al durrah

Whenever I read about a Palestinian being shot to death, attacked, beaten up, humiliated, denied a permit to build, or to travel by Israel, etc. 

I can’t help but to think what will happen to Israelis once the tables have turned. 

One day Palestinians will be the overwhelming majority and one cannot deny this fact, Palestinians are already the majority but not the overwhelming majority yet. But once we are, and reclaim our lands, I ask myself what will happen to Israelis then? And I find my answer in the way Israelis treat us. 

Israelis’ continuous arbitrary, oppressive, and discriminatory rule over us is going to backfire at them the day we regain rule over our lands, Palestinians will then look back and remember events such as Al-Nakba, Al-Naksa, Deir Yasin Massacre, Land Day events,  Muhammad al-Durrah, Faris Odeh, Intifadas, October 2000 events, the three Gaza massacres, our own personal memories, and so on. 
Once we recall those events I wouldn’t be surprised to see what’s being done to us today is going to be done to them, after all we are not angels, and evil is not the prerogative of others only


My esteem for Mahmoud Al Durrah continues to climb.

Fiqh differences do not split Ahl-us-Sunnah. Ahnaf, Hanabilah, Shafi’iyyah and Malikiyyah are all brothers. They love each other and marry each other.
—  al-Fawzan: (Sharh-ud-Durrah, p. 69)
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Today marks 14 years since Muhammad Al-Durrah, the 12 year old Palestinian boy was killed by Israeli forces as his father tried to shield him.

For 45 minutes Israeli forces fired as Jammal Al-Durrah tried to shield his son shouting “Don’t shoot” before they were both eventually shot, Muhammad fatally. A paramedic was killed and another wounded whilst trying to assist them.

I remember watching this on television as an 8 year old. The words “Mat el walad” or the boy is dead screamed by people surrounding them still resonate in my ears.

Today, Muhammad would have been 25.
We will never forget.