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Hi! I'm going to Guatemala soon to teach children there English. Any tips you might have to strengthen my Spanish before I go? Do you have any methods or phrases that are especially good to use when talking/teaching with children? If you have any advice on teaching language I would love to hear it❤️❤️ I love your blog!

That’s awesome!

If you know already all Spanish tenses including the subjunctive, I think one of the main things you can do to strengthen your Spanish is to learn the Guatemalan slang, which they call it “chapinismo”.
Honestly, I don’t know much about chapinismo. I watched a video about the difference between Mexican and Guatemalan slang, and omg! it’s so different.
But here, I leave you some webpages with a loooot of chapinismo :)


(Maybe the second one is a little bit more difficult to understand but maybe it can also be useful to practice listening comprehension hehe)

I also learned that they call themselves (between friends) with “vos”, not “tú”. They use “usted” in formal situations, “tú” in informal situations, and “vos” in even more informal situations. Note!: They use “tú” in conversations between a man and a woman. If a man calls another man “tú” it can be interpreted as the man is homosexual.


phrases that we use at school:

Siéntate - Sit down (singular)
Siéntense - Sit down (plural)
Siéntense en sus lugares. - Sit on your own seats. (plural)

Párate: Stand up (singular)
Párense: Stand up (plural)

¡Silencio! - Slience!
¡No griten! -  Don’t scream/shout!
Escuchen - Listen (plural)
Pórtate bien - Behave yourself (singular)
Pórtense bien - Behave yourself (plural)
No se rían de su compañero/a - Don’t laugh at your classmate
No coman en clase. - Don’t eat in class.
No lleguen tarde. - Don’t be late

Hagan una fila - Make a line (plural)
Fórmense - Make a line (plural)
Hagan una rueda / un círculo - Make a circle (plural)

Repitan - Repeat (plural)
Repite después de mí - Repeat after me (singular)
Repitan después de mí - Repeat after me (plural)

Pongan atención. - Pay attention. (plural)

Alcen la mano - Raise your hand (plural)
Alce la mano quien sepa la respuesta correcta. - Raise your hand if you know the right answer.
Miren/Vean al pizarrón - Look at the blackboard (plural)
Gabriel pasa al frente - Gabriel come to the front
¿Quién quiere pasar al frente? - Who wants to come to the front?

¿Entendiste? - Did you understand? (singular)
¿Entendieron? - Did you understand? (plural)
¿Quién no entendió? - Who didn’t understand?

Hagan/Formen parejas -  Make couples
Trabajen en parejas - Work in couples
Hagan/Formen equipos de 3, 4, 5, etc. - Make teams of 3, 4, 5…
Trabajen en equipos de 3, 4, 5, etc. - Work in teams of 3, 4, 5…
Van a ser dos equipos de 3 y uno de 4. - It’s going to be two teams of 3 and one of 4.
Daniel, vas a trabajar con Laura y con Carlos. - Daniel, you’re going to work with Laura and Carlos.
Escojan sus parejas/equipos. - Choose your couples/teams.
Es individual - It’s individual (work on your own)
Trabajen solitos. - Work on your own (plural)

examen escrito - written exam
examen oral - oral exam

Mañana hay examen - Tomorrow we have exam.
No copien. - Don’t copy.
No volteen a ver a su compañero. - Don’t turn to look at your classmate.
El examen no es en equipos. - The test is not in teams.

tarea - homework
revisar la tarea - to check the homework
calificar - to grade
calificación - grade

correcto: correct, right
mal / incorrecto: wrong (not “equivocado”)

buenas calificaciones - good grades
malas calificaciones - bad grades
sacar buenas calificaciones. - to get good grades

¿Sabías que…? - Did you know…? (singular)
¿Sabían que…? - Did you know…? (plural)

recreo / receso - recess (to go out to have lunch)
descanso - break (just about 5~15 min.)

Junta de padres de familia. - Parents meeting

Things kids say:
Maestra, ¿puedo ir al baño? - Teacher, can I go to the bathroom?
Después de tu compañero/a - After your classmate.
Después de que regrese Sofía. - After Sofía comes back.
Sí, pero no te tardes. - Yes, but don’t take too long.

Maestro, Luis me está molestando. - Teacher, Luis is bothering me.
Luis, deja de molestar a tu compañero/a. - Luis, stop bothering your classmate.
Luis, deja de molestar a Arturo. - Luis, stop bothering Arturo.
Luis, te voy a mandar a la dirección - Luis, I’ll send you to the principal.
Luis, cámbiate de lugar. - Luis, change your sit.

Maestra, me siento mal. - Teacher, I’m feeling sick.
¿Qué tienes? - What’s wrong?
Vamos a la enfermería. - Let’s go to the infirmary.

No traje la tarea. - I didn’t bring my homework.

*I don’t know about Guatemala, but in México is common to call female teachers “Miss” especially English teachers, and call male English teachers “Teacher”.

I don’t know how old your students will be, but a lot of kids learn English vocabulary with this song: Pollito Chicken 
I also thought these songs where great: Aprender inglés cantando canciones infantiles 

I hope this was useful! If you still have questions well free to ask me again :)
¡Buena suerte en Guatemala! :D

Tbh, I really hope that once the hawk moth stuff gets resolved, Gabriel opens his selfish eyes and reforms in some way. I know that’s really optimistic, but hey, if they’re gonna pull it with Chloe, they can with him too. I’d love a butterfly costume change if he ever did use his power to help the main characters for the good side at some point. One without the full face mask, since there would be no point to keeping his identity secret anymore.

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Guys I wrote (read: am writing) a fic and I would love it if some of you decided to read it. It’s a sabriel fic that seems to be turning into a slow burn fic. Here’s a lil taste of the first chapter, hope you enjoy. If you want to read the rest it’s posted on Ao3 here

Basic Human Contact

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“Really?” He muttered sourly,

“Couldn’t have put me back in sunlight? No? Had to be rain?”

He rolled onto his side and stood up dusting grass off himself as he did. Of course he received no answer. He looked up at the clouds dryly,

“Oh what? Not talking to me now? Whatever.”

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BLESS, I just discovered studyblr tonight and then found this blog, which I've never been happier about! I've been studying Spanish for three years and it's... not going so well, ha... I was wondering if you have any book recommendations? I don't care what genre or anything, wether they're stories or books about learning Spanish specifically anything would be helpful, I think. Thank you! :)

Well, there are so many books to choose from. Let’s see…

My best recommendations for beginners:

These are easy stories to follow, where you can learn a lot of vocabulary and useful phrases without feeling so overwhelmed by complicated grammar or metaphors. :)

Short stories collections:

Now, the next books I recommend are mostly for intermediate and advanced students:

You can also check some Goodreads lists and get some ideas:

Books to learn Spanish:

You can also download the app beelinguapp, they have many stories with audio that you can read in different languages and you can also read them in 2 languages at the same time. (Android & iPhone)

** Updated **

You can also go to dubbuk, it’s a webpage that helps Spanish speakers to read in English, but you can also read the stories in Spanish and it has a dictionary (the audio is only in English). You have to buy it, but here’s a free story, Maldito gato (iPhone and iPad) and it also has audio in Spanish. :)

I hope this was helpful! :)
More book recommendations are welcomed!