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Doctor Who - DC Universe

Alex Kingston aka River Song aka Melody Pond aka Dinah Lance

Arthur Darvill aka Rory Williams aka Rip Hunter

John Barrowman aka Jack Harkness aka Malcolm Merlyn aka Dark Archer aka   Ra’s al Ghul

anonymous asked:

What's your full name? Is Al short for Alice or Allison or Alexandra or Ally or something?

hold up i have a list of things it’s short for

  • irregular apocalypse
  • alien hell
  • high school musical
  • always late to the party
  • alcohol
  • ornamental ponds
  • tiger retrieval
  • phenomenally cheap
  • very much alive
  • fine male specimen
  • falling apart to half time
  • albert

Deschutes “Mirror Mirror”

95 A

Mirror Mirror is a limited-release English Barleywine aged in oak barrels. This is only brewed every four or five years. The heart of the brew consists of a double batch of Mirror Pond Pale Ale, of which 50% then goes on to be aged in retired Pinot Noir, Tempranillo and Malbec barrels for ten months. Aromas are malt-forward, suggesting caramel sweet bread and cinnamon rolls. Sweetness is like brown sugar with heavier notes of maple syrup. Booze gives obvious fusel notes.

The palate opens in a flood of sweet, caramelized barley with that classic Barleywine flavor. Hops rise with modest orange-citrus highlights. A big body of dark fruits touches on dried apricot, raisin, plum, and date. The barrel-aging has a drying effect with tart, vinous qualities reminiscent of cherries and tannins like red grape skin. A spicy quality hits, then hops re-emerge with herbal bitterness to help counterbalance the heavy sugar weight. Malts develop a mild roast with weak hints of chocolate. Final remarks give details of oak and caramel popcorn. The mouthfeel carries soft carbonation over a full, creamy body that ends a little dry and sticky. Sweetness stops just shy of cloying. Lingering bitterness does a great job at persistently masking the alcohol.

Overall, I think this a finely tuned, exceptional Barleywine. Although the barrel has a restrained impact, it adds a unique flavor that bumps the complexity a few points. As it warms, the hops and booze land a bit more front-and-center. Sweetness is right on target in terms of style, coming to a pleasant agreement with the hoppy bitterness. The hop level itself is about right for my taste, but a little age would probably do wonders. I recommend it to malt lovers with high sweet tolerance.


53 IBU

Bend, Oregon

Secret escapes for couples

When was the last time you went on an adventure with your partner, or gotten lost in a new city? New experiences bring couples closer together, and between the hustle and bustle of work in the city, a little adventure might be called for once in awhile. For couples looking for new activities to discover together that are off the beaten path, here are some hidden gems that Dubai has been keeping secret.

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It will be two things:

Hilariousas he is soaked

Then terrifying after, as we all wonder which of our favourite characters he will kill as his revenge…

Be brave Fangirls, may your OTP be ever in Moffat’s Favour.

“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?” This is actually really motivating for me. It reminds me that I have to do everything I want to do. So when I’m old, I won’t regret not doing anything. I want to be a great story, a story that many people want to hear. A story I can be proud of when I’m looking back. A story that inspires people to make an even better story themselves. A story like the Doctor’s. Because the Doctor has inspired me, and will always stay with me.


Tafseer Surah Al-Kawthar
by sheikh Al-saadi

Allah says to his Prophet, Muhammad ﷺ {Verily, We have granted you (O Muhammad ) Al-Kauthar} great good and immense grace. Part of this goodness and grace is the
river that he ﷺ was given called al-Kawthar. and the Pond  (Hawd) whose breadth
and width is the distance of one month’s journey; its water is whiter than milk and its
taste sweeter than honey; its vessels number the amount of stars in the sky and
resemble them in radiance. Whoever drinks from it, be it just one sip, will never be
thirsty again. [1]

After mentioning the blessings conferred him ﷺ, Allah orders him to show
gratitude, {Therefore turn in prayer to your Lord and sacrifice} these two [i.e prayer and sacrifice] have been specifically mentioned because they are two of the best acts of worship and means of drawing close to Allah.

Prayer comprises submission of the heart and limbs to Allah and
the body’s moving from one posture of servitude to another.

Sacrifice comprises the servant drawing closer to Allah by his sacrificing the best animals he has and expending his wealth which man naturally loves and hoards.

{For he who makes you angry (O Muhammad)  he will be cut off} abhors you, censures you and devalues your true status {will be cut off} of all good. His deeds will be severed and his acclaim forgotten.

As for Muhammad ﷺ he is the perfect man, reaching the heights of human perfection. His acclaim will be heralded everywhere and his followers and helpers will be many.


[1]. Bukhari N°4964 records the hadith of Anas who said: When the Prophet ﷺ was taken to the heaven he said, (I came to a river, the banks of which were domes of hollowed pearls. I asked, ‘What is this Jibril? ’ He replied, ‘This is al- Kawthar.)

Bukhari N°4965-4966 records that  A’ishah said: (It is a river which was given to your Prophet ï·º, on its shores are hollow pearls and the number of its vessels are like that of the stars.)

Bukhari N°7050 and Muslim N°2290 record on the authority of Sahl that the
Messenger of Allah ï·º said: (I will arriving before you at the Hawd. Whoever comes to it will drink from it; and whoever drinks from it will never again experience thirst.)