al qazwini

The Al-mi’raj is a strange rabbit creature with a long horn atop its head. It is said to live on a mysterious island only known as Jezîrat al-Tennyn in the Indian Ocean. It was reported in Arabic poetry and in Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing by Zakariya Ibn Muhammad al-Qazwini from the 1200s. The horn of this yellow rabbit is said to be 2 feet long and black in color. The Al-mi’raj is quite aggressive and territorial - said to be able to kill things over two times its own size by stabbing its prey with its horn. It can eat creatures larger than it too, commonly being told to have a ravenous appetite. Lore says that only a powerful witch can calm the Al-mi’raj enough to move it away from villages.

Calculation of solar and lunar eclipses

from: Marvels of Creatures and Strange Things Existing, by al-Qazwini 

(copy manuscript, 14th century) 

Zakariya’ ibn Muhammad al-Qazwini (1203 -1283), was a Persian physician, astronomer, geographer and proto-science fiction writer. Born in the Persian town of Qazvin, he served as legal expert and judge (qadhi) in several localities in Persia and at Baghdad. He travelled around in Mesopotamia and Syria, and finally entered the circle patronized by the governor of Baghdad.

he also wrote a futuristic proto-science fiction tale entitled Awaj bin Anfaq, about a man who travelled to Earth from a distant planet