al smiffy

“Whats yours is ours.“ Ross Max Hornby, Alex Al Smiffy, & Chris “Trott” Trottimus, the troublesome trio making up the less then legitimate company; HAT Corp.

There are plenty of strange people scattered about the city of Server, however the “Hats” are definitely up there as some of the stranger folk who live there. They are thieves that make a business out of their own notoriety, either it being mercenary work or their own personal stunts for money. Their thievery tactics range from conning unsuspecting folks into signing shady contract deals, to shouting at someone while pointing a gun. They banter between one another with such startling speed and vulgarity that most normal people are too stunned with what they are listening to truly realise that they’ve been robbed of everything they own.

Rumour has it, the three have their very own jail cell in the nearby prison which they conduct most of their shady business out of.