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Gryffindor! Mingyu

Part of Hogwarts! Seventeen Series


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  • 11 year old mingyu walking through Diagon Alley towering over all of the other 1st years and frankly a few of the upperclassmen as well
  • he was always extremely tall for his age despite his childish personality
  • being muggle-born, it was his first time seeing the world of magic up close and he’s fascinated by all of it
  • while reading the supplies checklist he had a fit bc he wasn’t allowed to bring a puppy
  • “but Hagrid…… what do you meannnnnnnnnnnnnn I can’t bring a puppy~????”
  • he ends up getting a barn owl named bong bong who he loves v much
  • upon walking into the great hall, he turns a few heads his way which he doesn’t really notice because HES IN A FUCKING CASTLE WITH FLOATING CANDLES AND FOOD
  • when he sits on the stool, the hat gets placed on his head and he’s smiling all big with his canines showing
  • When he hears Gryffindor, he immediately sits down not really knowing much about his house other than the fact it had gold and red for its house colors which he happened to like very much so he aint complaining
  • Roommates with a 3rd year named seungcheol who pretty much becomes his idol
  • becomes the biggest Quidditch fanboy by year 2
  • seungcheol hints one day that Gryffindor team may or may not be hosting try outs on friday and mingyu is so excited
  • shows up with a borrowed broom and one of seungcheols old robes 
  • most enthusiastic tall 2nd year you've ever seen he’s literally glowing
  • though he is a fair flyer, turns out hes just really good at hitting stuff
  • beater!gyu and beater! cheol are an unstoppable duo
  • clumsy! gyu tripping over his feet, robes or anything tbh in the corridors while rushing to class 
  • during 3rd year he’d start helping out in the kitchen and introducing muggle foods into the menu and befriend lots of house elves
  • “I’ve never seen young masters be so kind to us”
  • “no no dont call me young master! I’m just kim mingyu”
  • since he’s so good at cooking, he seems to be a genius in potions and herbology. even snape likes him dun dUn DUN
  • basically befriends everyone tbh. everyone just likes him
  • even befriends a few slytherins after the game against slytherin house
  • “Wow! Minghao right? You’re a really fast flyer!! I could barely hit you!”
  • “ year but you did hit me you idiot now im in the hosptital wing…..” dont worry hao gets revenge eventually and they are on good terms
  • “and i’m very very sorry. how can I make it up to you? um…I could bring you chicken!”
  • “(sigh) okay….mingyu…right?”
  • start of a beautiful friendship
  • his patronus would definitely be a big labrador retriever tho 
  • “see~ nowwww I get a puppy”
  • everyone always fawns over him and his looks almost to the same extent as they do with jeonghan he still gets really shy every time they do tho
  • trying to pull al nighters for exam periods but ultimately failing because he keeps falling asleep in the library
  • “mingyu, how many times do I have to tell you, no napping in the library! you’re getting drool all over the parchment”
  • “sorry wonwoo-hyung. maybe you could help me study for exams then and keep me awake”
  • “u-uhm okay” imagine blushy meanie in the middle of a library tho wow what a concept
  • upon passing his O.W.L.s he goes to Hogsmeade with his friends where they show him Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans (where he of course gets something horrible)
  • “HOW DO THEY MAKE THE VOMIT ONE TASTE SO REAL” bullied mingyu let the poor boy live 
  • jeonghan is laughing so much that he snorts butter beer through his nose

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