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Johnny Depp on David Letterman show:

-He'a a legend, He’s Al Pacino. He’s an amazing actor certainty but, you know, the one thing I didn’t really  know about Pacino, prior to the shooting was that he’s certifiably insane.
-Oh really, you’ve seen the paperwork apparently. How does that manifests itself?
-He has a joke, he likes to tell
-He likes to tell joke?
-Oh yes, he likes to tell jokes and he liked tell me this one specific joke over and over. And I really didn’t understand it.
-You didn’t get the joke.
-I did’t get the joke.
-And he thought it was your problem that you didn’t get the joke.
-Yeah absolutely, he definitely thought it was my problem.
-So he keeps wearing you down with the same joke.
-He flicked at it upon me and I could feel like, you know, IQ points dropping.
-The greater the pressure, the dumper you feel. Did you ever understand the joke?
-I finally figured it out yeah.
-Do you remember the joke?
- Yeah. He used to lean over and go “A skeleton goes into a bar and orders a beer and a mop.” But I mean on a loop.
-Over and over again. I must say, you kind of expect a little more from Al Pacino. I’m kind of on your side here. I get it but I don’t want to admit that I get it.

Me, while watching potc5:

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No matter if they copy it scene for scene, the American “Shame” will never be is good as Skam. Because the success of Skam is not just the writing, the storyline or the format. Skam is Tarjei, Henrik, Iman, Cengiz, Lisa, Marlon, Josefine, Ulrikke, Ina, David, Sacha, Simo, Mutta, Yousef & Adam. Yes, Even’s dialogue last season was excellent, but it was Henrik who made it heartbreaking. Yes, Isak was written as an in-depth, complex character, but it was Tarjei’s performance that Gullruten broke their own rules for, to nominate him for Best Actor. Yes, Julie wrote Sana as a character full of love, but it was Iman who made us fall in love with her. Skam is writing, format, storyline, heart…. but it is also these kids. Without these kids, Skam is simply a shell. 

Persona 5: the story is about how people ignore the abuse of others because it’s inconvenient for them and how victims of abuse will not only deny their abuse but also lash out at people trying to help them because they can’t see any way to escape the abuse and only see people trying to help them as instigating worse abuse, with the most realistic portrayal of abused people in video games

David Cage: ze zexual assault will make eet more emo-shon-al