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Tell me William is hotter than Elias, I dare ya! Or P Chris. You can’t deny his hotness! You can’t! He is the hottest in the cast. Remember the first episode? How naive and hopeful we all were? Aaah, good times!
Cr: @skamenglish

Secrets and Borrowed Clothes.

Secrets and Borrowed Clothes.

Reader x Mouse.

Requested by: Anon.

Could you do a Chicago PD imagine of Mouse, dating him, borrowing his clothes and that’s how the Intelligence finds out you’re dating.

Warning: Set in season 3, where his desk is up in intelligence.

Y/N let out a soft moan, Mouse just smirked as he pulled away from the kiss. “And you didn’t believe me that we will end up here.” he teased.

You just playfully pushed Mouse away and sat up. “Shut up.” you said laughing a little. Mouse just laughed, and just pulled you back down on his chest, as you let out a squeal, he chuckled as he kissed your naked shoulder.

You smiled down at him, and rested your chin on his chest. “You do know we have to get out of this car, and head into Molly’s, everyone’s waiting.” you told him, smiling at him amused.

“Do we really have to.” Mouse pouted. You just giggle and nodded, but neither of you made no move to actually get up and leave the car.

You and Mouse had met about a year ago, when Jay brought him in to work with Intelligence. You first talked to him when you had run to his small old office to get coordinates to a suspect’s abandon car. At first you didn’t really pay much attention, but every time you went to him, he began to flirt with you, and you couldn’t help but smile at his cheesy pick up lines. Months later you guys ended up dating, but you kept quiet, since you’ve always been private about your love life

“We need to go in, I’m sure Jay’s looking for you right now.” you said, in a teasing voice. Mouse just smiled and turned you to him.

“Who cares about Jay right now, I just want a few more minutes with you.” Mouse teased. You just let out a giggle.

“I don’t, but Jay cares. I swear if we weren’t dating and he didn’t have a thing for Erin, I’d think you guys would be dating.” You teased. Mouse just let out a chuckle.

“Jealous?” he asked you.

You rolled your eyes and sat up. “Please, jealous of him? Not a chance.” you replied, smirking, and Mouse just laughed. You smiled and leaned in to give him one final kiss. “C'mon, we need to go. Everyone’s out there waiting.”

Mouse just smiled. “Fine, but you so owe me later.” You just smiled and nodded.

You and Mouse entered Molly’s at the same time, acting like if you guys had bumped into each other outside, Erin noticed, and she smirked.

“Finally guys, we were debating if you guys just blew us off because you guys were hooking up.” Erin teased. You just rolled your eyes and snatched her shot of tequila and downed it, before either you or Mouse can reply, Jay spoke up.

“He wouldn’t, because Mouse isn’t one to cheat.” Jay defended. Herrmann had set a beer in front of you. Everyone looked at him either shocked or disbelief.

“Since when is Mouse in relationship?” Kevin asked. Mouse just shrugged and stole your beer.

“Hey, go get your own.” you whined, snatching it back. Mouse just chuckled and left to go get it. Everyone turned to you, which made you raise your eyebrow at them. “What?”

“You two seem awfully close.” Erin said smirking. You just shrugged.

“We see each other a lot at work Erin, I’m close to him just as I am close to everyone here.” You relied, taking a drink from you beer, hoping they’d buy your story.

Erin just scoffed and took a sip of her beer, still smirking. “Whatever you say, Y/N, whatever you say.” You just gave her a small smirk, and blew her a kiss.

Hours later after few drinks, Mouse said that was taking off, he bid his goodbyes to everyone, and gave you a little nudge as he passed you, since you decided to sit next by the bar, talking to Severide about the football game that was on.

You smiled a little and waited about another 5 minutes before taking off. You checked the time and turned to Severide. “I’m sorry Kelly, but I am tired, I’m go ahead and call it a night.” you told him, yawning a bit.

“Alright, but promise me that we’ll watch a whole full game, next time?” he asked, you just nodded, and hugged him, you paid Herrmann and gave him a kiss on his cheek, and waved goodbye to everyone. You made your way out, and started to walk a block away from Molly’s and found Mouse standing by his car, waiting for you.

“Hey handsome, you waiting for someone?” you teased, as you walked up to him. Mouse just chuckled and opened the passenger door.

“C'mon, you so owe me dinner, and a movie night.” Mouse said. You just let out a laugh and got in his car.

“Fine, but I pick the movie.” you said. Mouse just smiled and pecked your lips.

“Deal.” was all Mouse said.

The alarm on your phone went off, and you let out a small whine, and snuggled closer to the hard pillow, suddenly your eyes shot wide open and you quickly sat up, grabbing your phone.

“Oh my god, Mouse, we’re gonna be late.” you squeaked. You quickly shrugged off the covers, and quickly looked for your clothes you often leave at his place. You quickly grabbed a clean pair of black lace panties, a deep purple lace bra, and ran into his restroom.

Mouse just rolled onto his back groaning, and mumbling sleepily about still wanting to sleep. You took a quick shower, and quickly put your panties and bra on, and rushed back into room. “Mouse get up, we gotta go.” you said, looking for some clean jeans.

“Give me five more minutes.” Mouse whined. You rolled your eyes, and put on your skinny jeans. You walked over to his side and shook him.

“We gotta move, we’re gonna be late.” You whined back. “Baby.”

Mouse smirked when he heard you calling him baby, and opened his eyes, he licked his lips when he noticed you sitting there wearing hi favorite lace bra on you. “Well I woke up to the sweetest thing ever.” he huskily said. You just smacked his arm, got up and walked up to his closet to see if you can find your shirt.

“Get dressed, we’re going to be late.” You told him, as you looked for a shirt, you let out a huff when you didn’t, just a very tight spaghetti strap shirt, you looked up and saw Mouse’s favorite plaid shirt, and you grabbed it and just put it on.

Mouse took a quick shower, and got dressed, he walked over to grab his favorite plaid, when he saw it wasn’t there, he turned and saw you tying your combat boots wearing his shirt. “Hey thief, I was gonna wear that shirt.” he teased.

You just gave him a small smile and stood up to grab your things. Mouse just chuckled and resumed getting ready. You walked to the kitchen and grabbed some waffles and put them in the toaster, and got out Mouse’s bottled coffee, and you grabbed yourself an iced tea.

“Ready?” Mouse asked, as he walked into the kitchen. You turned to him and nodded. You grabbed the waffles in a small napkin, and grabbed the beverages, as he got your bag, you both made your way out. Mouse started the car and you fed him as he drove to work.

You quickly got off, and ran off inside the station, because you had gotten a text from Antonio claiming that you guys got a case. You entered and Trudy saw you making a dash for it so she opened the gate to let you in, she frowned in confusion when she saw you wearing Mouse’s shirt.

When Mouse entered right after you, she stopped him. “Mouse, isn’t Y/N wearing your shirt?” she asked, accusingly. Mouse smirked and nodded.

“Yeah, she is.” Mouse replied, smiling at Trudy. She just gave him a nod, and he began to make his way upstairs.

“Mouse, we need a location on this possible suspect.” Voight said, as soon as Mouse reached his desk. He nodded, and Erin narrowed her eyes at him, she turned to look at you and then saw the shirt.

“I KNEW IT!” Erin yelled. Everyone stopped and turned to Erin, looking at her in confusion, but she ignored them and she stormed up to you, smirking. “I knew it! You’re Mouse’s girl.”

Everyone turned to you, and you just blushed. “Erin we’re working.” you defended weakly.

“Well I feel offended.” Antonio began to tease. “We’re partners and you never once told me you’re dating Mouse, that’s not how partnership works.” he teased. You blushed and shook your head.

“Guys, stop, you’re making me blush.” You whined. Mouse just stared at you amused, and stood up to give Voight the address, as he walked back to his desk, he stopped and just pecked your lips.

“Guys this is so cute.” Erin cooed. You just flipped her the bird and went back to work.

Voight just had a small smile on his lips as he watched his team tease one another. “Alright guys, back to work.”

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JAZTON || Jaz x Dalton || THE BRAVE || S01E01-S01E11 || I think it’s safe to assume they all know. They were there every step of the way. Watching. Listening. There’s no way they didn’t catch on. They saw it all. Heard it all. They know.


ELIAS: We’re filming bro! Someone’s calling.

YOUSEF: It’s Sana.

ELIAS: Yousef, bro, why is she calling you? Tell her hi from me!

MIKAEL: Okay, what the fuck happened now?

ADAM: “Sana, please, take me back”

MIKAEL: “Yousef.. You’re following me and I can tell you’re stalking me on social media. I’ve had enough of you”

ELIAS: Stop it! That’s my sister! What did she say?

MUTASIM: How was it?

YOUSEF: Nothing.

ELIAS: Why did she call? What did she say? Nothing? She was just silent?

YOUSEF: We’re going out today.

ADAM: We’re supposed to eat together today!

CR: @skamenglish

Haha.. these boys owns my heart.

Lot of spinner involved.

Yousef gets a call from Sana (doesn’t hide from her brother, NICE!) moves farther away for privacy, Elias seem annoyed.

Adam films Yousef talking to Sana, Yousef comes back and leaves again (soulmates business) pissing Elias even more for walking away mid taping.. haha..




Jay Halstead x Reader

Requested by: Anon

Can I get something where Jay Halstead was involved with another detective and he broke her heart so when she trasnfers to Voight’s unit it’s awkward between the two of them? Please and thank you.

Warning: ex bf Jay, slight hurt ex gf, awkard partnership.


It was about two in the morning, and Y/N was staring out her window, as she waited for him to come home. For the past few months she can feel that Jay was slowly losing intrest in what they had, and had began making up excuses to why he was always home late.

You didn’t believe it though, because just like him, you were a detective in another unit. Still staring out the window, you can hear the door opening as silently as possible, turning you noticed Jay entering home, with a small fond smile in his face. Just as he closed the door, you opened your mouth.

“Must be an amazing person to have you smiling like an idiot.” You said.

Jay let out a gasp and turned to you, pointing his gun, once he was noticed it was you, he let out a breath of relief and put his gun down. “Jesus babe, you scared me.” he said, making his way over to you.

You just rolled your eyes and turned you head sideways when Jay tried to kiss you. “Where were you?” you asked.

Jay paused. “I was at Molly’s I was celebrating with the gang, we just finished closing an intense case and managed to put the bastard in jail.” he replied.

Nodding, you just stepped away from him and turned so you can look out the window. Jay frowned, he wrapped his arms around your waist, and pressed a kiss on your hair. “What are you still doing up?”

You pushed away from him and said nothing for a bit. “Are you cheating on me?” you asked.

Jay froze. “No, why would you think that?” he said.

Scoffing you turned to him. “I don’t know. Maybe because you’re always coming home late, we never go out on dates, you missed our four year anniversary together and just last night, I heard you moaning Erin’s name in your sleep.”

Jay tensed up, and stared at you. “I would never cheat on you, Y/N.”

“Clearly, but you’re just one step away from actually doing so.” You replied. “Just now, you walked in, smling like a stupid idiot. That smiled used to be because of me, now I wonder who is it for.”

Jay stayed silent and you just sighed. “I set the pillows and blankets on the couch, you can either spend the night there, or I’ll take it.” you told him.

“No, uhm, I’ll take the couch.” Jay replied, silently. You nodded and walked back to your bedroom, you looked around and grabbed the boxes and hid them in your side of the closet where all your gowns were stored.

The very next day, breakfast was quiet, you ignored Jay for the most part, gathering your stuff you began to make your leave, when he stopped you. “I’m sorry.” he whispered.

You stared at him. “I’m running late.” was all you said.

Jay just stood you and pressed his lips on your hair and then let you go. You quickly left the apartment and made you way towards your work.

It must’ve been around lunch time, when you and you partner made your way towards a place to get lunch, only to find Jay and his partner Erin, sharing a kiss. Slowly making your way towards them, you cleared your throat.

“So she’s pretty.” You mumbled.

Jay parted to Erin so fast you heard something crack. “Y/N?”

You just smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry about it, I already got most of my things packed.” you said, as you took off the necklace. “Here, I don’t need your promise ring anymore.” turning to Erin. “Have a nice day.” and left, never once looking back.


Two years had gone by, and you were making your way up the stairs to the new unti that you just got transfered, you were a little peeved that you got transferred, but your old, now retired, boss, didn’t want you to stay there so he decided to make arrangments and had the head department transfer you.

Letting out a small breath of relief that no one was there, standing up a bit straighter, you made your way towards the office that was open, you can hear two voices speaking, knocking you appeared by the door and gave a small shy smile. “Hi I’m Detective Y/N L/N, I just got transferred here.”

Hank Voight stood up and gave you a small smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. Your previous Sergant told me so much about you, claiming that I was so lucky to have you on my team.” he said.

You blushed and shrugged. “I’m pretty sure he says that about all his detectives.” you replied.

Hank chuckled and shook his head. “Please come in, this Detective Olinksy.”

You smiled and held out your hand. “Detective, I do believe we’ve bumped into each oher before?”

Al Olinksy chuckled and nodded. “I believe we have, were you that one person who rescued that baby?” he asked.

You smiled and nodded. “Yes! I remember because you showed up with your partner and I handed you the baby, and took off running after the man that held it hostage.”

Al smiled. “Smart move kid.”

Hank smiled and then walked outside. “Well theres the empty desk, and that’ll be yours, and as soon as the others get here, I’ll tell you who your new partner is.” he said.

“Of course, thank you Sergeant Voight.” You replied.

“Call me, Hank.”

Smiling, you nodded and got to fixing up your new desk, while he walked back to his office. Time had gone by, you already had your desk ready, and Voight had given you files to the case that was currently being worked on.  

As the others made their way up, they all froze a bit when they noticed a new person. Jay felt all the air escape his lungs, when he saw who it was and Adam noticed. “You alright Halstead?”

“That’s the new transfer?” He asked, they all nodded. “That’s my ex, the one that I cheated on, with Erin.” he whispered. They all froze and stood there in an akward silence.

Kim was the first to break the silence and stepped forward. “Are you the new tranfer, that Voight was telling us about?”

You looked up and smiled. “Yeah, that’s me, Detective Y/N L/N.” you introduced. The others all smiled and greeted you warmly. Finally a familar face appeared, and gone was your smile.

Jay stepped forward and tensed up. “He-hey Y/N.” he stuttered a bit. You gave him a tight smile and gave him a simple nod, and awkaerdly shifted on your feet.

Hank Voight came out of his office. “I see you all met Y/N. Jay, she’s going to be your new parter.”

Jay tensed up and suddenly the room felt tensed and awkward. You gave your new boss a fake smile and nodded. “Fine by me.” you lied.

Jay just nodded and walked to stand besides you, clenching your jaw that he was standing close to you, you accidentally dropped your pen, and picked it up, moving a bit further away from him. Everyone seemed to noticed and stood there awkwardly. Voight just let out a weird cough and went over the case.

“Alright, L/N, and Halstead, I want you to go and check this place out.” Voight ordered. You smiled and nodded, grabbing your gun and badge from your desk, and followed Jay down the stairs.

“So, uh. Hey.” Jay said.

“This is just great.” You whisperd harshly. “The last thing I needed is to be in the same work place as my ex boyfriend, as his new partner.” you sneered.

Jay sighed. “Look I’m sorry, but Erin left for New York.”

“Don’t care.” you repled, making your way towards the car, that  Jay was heading to.

Jay sighed and turned to you as he opened the driver’s door. “Must be happy, she left me.”

You rolled your eyes. “I simply don’t care Jay, moved on from you a year ago.” you said, as you got in the car.

Jay also got in. “Look can we just not make things awkward, we have to be professional.”

“Oh I can be professional, maybe it’s you who needs to be professional.” You snapped.

Jay left the station and it was quiet for a while, when he broke it. “I really am sorry.”

You rolled your eyes and looked out the window. “Four years Jay, I wasted four years of my life with you, and I will never get those year back. For god sakes I even had some family memebers stopped talking to me because they were pissed that I was dating you.”

Jay looked over at you and then back on the road. “I didn’t know that.”

“I didn’t want you to know, but doesn’t matter cause in the end, I was the one who was being told, I told you so.” You sighed.

“I did love you” Jay said weakily.

You turned to him. “Yet, I wasn’t enough.” you replied, Jay didn’t reply, and you turned back to face out the window, the whole ride to the suspect’s house was spent in silence.


This is the best I can come up with, hope I did good. 


Jazton Blurbs: Prompts #8, 15, 19

A/N: As requested by @allbe0418 about a million years ago, I’ve got some Jazton blurbs for y’all today below the cut! It’s from that prompt list I posted back in, like, January oops… Many apologies because I couldn’t come up with anything for 18 (angst is tough for me, my dudes), BUT I went for it on the others. They’re in chronological order, rather than numerical, so that’s why the numbering is out of whack. 

Also, I don’t actually ship Jazton (oops?), so I had trouble finding the inspo to write them romantically. Still, I hope this is in line with their characterization and their dynamic and that you enjoy! xo, christina

Characters: Jaz Khan and Adam Dalton (primarily), Joseph McGuire, Preach Carter, Amir Al-Raisani, Hussein Larijani 

Requested?: Yes/No

Total WC: 1385 (this got out of hand, but then again, my writing always does lol)

Requests: Open!

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Ima need one of you awesome people who write all this fabulous The Brave fan fiction to write something up for both of these topics. I’d do it myself, but I have no skills when it comes to writing. Zip. Zero. None. So help a girl out. And ya know, if you wanna throw some Jalton/Jazton is there, I don’t think anyone would complain. 🤷🏻‍♀️