al hudaydah


Les costumes populaires de la Turquie en 1873;

Peasant man and woman from around Bursa (wearing wedding clothing), Seis (horse groom); Rich Arnaut family

Muslim lady from Selanik,  Jewish lady from Selanik and a Bulgarian woman from Prilep; Muslim man and woman  from Lebanon

Armenian bride,Jewish woman from Istanbul and a Greek girl; Shepherd from around Diyarbakır, Turk from Cizre, Turk from around Mardin

Muslim, Armenian and Kurdish women from Sivas; Christian inhabitant of Beirut (summer dress), Muslim lady from Beirut, Christian lady from Beirut (winter dress)

Armenian woman from Burdur, Turkmen woman from Karie de Outmouk, Kurdish woman from Sarıkaya; A'alim from Al Hudaydah, Burgher from Al Hudaydah, Muslim lady from Sana'a