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My family thinks Saddam Hussein was good which pisses me off because I know how terrible he was. He murdered innocent people. I always bring this up to them but they want actual facts and specific stuff on why he was terrible and I honestly don't know. I read some books but they were all biased and white washed by whites. If you don't mind could you help with some facts events or anything on why he was so terrible?

Well we could start by his genocide of Kurds & Shiites. In the Al-Anfal campaign he killed nearly 200,000 innocent Kurdish civilians, in the 1991 Shia uprising of Iraq he killed nearly a quarter of a million people.

The ideology of his totalitarian regime was Ba'athism which was inspired by Nazism & European fascism. He kept ‘order’ through fear, torture, rape, & murder. Cruel torture methods were used on anyone accused of dissent, women were gang-raped on video & the video was then shown to the victim’s family & neighbours, sometimes her family were forced to watch her being raped & they had no choice but to applaud. Male dissidents were also raped.

Everyone was afraid of the secret police, families were too afraid to speak to each other in case they were caught by them.

If you spoke out against Saddam, you didn’t just risk your own arrest, imprisonment, torture, & murder; you also risked the arrest, torture, rape, & murder of your family. When Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim escaped to Iran in 1980 & formed an organisation dedicated to over-throwing Saddam, Saddam responded by arresting 125 members of al-Hakim’s family, killing 18 of them.

He heavily repressed Iraq’s Shia majority, he was extremely racist against Persians. When he invaded Iran in 1980, he ordered the ministry of education to publish a book written by his uncle titled “Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Persians, Jews, & Flies”. It was mandatory for school children to read the propaganda book.

In the war against Iran he used chemical weapons against Iranian & Kurdish civilians.

After his regime was over-thrown in 2003, mass graves were found all over the country, some mass graves contained the bodies of over 10,000 people. Most of them had been killed during the 1991 uprising but others dated to earlier & later times.

All this is just the tip of the ice-berg, ask any Iraqi or Kurdish person & they can give you a much better answer than I ever could.

New Year, don’t come to our homes, for we are wanderers from a ghost-world, denied by man. Night flees from us. Fate has deserted us. We live as wandering spirits with no memory, no dreams, no longings, no hopes. We wish to be dead, and are refused by the graves. We wish to write history by the years. If only we knew what it is to be bound to a place… If only memory, or hope, or regret could one day block our country from its path. If only we feared madness. If only our lives could be disturbed by traveller shock, or the sadness of an impossible love. If only we could die like other people. - Nazik Al Malaika

*Kurdish girl, Iraq, 1991 Al Anfal Campaign 

Where shall I go? I’m weary of the ways. I’m bored with the meadows and with the persistent, hidden enemy following my footsteps. Where can I escape? The trails and roads that carry songs to every strange horizon. The paths of life; the corridors in night’s total darkness; the corners of the bare days… I’ve wandered along them all, with my relentless enemy behind me. Keeping a steady pace, or sitting firmly. Like the mountains of snow in the far north. - Nazik Al-Malaika 

*Portrait of a Kurdish woman, Al-Anfal Campaign,1981 

Sorry for spamming your dashes with gruesome photos.

But what happened in Halabja, Iraq in the late 1980s is not recounted enough today. It was a horrific genocide and it is not talked about enough. Persecution and ethnic cleansing of Kurds have also historically occurred in Turkey, Syria and Iran. Its another ugly chapter in human history.

I saw a baby skull. I will never forget it. I saw a baby skull with a bullet hole in the back of the skull. There was a forensics specialist on site. He was an American, with the 101st. His name was Dr. Rodriguez. He held the baby skull in his hands. He told us it was, at most, a two-month-old baby who had been murdered. I just couldn’t imagine how somebody could extinguish all the warmth and humanity in their heart and get so evil that they could look in the eyes of crying women and children, begging for their lives, and put a rifle to their heads and smile and squeeze the trigger. How can you do that? How can anyone do that? To just murder people in cold blood? The vast majority of the people in those graves were women and children. Women and children. You can see what Saddam was doing. It flashed in my mind like a lightning bolt at Hatra, in the sands. Right there, I knew Saddam perpetrated genocide against the Kurds. That alone was reason to destroy his government. Saddam was murdering the Kurdish hope, the future: women and children. That would’ve wiped out the Kurds, forever. I detest the United Nations for their greed and their cowardice, for refusing to back the war. I want to make that very clear. Gutless bureaucrats and diplomats of the U.N. Cowards. No moral courage. No backbone. Their own resolutions were violated, and Saddam was the worst weapon of mass destruction Iraq has ever seen. And only God knows how many Kurds Saddam murdered, how many Kurds Chemical Ali murdered. But they will never murder Kurds, again, no! That’s not going to happen! And in the desert, at the mass graves, I reflected on how the Kurds feel about the Iraqis, how the Kurds find it difficult to trust the Iraqis. And I understand, 100 percent how the Kurds feel about the Iraqis, now. I really do. The Kurds are a very knowledgeable people, a people with a great culture and history. A very respectable people, and they have treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy. Anything that the Kurds would want to do to the Ba'athists, to Saddam’s fascists, is entirely justifiable. Americans have no idea of the horror Saddam perpetrated; but he will never perpetrate it again, against the Shias or Kurds or Sunnis. Really, Americans, and the world, have no idea of the horror I have seen. All this was on my mind, standing there in the desert, looking at the skulls and bones. I would consider Saddam as the Anti-Christ. Saddam is the very personification of evil. Saddam ranks right up there with Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini - with every brutal dictator who has ever carried out crimes against humanity.
—  Specialist Eric Debault, U.S. Army 101st Airborne
Interviewed: August 2, 2003, on digging up the 10 mass graves in Hatra, where Saddam murdered/buried 10,000+ Kurds

Kürtler hiçbir zaman Kur’an’ı hatmedemezler 
Dururlar çünkü Enfal suresine geldiklerinde! 


Enfal Nedir, Enfal’de Neler Oldu?

• 1988-1989 sürecinde yüz seksen iki binden fazla sivil Kürt kimyasal silahlar, işkence, toplu katliam, baraj kapaklarını açarak boğma, kamp ya da çöllerde aç ve susuz bırakarak yok etme gibi yöntemlerle öldürüldü. 
• Operasyona Kur’an’daki Enfal suresinin adı verilmişti. 
• Operasyonda 4 binden fazla köy, yüzlerce cami ve kilise yerle bir edildi. 
Enfal’i tek bir Müslüman, Hıristiyan, Musevi, Şintoist, Budist, Demokratik, Sosyalist, Şeriatçı ülke kınamadı. 
• Aileleri ve sevdikleri toplama kamplarında katledilen, yaşları 14 ila 20 arasında değişen yüzlerce kadın, Körfez ülkeleri, Ürdün ve Mısır’daki şeyhler, zenginler ve genelevlere satıldı. 
14 Nisan, Enfal kurbanlarını anma günüdür.