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Edward’s Ending (extras): from the FMAB PSP Game (2009)

Al: Hey Ed, how about giving me that red coat of yours when we get our old bodies back?
Ed: Huh? You like this coat or something?
Al: Yeah! Ah, wait a second. It was made to fit you, so it might be too small to fit my old body.
Ed: … Al. You’re just asking to get your ass kicked.

Red Coat Appearances

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So in light of Red Coat’s recent appearance in episode 6x08, I have decided to compile a list of Red Coat scenes dating all the way back to Season 2. 

I have listed who I think was behind the coat in each scene, but of course I could be wrong about each of them. If you have any other ideas about this list, please let me know or re-blog with your own suspicions! :)

I apologize in advance for all the exclamation points in this post. I took these notes in live-time as I was watching, and sometimes I got really excited lol.

Here goes nothing…


2x19 - The Naked Truth

-Spencer finds a claim ticket in Alison’s Lolita book. She calls the number and finds that it belongs to a place called J&L (which is weird, because those are my initials lol). When she arrives to retrieve the item, she finds a red coat checked in under the name Vivian Darkbloom. *First appearance of Red Coat!* 

Behind the Red Coat: Vivian Darkbloom

2x22 - Father Knows Best

-While the Liars are in Brookhaven investigating the Creepy Doll Hospital, Aria gets cold, so she goes in Spencer’s trunk to get a coat. The Red Coat is still in there from when Spencer found it at J&L Coat Check, so Aria puts it on. Immediately afterwards we hear someone (Duncan Albert) walk up behind her and say “Vivian?

Behind the Red Coat: Aria Montgomery

2x25 - unmAsked

-After Mona is unmasked as Original A, someone in a red coat visits her at Radley: “I did everything you asked me to.” says Mona (it is later revealed that this was supposedly CeCe. But since Mona just had a mental breakdown, she was so drugged up on medication and thought she was speaking to Alison at the time, so it really could have been anyone.)

Behind the Red Coat: CeCe Drake/or current Red Coat (A’s ally)

3x01 - It Happened ‘That Night’

-Mona is hallucinating Ali, in a red coat, in her room at Radley. She is on some crazy medication which is contributing to her imagination.

Behind the Red Coat: Hallucination of Alison DiLaurentis

3x02 - Blood Is The New Black

-We see someone in a Red Coat purchasing multiple black hoodies and leather gloves. This can only mean one thing: Assembly of the A-Team! 

Behind the Red Coat: Red Coat (A’s ally)

3x16 - Misery Loves Company

-First official sighting, besides when the girls found Vivian’s actual Red Coat in Season 2. This is the first time they are seeing a Red Coat on someone else: Hanna heads to “Corin’s Designer Boutique”. for her fake interview (set up by Mona & Toby). When approaching, she looks at her reflection in the window and across the street behind her, she sees a girl with long blonde hair wearing a red coat. When she turns around, she’s gone.

Behind the Red Coat: Alison DiLaurentis (I only say this because Ali shows up in this episode to visit an ill Aria at her house, which means she definitely returned to Rosewood & could be using her Vivian Darkbloom disguise, minus the dark wig of course. But this could have been A’s ally too.)

3x17 - Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno

-At the end of the episode we see Red Coat in Mona’s lair. (We know it’s Mona’s lair because she heads over to the dollhouse which we have seen several times in the past). There are 4 bobble-heads representing the 4 liars, each labeled with their names. Red Coat takes a blow torch to Hanna’s bobble head & melts off her face. 

Behind the Red Coat: Red Coat (A’s ally)

3x18 - Dead to Me

-Emily’s FLASHBACK scene: When Emily hears the sprinklers outside the mausoleum, she remembers what really happened the night of Ali’s body being dug up. She realizes the hypnotherapy session with Dr. Sullivan must have mixed up her dreams, and it was the wrong scenario she thought she was remembering. What really happened is that she was at the cemetery the night she was drugged. She was the one saying “We shouldn’t be here. This is bad, we shouldn’t be doing this. No, stop! What do you think you’re doing?! You can’t do this!”, as she saw A jump into Ali’s grave and take the body. She was the one yelling, not Ali like she had previously thought in her hypnotherapy session. Emily looks up and sees Red Coat standing there, then Emily is knocked out again. Emily didn’t kill Ali, obviously. This girl has been through so much trauma! We can’t blame her for getting all these things mixed up.

Behind the Red Coat: Red Coat (A’s ally)

3x20 - Hot Water

-Spencer is walking home from her dinner with Wren. They have just kissed & she sees Red Coat watching her from across the street. When Spencer goes home, she gets locked in her sauna and almost killed. Aria frees her just in time and they see a message written on the mirror that says “Steamy with Wren, steamy with me. -A”

Behind the Red Coat: Red Coat (A’s ally)

3x21 - Out of Sight, Out of Mind

-Toby has been MIA since Spencer discovered he was on the A-Team. Emily gets a text from Toby to come meet him on Olivia Road at 6 PM (at his work shop in Bucks County). He doesn’t show up so Emily is about to leave. She looks up and sees Red Coat in the distance. Emily follows her inside the building and sees the same guy she saw earlier at the Cavanaugh house, the one who works with Toby. He says he hasn’t seen Toby, or a blonde girl in a Red Coat. But then all of a sudden, he calls Emily by name. I don’t remember her ever telling him that. Toby must have told his buddy to keep an eye out for her and lie for him. When Emily exits the shop, she finds her car window has been smashed and there is a tiny coffin sitting on her seat with an obituary for Toby Cavanaugh.

Behind the Red Coat: Red Coat (A’s ally)

3x23 - I’m Your Puppet

-Aria is keeping watch while Emily & Hanna are in the morgue investigating the body that was found in the woods when Spencer thought she found Toby dead. The elevator dings and Aria sees Red Coat get out. She immediately turns around and gets back in the elevator.

Behind the Red Coat:  Red Coat (A’s ally)

3x24 - A dAngerous gAme

-Spencer is currently on the A-Team in order to get to Toby. The Liars already suspect that something is going on with her, but they figure that she can’t tell them because someone is watching her every move, so they devise a plan. Spencer arrives to Emily’s swim meet and spots Red Coat. She follows her into the school & into the girls bathroom. Red Coat turns around, and it’s Hanna! This was their trick… they tested Spencer to see if she knew who Red Coat was, but since she followed her, she doesn’t know either, just like the girls don’t know. This solidifies that Spencer is still on the girls side. Spencer spills the beans to them: about Mona visiting her at Radley, Toby being alive, and how Mona planned the whole thing so that she could “break” Spencer and put her back together like her own personal Humpty Dumpty. She also tells the Liars that the party at the lodge is going to be a setup.

Behind the Red Coat:  Hanna Marin

-Mona is on the phone with Red Coat and says “It’s safe for you to land. It’s finally about to end. You’re getting what you’ve always wanted.” (It is unknown to the girls, but I think she is speaking to Alison. Remember that Mona knew the entire time that Alison was alive & wanted to come home.) 

Behind the Red Coat:  Alison DiLaurentis

-Outside the lodge, Spencer runs to the landing strip right next door and sees Red Coat exit the plane. Although we don’t see a clear shot of her face, what we do see looks A LOT like Ali!  (We know that Duncan Albert taught Alison how to fly the summer before she went missing, so this has got to be her).

Behind the Red Coat:  Alison DiLaurentis

-The Thornhill Lodge is burned down, and someone pulls all of the Liars out except for Hanna. Red Coat pulls Hanna out then leans over to check and see if she is okay, and we see Alison behind the hood.

Behind the Red Coat:  Alison DiLaurentis

[Note - Just because we saw Alison in this episode, does not mean she was the only Red Coat present during the fire. Remember that someone else pulled the rest of the Liars out from the fire, not Ali.]

401 - A is for A-l-i-v-e

-Toby is outside the lodge watching the firemen clean up the scene. He sees one of the men pick up a burnt Red Coat.

Behind the Red Coat:  This coat either belongs to Alison or the second Red Coat that might have been present that night (A’s ally)

4x06 - Under the Gun

-Emily stops by the police department to drop off a copy of the video showing Wilden, Jenna & Shana after Ashley hit him with her car. She leaves it on Tanner’s desk then runs off unnoticed. She had stuck a post-it note on the front of the CD that said “Want to know what happened to Wilden? Watch this.” Many hours later, Tanner brings Emily to the station and shows her a video she received from an anonymous source. But the video is NOT the one Emily left on her desk, instead it has been replaced with another one; one that shows someone dressed in an Emily-Mask wearing a red hooded coat! (Big A stole Emily’s face mold from Hector’s studio). This person is standing in front of the “Welcome to Rosewood” sign, and is holding up a poster that says “Guilty”. Tanner matches the handwriting on the note to Emily’s, but of course she does because Emily did in fact write it… only, she left a completely different video with it than the one that was found. Big A switched videos at some point, and now he has a copy of the real video from Wilden’s cruiser.

Behind the Red Coat:  Red Coat (A’s ally)

4x09 - Into the Deep

-We see the DiLaurentis house & Red Coat walks through the front yard. She heads to a door underneath the porch. We see her unscrew the screws holding the door on and then she sneaks into the basement. Since CeCe is currently on the run at this point, and is helping Ali, I think this may be her.

Behind the Red Coat:  CeCe Drake - - I think?

4x10 - The Mirror Has Three Faces

-Hanna goes to the DiLaurentis house to check on Emily. No one is home, but unbeknownst to Hanna, Red Coat is! Hanna walks into Ali’s room and opens her jewelry box. We see Hanna admiring one of Ali’s rings, then in the mirror we see Red Coat wearing an Ali-Mask standing behind her. Hanna never sees her.

Behind the Red Coat:  CeCe Drake - - once again, I think?

4x11 - Bring Down the Hoe

-One Red Coat is unmasked: CeCe Drake - in a lair, dressed in black, and on the phone. “Where are you? I’m not waiting here forever, and I sure as hell am not going back to Rosewood.” (she is presumably talking to Alison). We see a Red Coat with a missing button draped over the chair behind her (the Liars had just discovered a button in the DiLaurentis basement that day.)

Behind the Red Coat:  CeCe Drake

-Emily is at the hoe down and Red Coat watches her from the balcony. Emily spots her, then she & Spencer chase after her. They try to steal the hay ride truck! Spencer is trying to drive but the clutch gets stuck. We see Red Coat hop in the back and hide in the hay. They get out to check, but only find the red coat left behind. It is the coat with a missing button, which proves that this coat belonged to CeCe if she was the one hiding out in the DiLaurentis basement (because the Liars had just found the button in the crawl space the day before).

Behind the Red Coat:  CeCe Drake

4x12 - Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

-Aria & Ezra sit inside The Brew, and its just like old times. Aria kisses him. Red Coat watches from outside.

Behind the Red Coat:  Alison DiLaurentis

-The Liars head to Ravenswood for The Great Charlemagne Magic Show. Emily is taken while the Liars are distracted & she wakes up locked in a coffin. She gets a phone call from Aria and tells her that she hears a noise, like a sawmill. Spencer remembers that Grunwald lived on Saw Mill Road. She looks it up and sees the saw mill is close. They run there. On their way they spot Red Coat, who leads them right into the saw mill. The box with Emily inside is 100 ft away from the sawmill and she’s about to be sawed in two! The girls frantically try to get her out but then Red Coat (Alison) hits the power button and turns off the machine! She saved Emily. They see her run off, then look upstairs and see another Red Coat (CeCe)! This one has an Ali Mask on! There are two of them. Aria chases the Red Coat with the Ali-Mask (CeCe) up the stairs and then karate kicks her to the stomach. She goes down. Aria fights her and is kicking her ass! Jake really trained her well. Little does she know that CeCe was helping them, not hurting them, because Ali asked her to. Aria kicks her mask off, and she sees that it’s CeCe, who jumps off the balcony and holds onto a rope, trying to make her escape. The rope breaks & she falls, but Aria catches her arm. She holds onto her tight, but then the sleeve on the red coat rips. CeCe falls to what looks like her death. She is on the ground below. The girls turn their backs for a minute, and CeCe disappears. 

Behind the Red Coat:  Alison DiLaurentis & CeCe Drake

-Spencer chases Red Coat (Alison) out of the sawmill. She leads Spencer to an apartment building (which turns out to be Ezra’s book lair), then she disappears behind the wall of the room. She wanted the Liars to find his lair and figure out what he was doing behind their backs.

Behind the Red Coat:  Alison DiLaurentis

4x13 - Grave New World (Halloween Episode)

-The girls are in the Ravenswood Cemetery and they see Red Coat running ahead. They follow her into a crypt, but she disappears. Spencer finds the secret passage and they all enter into the unknown. The door shuts & locks behind them.

Behind the Red Coat:  Alison DiLaurentis

-Hanna is still locked in the phone booth in the Ravenswood mansion. We see a figure in a Red Coat come up to the frosted glass. When her face gets close enough to be clear, we see it’s Ali! Then she is grabbed from behind by the man in the gas mask (Ezra).

Behind the Red Coat:  Alison DiLaurentis

-Ezra drops the girls off at Spencer’s house. When he drives off, they see Red Coat in the woods, urging them to follow her once again. She leads them to the DiLaurentis back yard and FINALLY lets the girls catch up to her. She turns around….. and it’s ALI!!!!!!!!! She’s alive!!!!!!!! “Did you miss me?” she asks. When Ezra comes back to give Aria her cell phone, Ali disappears, appearing to be very scared of him. (At the time, Ali also suspected Ezra of being A). She gets away before he sees her.

Behind the Red Coat:  Alison DiLaurentis

6x08 - FrAmed

-We see “A” sitting behind a bunch of computer screens, as per usual. He has hacked into the surveillance cameras at the art gallery that Aria & the Liars are attending that night, & he is watching intently. There is a buzz at the door and he pushes a red button to let the person in. Who is it you ask? RED COAT! Guess we’ve discovered who A’s ally is. She sits down next to him and they continue watching the video feed.

Behind the Red Coat:  Red Coat (A’s ally)

-Ella heads over to talk to Ashley. She breaks down and says that they need to do something about “A” because the police are not doing enough. She feels so helpless. As they talk about what happened at the gallery, Red Coat watches them from outside the window.

Behind the Red Coat:  Red Coat (A’s ally)

-At the end of the episode, we see “A”, who has a tuxedo laid out in the back of his limo’s trunk from “Silver Moon Tuxedos” (probably for the prom next week). There are numerous goodies spread out in the trunk: duct tape, rope, a bag of tools, and 6 syringes full of some kind of medication that I can only imagine to be some sort of anesthesia. He is planning to steal the Liars back. (If there are 6 syringes, my guess is that they are for Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Aria, Alison & Mona). He gets in the limo and knocks on the window between the driver seat and the back. The window is lowered, and the person behind the steering wheel is Red Coat. She hands him an envelope & inside are two tickets to the Rosewood High prom “Enchanted Forest”.

Behind the Red Coat:  Red Coat (A’s ally)

Okay guys, that’s it. Tell me what you think, and let me know who you suspect to be the woman behind the Red Coat.



did you think i was done with alphonse headcanons because i’m not

the jacket al was covered with when he woke up after getting his body back was roy's  。^‿^。

alphonse getting cold and ed covering him in a ton of blankets and letting him wear his red coat (/^▽^)/

ed freaking out the first time al gets a cut but al says he’s just happy he can feel it (*´▽`*)

al trying to braid his hair back like ed ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

al touching ed’s automail for the first time ever (´ヮ`)

ed and al both trying to get their strength back together  (▰◕◡◕▰)