al fed

The whole pjo verse is Annabeth, Sadie and Samirah screaming YOLO at the top of their lungs, with a very concerned Percy, Carter and Magnus behind.

some people say:

  • Book!Alec is biphobic and disrespectful to Magnus
  • Let Alec be straight, let Clace exist
  • Clabastian is cute and we ship them so hard
  • Raphael can be shipped with other people
  • Julian is a manipulative monster who slut shamed Emma
  • Dru is not fat, she’s just curvy
  • Cordelia and Alastair Carstairs are white
  • you’re wrong, Helen is not bisexual, Helen is a lesbian
  • you’re wrong, Anna is not a lesbian, Anna is bisexual
  • Kieran is an abusive, manipulative little shit, who doesn’t love Mark at all
  • Magnus is nothing but glitter and fluff
  • Ty and Kit are going to be parabatai
  • Jordan abused Maia
  • Magnus was forcing Alec to have sex with him and almost raped Alec in TBC
  • Asexual Raphael was created by the show, not CC
  • CC exiled a lesbian couple just because of their sexuality
  • Cassandra Clare is a homophobic, incest loving, racist bitch



Super satisfied post-op grin. That tray in front of me was for throwing up and I was being fed ginger ale and crackers to settle my stomach so I could take pain meds, but none of that could take me down from how happy I was. My first thought when I woke up from anesthesia (after telling the doctors I was Rip Van Winkle because I felt like I had slept for a year) was, “this is awesome. I feel so good and so right.”