al and penny

Alex: “Don’t let her size fool you, she’s going to be the first female professional gridball player, I know it!”
Alex: “Shh, she’s sleeping. ❤︎”
Penny: “Could you give me a moment? Amelia’s a little fussy right now.”
Penny: “*humming*”

(possible) final portraits and new dialogue for mommy and daddy Penny/Alex ;-;///

Ask My creations and update..

So I’ll do the update first, okay! So I’m not gonna on tormorrow and 50% chance in Monday as well, the reason why is because I’m going to Ottawa for a festival of some sort and probably staying there for a bit. My mom told me that Monday afternoon or night I’m goona be home so, yeah. In the meantime. Just ask my creations any question cuz IM BORED LIKE ALWAYS! So here’s my characters/ creations (for now)
Twinkle, Prince Twinkle and little twinkle
Beatrice, US! Beatrice, AL! Beatrice
Dave, US! Dave, AL! Dave
Carlos, US! Carlos, AL! Carlos
Lucy, US! Lucy
Nikki and Blaze
Sama-kun and kanto
SS! Sans
The nutcracker sanses
PJ! Daycare! Disco, sama-kun and kanto
Mia and Bea
Miku, tero, mizu
Egypt sans (My version)
Flower lily

These whispers hold no place in mythology
When in present hours there are no gods or pharaohs to worship
Only faces on screen to extoll for their chiselled-marble plastic surgery,
and applaud the daily defenestration of
outdated aesthetic
(Still in sell by date)
The most interesting promise of recycling
In a silver world of sirens
Where toilets and related materials
conveniently do not exist.
• interesting • toilet • defenestration • extoll • aesthetic
a poem in 15 minutes~
by @emerpenny

la mia pasqua: colazione, canna, musica, al telefono con i miei (ho mentito loro dicendo pranzassi fuori casa così che stessero meno in pensiero), pranzo con zuppa di ceci del giorno prima, canna, musica, cena con burger di ceci venuti male, canna. la mia pasquetta: colazione, canna, andato da lidl ma era chiuso, andato al penny ma era chiuso, burger di ceci del giorno prima, ultima canna, passeggiata inutile, rientro e cerco su justeat da ordinare, mi sento in colpa per cento cose e decido di non spendere soldi in cibo; cucino un piatto disgustoso. in tre giorni ho mangiato cinquecento grammi di ceci ed è da un po’ di tempo (una settimana? non saprei) che mi ingozzo senza ritegno di cibo a caso (pan grattato, mix grattuggiato, cereali) per poi bere quattro bicchieri d’acqua subito dopo e avere la pancia gonfia e il senso di sazietà per non riuscire a respirare bene. sempre oggi non ho sentito quasi nessuno se non per un paio di parole contate (tutti impegnati con gli amici e le famiglie, per pasquetta) ed è l’ottavo giorno circa che non vedo e interagisco con qualcuno per non più di pochi secondi. domani riverniciano la mia stanza; questo weekend c’è un evento techno e non ho voglia nè di andarci nè di prendere sostanze. in ogni fatto di queste giornate riecheggia sempre: ed è solo colpa mia, ed è solo colpa mia

kingsman grocery shopping
  • arthur: buys lots of veggies because he's old and dying
  • harry: has two carts full of champagnes and guinness ales
  • merlin: spends every penny on earl grey tea because he's british like that
  • lancelot: wonders why he's at the market when he's supposed to be polishing his guns
  • roxy: goes for energy bars, fruits and healthy stuffs
  • eggsy: buys dog food and eggs and puts them in one of harry's carts

After class and a trip to the grocery store to pick up soup crackers and ginger ale Penny gets home to a quiet apartment, the pets were dancing around looking for attention and after she put her bag down and the bags on the cupboard she gives each a treat.

Hang on gang, I need to make dinner for myself and get soup made for Lexi than I’ll change and we can go to the park…I’m talking to you like you know what I’m saying, I need to get out more"

She throws a couple meat pies in the oven for herself and puts water on for Lexi’s soup pouring each a glass of ginger ale. She grabbed a box of Kleenex and a glass and walked to Lexi’s room and knocked

“Hey Tinkerbell, I have ginger ale and Kleenex for you and the water is boiling for soup”