned.

Nino coughed. “I don’t think so. Look at the time, I should probably get going.”

“Not so fast, Lahiffe!” Alya grabbed at the back of Nino’s shirt but he slipped away just in time. 

“Are you going to stay in here all day?” Adrien asked, washing his hands.

“I messed up, dude. I called Alya an ass and pretty in the same conversation.” Nino looked around the boy’s restroom anxiously.

“I think I get it. You’re not sure if she’s mad or happy?”

“I fear for my life, man.”

Adrien laughed. “She seemed like she was in a good mood when I saw her a few minutes ago. I’m sure she liked the pretty part.”

“That’s what I’m afraid up,” Nino gulped. “That girl could eat me alive.”

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There you go, @stephaniebithell :D Hope you liked it, dear!

If you want me to write a quick ML drabble for you, send me a prompt from this list and a pair. :)

I’m thinking abt griffin being into bitting and not realizing it at first

Like he and nick are fooling around and nick is being a brat and leaving some hickies on his neck getting a little rough abt it and griffin is just so gone he starts begging nick to bite him harder
nicks really unsure and keeps double checking to make sure everything’s good and he’s not hurting griffin and griffin just keeps asking for more
Once nick finally gives him a big chomp griffin literally falls apart whining grinding his way to completion against nicks hip
It leaves a bruise so big griffin can’t wear a normal shirt for weeks and his brothers give him So Much Shit but it was worth it

When Ali offered a marriage proposal to Fatimah, the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, :

She is yours if you treat her with the best company.”

— al-Mu’jam al-Kabīr 3490 | Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Albani