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X-Men Legacy #248, 2011, by Mike Carey, Jorge Molina, et al. This is the period where the comics start to hint more directly at Cyclops’ particular kinks. (Although the fact that he’s involved with Emma Frost should have tipped everyone off years earlier.)


Birds of Prey

Vol 3 029 - 030


Writers: Christy Marx

Pencils: Daniel Sampere, Robson Rocha, Scott McDaniel, Romano Molenaar

Inks: Jonathan Glapion, Jordi Tarragona, Marc Deering

Covers: Jorge Molina

Featured Characters: Birds of Prey (Black Canary, Batgirl, Strix, Condor), Wings of Truth (Bluebelle, Artemis, Eagle, Warbler)

Supporting Characters: Ra’s al Ghul, Catbird, Brightbat, gothamite, Scarecrow, Kurt Lance, League of Assassins, Mother Eve

Es muy difícil no pertenecer a un grupo, a una tribu, a una patria, a lo que sea, con tal de que sea seguro y colectivo, de que ofrezca una protección incondicional, si bien al precio de abdicar del derecho al libre pensamiento: a cambiar de opinión, a no ajustarse a lo que se exige o se espera o se da por supuesto de uno, a no aprobar todas y cada una de las cosas que hacen aquellos de los que uno mismo se siente más cerca, a los que uno ha defendido, los que sin embargo no aceptarán que se aparte ni un milímetro de la ortodoxia que ellos mismos marcan.
—  Antonio Muñoz Molina, en Todo lo que era sólido (2013)
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With the show coming to it’s conclusion, Weird Al Yankovic, Alfred Molina, and Nathan Fillion look back on their guest star roles in the show


Otro año más se termina y yo sigo rodeada de fotos, así que éstas son mis preferidas del 2014.

Este año estuvo rodeado de muchos cambios y nuevos comienzos. En el medio participé de algunos concursos, imaginé una exposición de mis fotos y un libro. Veremos que nos trae éste 2015 que ya llega. Por lo pronto les deseo que lo terminen de la mejor manera! Y feliz 2015 para todos! :)

Another year is coming to end and I’m still with my pictures all around, so these are my own favorite photos of 2014. My best wishes for 2015 for all y'all! :)

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Our favorite Column Ones of the year

This year we launched a revamped series of top-notch, longer features online, our so-called “Column One.” Out of the hundreds that have been published, we wanted to pick out some of our favorites before the year’s end.

He’s tough enough to be a Sissy in Wyoming

Longtime cross-dresser Sissy Goodwin of Douglas, Wyo., has been anything but weak as he stands up to bigotry in the Cowboy State…

At 93, this Rosie is still riveting

Elinor Otto picked up a riveting gun in World War II, joining the wave of women taking what had been men’s jobs. These days she’s building the C-17…

Young militants ready to die, eager to kill

Abdul Wali Fadaei is 17 and serving a four-year term at an Afghan rehabilitation center for planning a suicide attack. When he gets out, he’ll “decide about trying again.”…

A day in the strawberry fields seems like forever

He [reporter Hector Becerra] finds kindness and camaraderie with Mexican immigrants picking strawberries. But he falls far behind as his back tightens and his muscles burn…

South L.A. student finds a different world at Cal

Kashawn Campbell overcame many obstacles to become a straight-A student. But his freshman year at UC Berkeley shook him to the core…

Cockroach farms multiplying in China

Farmers are pinning their future on the often-dreaded insect, which when dried goes for as much as $20 a pound - for use in Asian medicine and in cosmetics…

Photos: Genaro Molina, Al Seib, Bethany Mollenkof, Wang Xuhua / Los Angeles Times, Kamran Jebreli / Associated Press