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“I have been playing the violin for nearly ten years now. In the early years, it was frown upon for woman to play the violin, especially in public areas. I used to hear negative comments from people. But that has changed, it is more socially accepted now. I teach young girls how to play violin now.” Lama Abdullah Mohamed Ahmed Eyon, a 31-year-old violin player from Khartoum, Sudan 

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To understand the core audience of Qatari propaganda channel known as Al Jazeera, look at this poll. 80% of their audience who responded to this poll support the actions of ISIS in Iraq & Syria. This is the same channel that only days ago reported the ISIS take over of a Syrian city as “rebel gains”, one day later ISIS executes 400 people. If this is where you get your Middle East news might want to look for an alternative.


“Were planted centuries before the invention of the so called Israel”

Zionist occupation forces bulldozing today aged Palestinian olive trees (about 300 years old, centuries before the invention of the so called “Israel”) of Palestinian farmers In Beit Jala city near Bethlehem in favor of constructing a section of the apartheid wall, 17 August 2015.
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In light of the recent news with Al Jazeera America shutting down, I want to take the opportunity to spread this documentary as far and wide as I can. 

“The Day Israel Attacked America,” a documentary produced by Al Jazeera, shines a much needed light on what really happened to the USS Liberty all those years ago. Please watch and share, as it exposes many of the very same censorship practices running rampant among political Zionists to this day. 


Every 14 days a language dies. Australia suffers from the highest rate of language extinction in the world. Once home to over 200, now only 20 are spoken on a daily basis. But a battle is underway to preserve Australia’s indigenous languages.