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also i’ve decided instead of the complete disgusting ONE OFF LINE BULLSHIT that was they did with nyssa in doomworld that doomworld nyssa works at the DMV and IS fully lesbian and merlyn was like, yeah working at the dmv is punishment but nyssa literally gets to torture people as her job and get paid for it by the GOVERNMENT she’s sitting there filling her red nails like “oh. that’s not the form you need. you have to get on the other line.” “but i’ve been on this line for an hour” “that’s too bad isn’t it?” she’s the happiest she’s ever been

I really dig the RusAme stuff where they first met late 18th century in Catherine the Great’s court right after the American Revolution. And Alfred is so young and is just getting to know the great big world and he’s pretty intimidated and wants to make a good impression, but he’s still Al and is so enthusiastic and easily excited and everything is new to him, so he meets Ivan and tries to play it cool because this big guy seems so interesting and Al wants to be friends but he ends up rambling because hey, your place is really neat! I like those churches that look like onions on top! And you get lots of snow, are you any good at snowball fights? Wanna have a snowball fight sometime?!

And Ivan is just so charmed by this kid who wears his heart on his sleeve, and he knows Al doesn’t really fit in with Europe, but that’s cool because Ivan never really fit in with Europe either. They’re just so oddly alike in some funny ways, and it’s hard to not be fond of each other.

And they do have a snowball fight before Al has to go home. Ivan wins, but Al shoves a handful of snow down his trousers at the end.

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HEY SO I LOVED THE PROMPT OF EMILY BEING IN A CAR CRASH, ALTHOUGH I HATE TO SEE THEM LIKE THAT😭 Could you do a continuation were Pam brings Finn over and I'm guessing if you follow the show's timeline Finn is like 1? Well the only thing he says is mama and well whatever he calls ali and he keeps saying mama and Ali hugs him and The rest is your incredible creativity? PLEASE? FYI ITS ME THE SCREAMER 💛

it was painful to write but I’m glad u liked it!! HERE YA GO, i didn’t plan on including Finn in this but I did, just for u;) <3 long awaited Part 2 to my car accident one-shot xx

Days passed, and though Emily hadn’t gotten any worse, there was no still no sign of improvement. No sign of life except the continuous beep of the heart monitor that sat beside her, and the soft rise and fall of her chest. People had come and gone from the room, but Ali had only moved to greet Pam, and her son, as they came to see their mother and daughter.

“Mama” Finn had said, as the four year old sat patiently on her legs, his hand resting on her cheek as a tear fell down his face. Pam sat in Alison’s seat, her hand entwined in her daughters as she sat and she watched her grandson trace circles across her skin. “mama” he muttered again. It was too much for Ali to handle, so she lifted him off of her lifeless body and texted Jason, asking if he could come and watch him for a few hours.

Those few hours came and went in the same amount of time as Ali blinked. Spencer appeared at one point, and she sat serenely, her speech too calm to be comforting, as she read Emily her favourite book.

“I can’t do it” Pam whispered as she rested her head in her hands “I can’t lose anybody else” She didn’t leave Alison a chance to comfort her as she stood up abruptly and powered out of the room, leaving just her and Spencer. The latter had stopped reading as Pam had left, and was trying and (uncharacteristically) failing, to find the words to comfort her friend.

“Do you remember the time we all flew out to California to see her?” Ali broke the silence that had stretched on. Spencer didn’t turn her stare away from Emily’s scarring face as she replied.

“Like it was yesterday. She dragged us on that boat trip” She recalled fondly.

“Yeah” Ali thought nostalgically “Hanna was the only one who helped her. We all sat and watched and were too scared to leave our seats” Spencer nodded with a regretful smile. “The second she can we’re going over to Cape May and hiring a boat”

“I like that idea” Spencer mumbled “she’s going to be fine, Ali” Yet the wait went on. Half a day passed, marking an entire week since the crash, and Jason joined the pair of them in the waiting room, Finn being unable to sleep without either of his parents to him goodnight. This time, instead of letting him see Emily in such a state, Ali let him sleep in her arms; something they had been working against since he turned two, but recognising how much hurt and confusion he was feeling.

“Al, why don’t you go home for a little bit?” Jason suggested, sat on the arm of the chair she had glued herself into with his arm resting around the back “you haven’t slept in your own bed in a week” She didn’t have to say the words, her glare saying ‘no’ better than she ever could. The room returned to silence, on broken as Hanna, Aria and Pam rejoined them.

“Banana!” Finn called, jumping off his mommy’s lap and running over to Hanna, leaping into her arms and she heaved him onto her hip, letting him wrap his hands around her neck.

“Hey, kiddo” She said, artificial joy tracing her tone “Ava drew ‘Em-ly’ a picture” she informed nobody in particular, propping it up against on of the many vases of flowers that littered the room. It was everything Ali could expect from a two-year-old’s drawing. 

“Mama still sleeping” Finn sighed as Hanna carried him back into the room, standing at Emily’s side as she sighed dejectedly at her pale form.

“I know, Finny. She’ll wake up soon, though” Hanna tried to keep a smile on her face as she handed  him back to Ali, too tired from pregnancy to hold him any longer. Pam, Jason, Ali and the 3 remaining girls sat for a little while longer, surrounding Emily’s bed, welcoming any kind of news from her doctor.

“Ali” Her name resonated around the room, and for a second she couldn’t place where it had come from “Ali” It was said again, breathier this time. Her head snapped around to face Emily, and at the same time the heart monitor started beeping and jumping around frantically, and Ali placed Finn in Jason’s arms as she rushed over to her wife, who’s eyes were flickering opening, watering at the edges as tears rolled lazily down her face. 

“I’m here, baby” She promised, taking her hand and holding it to her heart as she stroked her forehead softly, Pam running out of the room to find a doctor “I’m right here” She said again, waiting for another sign of her Emily. The girls all circled the bed, Finn’s eyes bulging as he heard his mothers voice for the first time in a week.

“Finny?” Emily’s head turned, her eyes blinking furiously as she found her son in his uncles arms, her heart gradually slowing down back to normal speed as she settled down from the shock. 

“He’s over there, Emmy” Ali muttered, her own tears falling down her cheeks from relief and pure joy. “you’re okay” She breathed. Emily smiled weakly, reaching up and wiping away a tear from her face as Finn clambered onto the bed, watching his mother with shock and caution as she touselled his hair, placing his hand on her chest as she was too weak to move to hug him.

“I promised I would be” She muttered. Spencer took a step back as she exhaled, letting Hanna come into view, her bump larger than ever. “I didn’t miss it” Emily said, her voice clearly withered as she pushed aside the oxygen mask, her eyes trailing to Hanna’s stomach.

“No” Hanna laughed, tears streaming down her face as she rushed over and kissed Emily on the forehead “no, you didn’t, Em” She said nothing in response, just smiling away, obviously still feeling affects of the pain killers that had been pumped into her all week.

“The honeymoon” She muttered, her her rate speeding up again, frowning harshly as her grasp on Ali’s hand tightened “we missed our flight” Ali’s heart broke at her words, and more tears constricted her throat as she sat down on the bed, tucking a stray piece of her behind her wife’s ear.

“It’s okay” she comforting her “We can take the next one” she promised her, her mind sending her back to those awful days, the only moment of comfort being Emily, eternally grateful that Emily had a room full of loved ones, and thankful to have her back, her voice like music to her ears, with their son between them as they were reunited.

Let’s Burn San Jose To The Ground And Just Try Again: Seeding post-OT Night 1

At Least Things Are Interesting Again, Even If We Could Have Accomplished The Same End By Literally Dousing Me In Lighter Fluid And Striking A Match

A team: Olympic spot is theirs to lose.

  • Simone Biles
  • Aly Raisman
  • Lauren Hernandez

B Team: In contention for team spots.

  • Maggie Nichols
  • Madison Kocian
  • Ashton Locklear

B And A Half Team: Pants And Chalk Are More Important Than You, Apparently

  • Amelia Hundley
  • Brenna Dowell
  • Ragan Smith

C Team: “LOL, just go home” - Al Trautwig

  • Emily Schild
  • Rachel Gowey
  • Christina Desiderio

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my gooooood, oh my god, oh my god. What just happened like am I dreaming right now or did Laurie, Simone, downgraded Ragan actually just go 1-2-3 on beam and Myk just break 59. LORDTE.

Okay, so: Simone’s not perfect, but her “yikes” is still a full point better than everyone else. I’d definitely rather that she have the off night now than in Rio.

Laurie is still second despite her errors, but that’s as much due to score gifting as her actually being that strong.

Alright, on to the meat and potatoes of this meal of confusion. Gabby’s decision to fire Kittia turned around and bit her in the ass; she dropped from 4th to 7th. The gap is less than a point, but she’s gonna have to pull out the night of a lifetime on Sunday for it to not look like blatant favoritism if she makes the team. And if she doesn’t, honestly? Her spot is in danger.

I want Gabby on this team just because of the history it would make, but if Marta still has her down as a definite yes after everything that’s gone down today, I’d be disappointed in her as a coordinator. She’s only top 5 on two events (and tied on one of those).

Meanwhile, MyKayla Skinner hit everything and finished 4th. If she has another night like that, she becomes a lot harder to ignore. However, she’s still only top 3 on vault (4th on BB and FX; 12th behind Aly on UB). So including her on a Simone-Aly-Laurie-[bars] team still forces Simone to do AA in TF, which we don’t want. But another hit beam routine would make me fully support giving her an alternate berth. She will have to fight Ragan for it, who managed to beat Aly on beam even with Marta making her pretend to lose. (Isn’t it supposed to be the other way - the adults let the little kids win? LOL)

Maggie is making a pretty good case for herself. She tied for 5th on VT without her Amanar, got 4th on floor, and didn’t suck on bars. Yes, she fell on beam, but no matter where she slots in (Simone-Laurie-Aly-Gabby-Maggie or Simone-Laurie-Aly-Maggie-Maddie) there are 4 other usable beam routines on the team, so that’s not as urgent as an event for her as the others. More than that, she’s improved quite a bit since Nationals, and added two events back. She’s clearly on the way up, and Gabby seems to be slipping… she could be a better option, depending on how night two goes.

Frankly? With the way Madison performed in the AA tonight, the smartest team is actually looking like the max score option- Simone, Aly, Laurie, Madison, Ashton. Which honestly wouldn’t hurt me as much as some other ideas? Basically, we have to see how Sunday goes down to see how anything goes.

Hundley is in 9th even with Ashton not doing all-around, and she doesn’t have any standout events, so her alternate chances may be slipping. Brenna is actually pretty well ranked on her three good events and should be higher on vt than she is, putting her stock up (though that 3 way on bars for 5th probably doesn’t last). Is Gabby in an Alicia/Nastia situation where she’s too famous to be an alternate - it’s she makes the team or nothing?

I honestly have no idea anymore. Hopefully by the end of the competition Sunday this will have resolved into a clearer picture of what should be done and it’s something I can live with.