al x carrie

bananaleaves  asked:

i love al's relationship to ginny and i'm so excited bc it's such a foil to her relationship with her actual dad (built around baseball but not consumed by it, pushes her but the appropriate amount), and thinking about how he gently eases her into taking opportunities not bc like THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU but like, through his own experiences? like the pity date story? this is me saying i love the idea of al not only being her team dad but coming into that kind of a role for her personally

yes yes and YES

  • give me supportive al
  • an al who doesn’t hesitate to praise ginny ( esp. now that he’s aware of what she’s going through ), but also doesn’t overdo it - he’s sure to give her constructive criticism when she’s off her game.
  • give me al constantly checking up on her, and when ginny frustratingly tells him that, for the 20th time, she’s fine, he resorts to amelia for updates on how ginny’s doing - she eventually calls him off too, tells him that ginny appreciates it but doesn’t want him to treat her like she’s fragile. he opts for lowkey keeping on eye on her ( by bothering mike about it ). 
  • more moments like the pity date story where ginny seeks advice from al and he tells her a story that has nothing to do with what she’s talking about but helps anyway. 
  • GIVE ME A ‘IM PROUD OF YOU, KID’ MOMENT that brings ginny to tears because it’s bittersweet, having al, who’s like a father figure for her now, telling her something that she never got the chance to hear from her own father. 
  • shared smiles and hugs that are awkward ( al pats her back too hard and there’s always a huge distance between them because he doesn’t know if it’s appropriate - she shakes her head and pulls him in, sometimes even squeezes him he’s just so teddy bear like ). 
  • give me defensive al against other coaches that still comment on how nice it must be to have a pretty young girl on his team.
  • AND protective al all fake smiles, tight grips on shoulders and muttering under his breath a threat against the guys ginny dates ( he likes the girls, he prefers ginny with them ). 
  • I NEED AL INTRODUCING HIS DAUGHTERS TO GINNY ( he invites her over to dinner one day. his wife immediately takes to ginny and smothers her, treating her like she’s one of her own. her daughters are huge fans of her and don’t hesitate to let her know how inspirational she is for them and their kids - al tells them to reel it down tho. he’s considerate of the pressures of it for her. also, ginny can’t help but fondly stare at the love between al and his wife and hopes that, unlike her parents, she’ll have the same relationship they - and blip/evelyn - do. )