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Cal Tjader ‎– Perdido

Fantasy ‎– FCD-24712-2 – Originally released in 1958. Cal Tjader ‎– Los Ritmos Calientes. Alto Saxophone – Gerald Sanfino. Bass – Al McKibbon, Bobby Rodriguez, Eugene Wright. Congas – Armando Peraza, Ramon Santamaria. Cowbell – Luis Kant. Drums – Al Torres. Flute – Gerald Sanfino. Percussion – Luis Kant. Piano – Vince Guaraldi. Tenor Saxophone – Jose Silva. Timbales – Armando Sanchez, Bayardo Velarde, Willie Bobo. Vibraphone – Cal Tjader.

wanna chat? pt 4

on ao3

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4

how are my avoidance tactics working? anyway i just needed to write something before starting homework today and that means you get whatever this is. enjoy? 

11:59 PM

the real ladybug™: /loud groaning/

drop the bass: what up

flour power: I thought you were going to bed lile an hour ago

the real ladybug™: i cant SLEEP

drop the bass: did you try counting sheep

the real ladybug™: thats bullshit and u know it

drop the bass: bruh it works for some people

flour power: Just relax al

the real ladybug™: r U rlly telling ME to relax

flour power: Yes

undead zombie model: I thought everyone was going to bed?

the real ladybug™: then y arent U in bed m.???
im very disappointed in u

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wanna chat? pt 3

on ao3

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3

for those of you wondering, yes i will shut up after this. i’ll go do something ACTUALLY productive. hopefully.

i no longer know what’s going on here


7:23 PM

flour power: Does anyone get the physics homework cause Im beyond lost

undead zombie model: Yeah
What do you need help on?

the real ladybug™: NOPE

the real ladybug™ renamed this group “HOMEWORK FREE ZONE”

drop the bass: for once i agree

flour power: But physics

undead zombie model: I’ll PM you

the real ladybug™: …………………………….

drop the bass: whats that for
al theyre talking about hw

the real ladybug™: pM NOW

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Miles Davis, Big Fun - recorded between 1969 - 1972, released April 1974. Right now this sounds like the best album EVER!

A few months after the Bitches Brew sessions that broke jazz-rock out like Phoenix from the flames, Miles Davis returned to the Columbia recording studios with the intent to push his music in yet another startling direction. This time around, Miles took inspiration from classical Indian music, interpolating it into rock and jazz structures as the Beatles, altoist Toby Harriott, and others had done before. But, as expected from Davis, he did it in an entirely new and unexpected manner. That session resulted in “Great Expectations”, the first of four side-long tracks on Big Fun as originally released in 1974.

The long, ever-droning, darkly exotic electric music, and in fact the very idea of just four songs taking up four full sides of an album, was not too appealing to critics or the general market at a time when short, sharp disco tunes were beginning to chart like wildfire. So Big Fun received generally weak reviews from writers who (once again) didn’t quite understand what Davis was trying to prove. Never mind that this was the incubator from which soon emerged the next wave of fusion: members of Weather Report, Lifetime, Return To Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra, among others, learned from the master and followed on.

Miles Davis, trumpet; Steve Grossman, Carlos Garnett, Wayne Shorter, soprano sax; Bennie Maupin, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute; Sonny Fortune, soprano sax, flute; John McLaughlin, electric guitar; Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, electric piano; Joe Zawinul, electric piano, Farfisa; Lonnie Smith, Harold I. Williams, piano; Larry Young, organ, celeste; Khalil Balakrishna, electric sitar; Bihari Sharma, tambura; Ron Carter, Dave Holland, acoustic bass; Harvey Brooks, Michael Henderson, electric bass; Al Foster, Billy Hart, Billy Cobham, Jack DeJohnette, drums; Airto Moreira, percussion; Badal Roy, tabla; Mtume, African percussion.

listen | “Al drop the bass, we’ve got work to do”, a crack!mix for edward elric | 1. welcome to the space jam; quad city dj | 2. stronger; kayne west | 3. be on it; zac efron | 4. sexy back; justin timberlake | 5. jock jam (mega remix); various artists | 6. burning up; jonas brothers | 7. i get knocked down; chumbawumba | 8. remember the name; fort minor | 9. ridin’ diry; chamillionaire | 10. super sonic; family force 5 | 11. hot in here; nelly

Thought The Song Was Sung - Część 1.

Zaraz wrzucę masterposta, ale banner zrobię, jak będę miała czas. Przepraszam, jeśli jest nieco dziwnie przetłumaczone, ale naprawdę się spieszę, bo muszę się uczyć.

No i… niezręcznie…

Napiszcie, co sądzicie :)

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