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Edit Requests - Favourite Character Quotes

I’m sure you’ll be angry with me for disobeying you again but I don’t care, I will not let you fight Leviathan alone. You need me and I will always be at your side. Because it will be hard for me to say these words face to face, I want you to know that Mother may have given me life, but you taught me how to live.

there are a lot of reasons that i love talia as a mother figure for jason, but a very prominent one is just imagining the kinds of hilarious and petty arguments he and damian get into

damian, in the middle of his draco malfoy phase: my father will hear about this!

jason: we have the same dad

damian: …my mother will hear about this!

jason: we have the same mom, you little shit

Jason and Damian

I like to think Jason likes to remind Damian of That One Time when he made out with Talia when Damian is pissing him off.

“Todd, I shall have your head for this!”
“Oh yeah? Kinda like I had YOUR MOM?”

“You will never defeat the likes of me! I am the blood heir to the League of Assassins!”
“Yeah but your mom wants to fuck me, so….”

“I am the true heir of Batman! All you ever were was a charity case!”
“Oh yeah? Well I made out with your mom once so I could be your STEP FATHER.”

Part 5: Damian Wayne

This concludes my Batfam portrait series. Next I plan on redesigning all their costumes. Stay tuned! 

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