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Okay so at the end of Here There Be Gerblins when the glass pod is landing Travis makes a joke something along the lines of “and it’s Al and he says ‘Killian i don’t know why you’ve waited so long to jump!’”

And Griffin lowkey loses his shit and is like “you’re giving me ideas Travis, I have 4 pages of campaign notes but I’ll throw them ALL in the trash”

So my question is: did the entire, vital plotline of liches possessing bodies/bodyjumping come from one shitty quantum leap reference Travis made in the first quest because that would be the Most mcElroy thing honestly

Cursed Souls

Happy birthday to the wonderful lizzyc807shipscaptainswan! Love, you are such a wonderful joy to be around with. I hope you like this fic… This idea came to me and I just had to write it!

Cursed Souls

Killian Jones entered the tavern with all the swagger and composure a pirate like himself was meant to have. It’d been five years since he and Liam had rebelled against their kingdom after coming back from that wretched mission in Neverland. Five years since he’d lost his hand in a battle against their king’s army, protecting their crew from the vicious retaliation. Five years since he’d gained his more colorful moniker: Captain Hook.

His eyes quickly scanned the room, bored with the same faces he always encountered, until a mass of blonde curls caught his attention.

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Scene Meta- 5.14: Milah Meets Hook

For my Follower Appreciation: Meta On Demand @gusenitsaa asked for me to analyze the Millian meet cute and I was only too happy to oblige as it meant I had to watch the scene over and over and over! Thanks so much for following and for sending in a prompt! Hope you like what I came up with!

The scene opens with Rumple and Milah discussing what needs to be done in order to save Baelfire. Milah urges an unenthusiastic Rumple toward bravery and after some talking he gets up and leaves. Placing this scene right next to Killian’s introduction into Milah’s life is very deliberate. Rumple and Killian have always been foils and a study in contrasts and this scene works overtime to show this to Milah (and the audience).

As Rumple walks out of frame Milah’s pained face fills the screen. She is worried, near tears, and she takes a drink. She is emotionally spent and she has to know that what Rumple is attempting may result in her losing both her husband and her son. Having her drink spilled on her and fending off the paws of a drunk oaf seems to bring her near hysterics; her voice rising in pitch. And that’s when Killian Jones, a man that doesn’t even know her, steps into help.

Think about what this means to Milah, a woman who is shunned in her own village because of her husband, a woman whose husband never stands up against bullies, a woman who has been carrying her own burdens for so long. It’s not a big thing but in that moment it as important as a knight slaying a dragon.

(source @onceland) (PS I love the way his necklace moves)

Now up until this moment the ambient noise of the tavern has been pretty loud. Men laughing, people talking, and the strains of some tavern performer played over Milah’s conversation with Rumple. But the moment Killian enters the background noise is replaced by a low hum of strings. The contrast further emphasizes the impact of this meeting on Milah.

Unlike Rumple, Killian is both decisive and unafraid of a bully. He ends the fight before it can really begin and the little to no reaction of the people in the tavern gives you an idea about what kind of place it is. Killian sits, smiles, and offers her a drink–an expensive shot to replace the lost little bit of cheap ale. It’s a very smooth move but I don’t think Milah really appreciates it because she looks like she is still in shock. Again when was the last time someone helped her fight a battle or offered her a drink?

source @thekillianjones

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save me (2/2)

prompt: tehgreeneyes posted this beautiful au gifset and I was so inspired that I had to write a thing. Part 2 of 2. Read part 1 here!

word count: ~4000

rating: a for action and r for ridiculous flirting

It has been two months. Two months of loathing and wondering. Two months of sailing around aimlessly, drinking himself to sleep, and wishing he’d had the sensibility to do something to the bloody Crocodile while he had the chance.

His search has so far come up fruitless. No one has seen the Dark One and no one has seen Emma, and he doesn’t know where to start looking.

He’s been restless ever since Emma had been taken from him, keeping the night watch because he can’t sleep without nightmares of losing her.

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Eran sus primeros días por el lugar así que decidió disfrutar un poco de la playa. Al salir denotó que las duchas no funcionaban avistando a la lejanía una persona que caminaba sin dirección. Era ya un poco tarde y el sol comenzaba a ocultarse. — ¡Hey! — Gritó enrollado la toalla en su cintura a medida que caminaba. — ¿No sabes dónde hayan unas duchas funcionales? Estas y las de más allá están totalmente inservibles. — Le dijo a la persona.

100daysinpain  asked:

Any ideas, oh wise grandmother Satan, about how it will be possible for Emma et al to get Killian back from the underworld? If Emma has to kill him with Excalibur to destroy the Darkness, then he's dead. And we know that dead is dead, and apparently they're going to run into all kinds of unpleasant people in the underworld that they don't want back (i.e. Pan, Cora, etc.), so then how will they get only Killian back? How can they possibly undo his death when it hasn't been done before?

I’m in bed but I’m going to answer this quick before I go to sleep. I’ve addressed this before, but I’ll leave this at the top of my blog for any nervous sorts who might come through here in the meantime.

First off, people come back from the dead ALL THE TIME on this show. They only stay dead if the plot needs them to. And in this case, the entire point is that Emma and her family are going to go save her true love honestly, without dark magic, fighting to get him back as heroes. It baffles me how anyone, despite the pain we just endured, can have the tiniest shred of doubt that they’d fail in this. Eddy just casually described CS as true love and them exploring if it really could conquer everything. OF COURSE IT CAN. THIS IS MOTHER FRICKING ONCE UPON A TIME NOT A SHONDA SHOW OR WHATEVER. YOU ARE NOT GETTING RID OF THE MAIN CHARACTER’S TRUE LOVE FOR SHOCK VALUE. WHEN SHE JUST TOLD HIM SHE’S ESSENTIALLY READY TO MARRY HIM AND LIVE TOGETHER IN THEIR WHITE PICKET FENCE HOUSE AND HAVE A FUTURE WITH HIM, THAT THERE IS NO HAPPY ENDING FOR HER WITHOUT HIM. Like. There will be plot mechanisms and complications, but there is less than 0% chance they don’t succeed.

5A has been about Emma trying to save her true love the wrong way. 5B will be about her saving him the right way. Pan, Cora, Hades, the Blind Witch, and whatever other villains the Nevengers encounter down there are PLOT OBSTACLES. I’ve already addressed how you don’t send your main characters down to hell (a classic hero’s journey) to rescue the heroine’s true love and man she gave up everything for, only to come back with some random schmo. It’s not about saving anyone else. It’s about saving KILLIAN. It’s about everyone acknowledging they were wrong when they tried to make Emma accept losing him, even with the dark short term consequences.

Once again for the people in the back: OUAT IS A SHOW ABOUT HOPE AND HAPPY ENDINGS. You cannot understand or predict it properly without letting go of your “but other shows do this!!!!” mentality. OUAT is not those shows. And they were throwing anvil after anvil at us tonight, as they have been doing all season (but especially tonight) that Killian is the center of Emma’s world just as much as she is for him. There is no happy ending for her without him. Now she has to go and earn his soul back from the darkness the right way, after she did it the wrong way, even with the best of intentions, in this half of the season. Killian needs to be saved because he’s still the victim in this. He was wounded by Excalibur, he was tied to the darkness without asking for it, he’ll die to save Emma. He needs to be rescued and brought home. That is the core of their story and the show. Once they do, they can start their future, and get that well deserved wedding at the end of the season.


Initial Thoughts--5x12: Souls of the Departed

(This will probably serve as my official episode analysis as well because, while I enjoyed the episode, I don’t feel like there’s anything I’m bursting at the seems to analyze deeply.)

1.      HADES!  OMG I love him already!  That was one of the best character introduction scenes ever.  The fact that he was listening to Paganini violin music while getting a pedi and drinking wine and sitting in an easy chair was so perfect I can’t even find words to describe it!   He’s a little more understated than the Disney version, but I like it!  The cool, calm, deliberate malice is far more menacing and far less cartoonish.  (No offense Disney Hades.  You know I love you too.  I’m having way too much fun writing you in my current mc.)

2.      So, in absolutely shocking twists (can you sense the extreme sarcasm I’ve got going on here? Lol.) Rumple, Cora and Pan are still world class s.o.b’s  (Well…I guess Cora would be a d (daughter).o.b.)

3.      Rumple spent pretty much the entire episode telling everyone he was done being a team player and he was out.  Um…can anyone point me in the direction of the place he was a team player, because I must have missed it.

4.      Okay, James…total sleaze, but that was quite an entrance!  (I have a feeling Josh is going to have WAY too much fun playing both Charming and James…and we’re going to have WAY too much fun watching it!)

5.      Along sort of the same lines…um…Jiminy?  What exactly were you doing in Snow’s cleavage? Perv move dude! Lol.

6.      I loved Snow White bursting into the diner and calling Killian her friend!  So important. I do, however question how useful it is to give a blind witch a physical description of someone you’re looking for, lol.

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gray-autumn-sky  asked:

Trick-or-Treating together when we’re both in our 20s-30s.--Hook and Belle. He is fascinated by Halloween in the modern world, and takes the very pregnant Belle out to take her mind off her asshat ex. They go as something ridiculously cliche.

This is pretty G-rated, and it’s about 2.5k words. I hope you enjoy, @gray-autumn-sky! There’s some background OQ, Red Beauty, and CS.

Also on Ao3

No Trick

“I can’t believe that ratbag tried to get me to take him back,” Belle spits out, fury in every line of her face. She knows she gets way more Australian when she’s angry, but there’s nothing to be done right now. Now is a time for rage, not modulating her idioms.

Her best friend looks up from pasta he’s stirring, the glasses perched on his nose at odds with the Captain Hook costume, complete with hook, that he’s wearing. “Well, darling, he is the worst human being of all time.”

She has no argument. Just…what the hell. “I just can’t believe that man. ‘Oh, I would think you’d want someone to take care of you in your condition, and I can’t imagine many people are lining up for the job.’”

“The bastard said that?!”

“That’s a summary of the conversation, yes.”

Killian dishes the pasta rather indignantly. “Well, he’s wrong. You’ve done a phenomenal job taking care of yourself and your little one. And you’re still the smartest person I know. You’re all right to look at too, I guess,” he smirks at her.

She swats him on the arm playfully before digging into the food before her, the bowl balanced on her distended abdomen. “I can’t believe it’s just two more months until the little one arrives. I’m going to be someone’s mother.”

He snorts in response, undoubtedly remembering some of their college hijinks. “And isn’t that a terrifying thought. No, seriously, love, you’ll do fine.”

“Thank you so much, Killian, for your help and for letting me stay with you. It means so much,” she says, eyes welling with tears as she shovels the pasta into her mouth.

With an embarrassed scratch of his ear, he replies, “It’s not an issue. You’re my best friend, and I’d hate to see you suffering.”

Belle only sniffles, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Killian is clearly uncomfortable, frantically wracking his brain for a way to cheer her up. Then the idea comes to him and he brightens. He lightly pats her back. “Belle, I have an idea. Strictly something to take your mind off the shittier aspects of the situation.”


“Aye. Find a Halloween costume.”

“Killian, what am I going to do with the costume? If we’re going to a party, I can’t drink.”

“I know. But I think you’ll like this idea.”

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