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On this day in music history: March 28, 1983 - “Jarreau”, the sixth album by Al Jarreau is released. Produced by Jay Graydon, it is recorded at Garden Rake Studios in Studio City, CA from Mid - Late 1982. Following the critical and commercial success of his double Grammy winning, Double Platinum selling album “Breaking Away”, the veteran jazz/pop vocalist once again collaborates with session guitarist and producer Jay Graydon (Manhattan Transfer, George Benson). “Jarreau” features musical support from top notch studio players including Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro (drums), Abraham Laboriel (bass) and The Seawind Horns. The album’s seamless blend of jazz, R&B and pop is another winner for the virtuoso vocalist. It spins off three singles including “Mornin’” (#6 R&B, #21 Pop) and “Boogie Down” (#9 R&B, #77 Pop), receiving four Grammy nominations including Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male and Producer Of The Year (Non-Classical) in 1984. “Boogie Down” is also prominently featured in the film “Breakin’” (aka “Breakdance” outside the US) in 1984, though is not included on the soundtrack album. An extended version of the track is also issued on a promotional 12" single, at the time of the commercial singles’ original release in 1983. The album is remastered in 2009, and contains one bonus track not included on the original release. “Jarreau” peaks at number four on the Billboard R&B album chart, number thirteen on the Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


Manga, 2003, and Brotherhood


First year Scorpius and Albus having a midnight sweets party in Scorpius’ bed! (I blame @torestoreamends for planting the acorn that grew into this eventual painting :p)

has anyone done this yet?

a time-travel fic where sometime within the next couple years viktor dies and yuuri wakes up to find himself back in the body of his child self

based on the (probably-not-happening) concept that viktor is terminally ill

  • they were married and knew it was going to happen; they spent lots of time together to prepare for it, lots of time just doing nothing but enjoying life, and even still viktor’s death hits yuuri like a bus when it happens
  • with viktor gone it’s like there’s nothing left to enjoy, and yuuri finds that he can’t skate to anything but Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare. even then, just being on the ice will make him cry because he only skates half of the pair skating version and oh gosh viktor isn’t there anymore to catch him and hold him
  • he just misses him so freaking much
  • but one night he goes to sleep and when he wakes up everything is wrong and weird and the world is so much bigger oh god, where are his glasses and why isn’t he blind???
  • he’s young again and he can’t stop freaking out because holy shit is this a dream??? it’s a dream isn’t it?? after all the shit he’s been through he’s gotta go through it all again????
  • so he tries to calm down because the next time he wakes up he’s still a child and smol and kind of angery but not really and he just really wants viktor okay
  • but he begs his parents to let him learn ballet and ice skating
    • and they’re just like oh okay sure why not props to them for being great and supporting
  • and every day is just a waiting game of practice and practice and practice amongst all the yearning until FINALLY HE LOOKS ON THE TV AND VIKTOR IS THERE AND BEAUTIFUL AND YOUNG AND OH GOD LOOK AT HIM THAT’S HIS BABY RIGHT THERE
  • that’s it i’ve got nothing else because i can’t really do anything with this fic, see:
    • there’s this huge gap between then and the time yuuri and viktor meet, so what does he do, debut early and go on training trips to russia or something?
    • what, it’s not like he can be pen pals with his former lover, can he??
    • how do you write angst like this man, yuuri’s so much older than viktor now and viktor doesn’t know anything about yuuri and yuuri’s just so familiar, you know?
    • in a surprising turn of events, viktor’s the one who has a crush on yuuri first
    • this entire story is just for the angst and fluff that’s it there’s nothing else maybe some shenanigans but idk
    • but damn i’d love for yuuri to interact with young yuri, this little pissbaby

yeah i’m just gonna let myself out now

Leonard Snart "i`m alive" tour
  • Snart: Hi Mick, i`m alive.
  • Mick: Go to Hell, you pain in my ass. Or brain. Whatever
  • ------
  • Snart: Hi Barry, i`m alive.
  • Barry: For God sake! Cisco turn off your hologram projector. I`m not in the mood to talk to him today.
  • ------
  • Snart: Hi Sara, i`m al..
  • Sara: *knocks him down* Nice try, Thawne. I`m not getting this for the third time.
  • ------
  • Snart: Hi sis, i`m alive. Mostly.
  • Lisa: Awesome. Wait. Did you die or something?
“I’m just exploring all my options”

You have no options. Voting for a third party candidate is effectively throwing your vote away. It’s a BINARY CHOICE

You are going to get us all killed.
You are going to get us all killed.

You might not remember what happened last time, but I do. Leftists swore up and down an Al Gore Presidency would be “just as bad” as a Bush Presidency. That was the EXACT phrase they used.

“Al Gore is a corpratist,” they said.

“I want to vote for something instead of against something,” they said.

Now, over a decade later, the entire GLOBE is still trying to correct what was done during the Bush administration–global financial collapse, SCOTUS nominees, TWO endless wars, drone strikes, the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, Isis, DICK CHEYNEY.

Open your eyes and see how the tide is turning. For the past 10 years, there’s been a steady rise of right-wing ideology and politics. There’s UKIP and the Brexit, France and their damn neo Nazi Marine Le Pen, whatever is happening in Brazil right now. Canada only just ousted a leader who muzzled scientists who spoke about climate change!

And now we have the possibility of Trump. Trump who, as of this moment, has a 38% chance of winning according to Five Thirty Eight. Not 38% of the vote. 38% chance of winning. Those aren’t terrible odds. They’re better odds than rolling a specific number on a die, 16.68%. 

Do you understand that we have a chance to flip the Supreme Court for the first time since the 60’s? 

Remember all that Civil Rights shit from the 60’s? Do you know what happened to it, why it didn’t usher in a new age of equality like MLK’s Dreamers hoped? The Burger Court happened to it. The Burger Court is the conservative-majority Supreme Court that came into power in the backlash following the 60′s. With that Court came a conservative jurisprudence that would last for generations. It was the Burger Court that stymied de-segregation efforts, and created ‘white flight’ by ruling that de-segregation orders couldn’t be extended past district lines. It was the Burger Court that laid the groundwork for Citizens United, when they ruled that corporations could spend money in politics. Everyone was so shocked when SCOTUS ruled corporations are people and money=speech. Well, thank the Burger Court!

Now, for the first time in SEVERAL DECADES there is an opportunity to flip the Supreme Court. We haven’t had a liberal jurisprudence since the 60′s. And look at what’s coming down the pipe–anti trans laws like HB2, Affirmative Action, housing rights, repealing Citizen United, immigration, abortion, gun control, police brutality, climate change, etc. 

I am begging you to vote Hillary. And tell others to vote Hillary. I won’t quibble over whether her policies are better than Trump’s (they objectively are) or whether or not she is a better person than Trump (that’s…more subjective). The SCOTUS nominations should be reason enough. PLEASE don’t make me live through a Trump administration. Please don’t do this again.

out of all the characters on the get down i did not expect francisco cruz to end up being my fave but here i am crying about how he, after 17 years, is still waiting for his love and cares so much about his “niece” (i mean come on shes not his niece theres no doubt at this point) and is this father figure to the community like this man was born to be a father but he cant even be that for his own daughter like….???? and dont even get me started on the dance scene that was so unexpected yet one of the most beautiful scenes in the show imo, im a slut for middle aged people with unresolved love drama like im thriving but im also in pain ya feel?

Nothing good in life comes easy...

Anas bin Malik reported:
“The Paradise is surrounded by hardships and the Hell-Fire is surrounded by temptations”

حُفَّتِ الْجَنَّةُ بِالْمَكَارِهِ وَحُفَّتِ النَّارُ بِالشَّهَوَاتِ


Ref: Sahih Muslim 2822
In-book ref: Book 53, Hadith 1
Web (English) ref: Book 40, Hadith 6778


“The scholars said: This beautiful analogy is from the exquisite, eloquent and comprehensive speech which was bestowed on the prophet (ﷺ). It means that nothing will help you to reach al-Jannah except going through hardships, and nothing will lead you to the Hell-fire except whims and desires. Both are veiled as described, so whoever tears down the veil will reach what is hidden behind it. So the veil of al-Jannah is torn down by going through hardships, and the veil of the Hell-fire is torn down by giving in to whims and desires. And hardships include striving in ‘ibaadah (worship) and persevering upon that, and sabr in the face of hardships, and restraining one’s anger, forgiving and having long-suffering (hilm), giving voluntary charity, having ihsaan (excellent behavior) with those who mistreat you, having sabr against desires, and so on.

And regarding the desires which surround the Hell-fire, and then it is clear that they are the forbidden desires such as intoxicants (khamr), illicit sexual relations (zinaa), gazing at non-mahram women, gossiping, playing musical instruments and so on…”

[Sharh al-Nawawi ‘alaa Muslim #2823]